Alice in Borderland: Every Alice in Wonderland Easter Egg & Connected Character


Alice In Borderland is still one of the most talked-about series on Netflix due to how season 2 was quite wild and eventful. Of course, while we do know that Alice in Borderland is about a story that takes place in some sort of a parallel world, we do know that the entire story was inspired by the Alice in Wonderland novel written a long time ago. And this is quite obvious because of how similar their titles are.

The thing about Alice in Borderland is that it has a plot that is very different from Alice in Wonderland but has a story that can be connected to it in a subtle way. You can connect many things, like easter eggs, to Alice in Wonderland, although these easter eggs aren’t very obvious. So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the most interesting easter eggs between the two.

Borderland Is Wonderland

the borderlands.

The most obvious connection between the two is the fact that they take place in worlds that are different from the real ones. In Alice in Wonderland, the story takes place in a weird world with talking animals and oddly shaped people. Although the land called Borderland is not the same as Wonderland, it is obviously Wonderland’s counterpart.


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Borderland, of course, is not a place of fantasy. Instead, it is actually the world between the living and the dead, as this is where people on the verge of death go. This was something revealed at the end of season 2 when it was shown that Arisu and the others were survivors of a meteor that struck Shibuya. As such, they were sent to the Borderland so that they could fight for their lives.

The Character Names

Of course, the names of the characters in Alice in Borderland were inspired by their counterparts in Alice in Wonderland.

Arisu is Alice

arisu seven of hearts

Arisu, of course, is Alice because they are both the main characters of their own stories. It is also worth noting that the Japanese pronounce “Alice” in a manner that’s similar to “Arisu.” As such, they are both the central characters that end up in a foreign place that they don’t know anything about. Of course, both stories focus on the journeys of these two characters and the people they meet along the way.

In a sense, we can also say that both Alice in Borderland and Alice in Wonderland are stories that dwell on the character development of Arisu and Alice, respectively. And every event in both of these stories always finds a way to return to their central characters.

Usagi is the White Rabbit

usagi 1

While the White Rabbit was never Alice’s romantic interest, Usagi is his counterpart in Alice in Borderland. That’s because the White Rabbit was Alice’s greatest and most loyal ally when she was in Wonderland. Meanwhile, for Arisu, Usagi was always his most loyal and trustworthy ally. It is also worthy that they have a lot of different parallels, such as Usagi’s elusiveness, athleticism, and name (her name translates to rabbit in Japanese).

Chōta and Karube are Tweedledum and Tweedledee

arisu and friends 1

Many people don’t necessarily see this to be true, but there is a good chance that Chōta and Karube were taken from Alice in Wonderland’s twins, Tweedledum and Tweedledee. While identical to one another, both of these characters tend to be playfully fighting all the time. This is similar to how Chōta and Karube are almost always seen bickering with one another in Alice in Borderland.

Chishiya is the Cheshire Cat


In Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic characters we’ve seen. This is similar to the fact that Chishiya is somewhat of an enigma during his run in Borderland, as he is a character that is quite cold and calculating in his approach to the games that he played. He is a smart character that often uses his assets to confuse and baffle his competitors, much like how confusing and mysterious the Cheshire Cat is. Of course, “Chishiya” is a Japanese way of saying “Cheshire.”


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Ann is the White Queen


This is one of the parts that aren’t that quite obvious because how Ann’s name isn’t anywhere near the White Queen’s name. But the thing that needs to be considered is that both of these characters are loyal allies of the central characters of their respective stories. It is also worth mentioning that Ann and Mira (more on her later) were both introduced right around the same time to make the audience see the differences between these two different queens. Ann is also often seen wearing white.

Kuina is the Caterpillar


Kuina, while her name may be a Japanese way of saying “queen,” doesn’t have a queen counterpart in Alice in Wonderland. Instead, Kuina is the Caterpillar, and there’s a good reason for that. They are both characters that underwent a metamorphosis process, as we saw in Kuina when it was revealed that she used to be male but ended up choosing to be female when she found herself. This is similar to the metamorphosis of the Caterpillar.


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Hatter is the Mad Hatter


This is one of the more obvious parts of Alice in Borderland, as there is no doubt that Hatter is the Mad Hatter, who is a prominent character in Alice in Wonderland. While they may have their differences in the sense that the Mad Hatter was actually an ally of Alice, Hatter can be just as bonkers as the Mad Hatter himself.

Niragi is the March Hare


As one of the antagonists of Alice in Borderland, Niragi isn’t someone that fans are very fond of. Of course, the March Hare isn’t someone that fans of Alice in Wonderland aren’t entirely fond of, as well as we all know that he often tried to trick Alice in the storyline. In that regard, they are both the same because they are mad characters that are depraved and antagonistic. 

Mira is the Red Queen


Finally, we have the “final boss” of Alice in Borderland, who was introduced to be Mira, the Queen of Hearts. Of course, this implies that she is the Red Queen’s counterpart, as we all know that the Red Queen is an antagonist in Alice in Wonderland. Mira is similar to the Red Queen in the sense that she is fascinated with watching helpless people suffer and struggle. And they are both willing to take lives whenever they see the opportunity to do so.


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The Empty Building Is The Rabbit Hole

first game

In the story of Alice in Wonderland, Alice ends up in Wonderland through a rabbit hole. In a sense, the empty building that Arisu and his friends found themselves trapped in when they first entered Borderland is the rabbit hole. We all know that they were first trapped in a small empty room, similar to how Alice shrank during the early part of her journey in Wonderland. As such, this place was the metaphorical rabbit hole that brought Arisu to Borderland.

The Hide And Seek Botanical Garden Is The Tulgey Wood

seven of hearts

During the early parts of season 1, we saw Arisu taking part in the Hide and Seek game, which required a “wolf” that the “lambs” needed to look in the eye if they wanted to become the wolf and survive the game. This game was one of the turning points of the series because that was where Arisu lost Chōta and Karube. Of course, the game took place in a botanical garden that could be the counterpart of the Tulgey Wood in Alice in Wonderland, as we all know that Alice was also chased by a monster in the book.

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