Invincible vs. Conquest: Who Won the Fight in the Comics (& Is He Really Stronger?)

Invincible vs. Conquest Who Won the Fight in the Comics and Is He Really Stronger

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‘Invincible’ show & comics are filled with numerous villains with Viltrumites being among the most powerful ones. Even among the Viltrumites however, there are those who are a lot stronger and more experienced than most of the society and as such they present a specially horrific threat to Mark and Earth. One such Viltrumite was Conquest – one of the few Viltrumites to survive The Scourge Virus and even though his strength was greatly diminished following the recovery from the virus he is still known as the best of the best. Let’s see how his fight against Mark went & who between them is stronger.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Invincible fought Conquest two times and both times he managed to defeat him.
  • Mark defeated Conquest the first time with the help of Eve, still he was recovering from the fight for months, the second time they fought Mark was also victorious but it was the rage fueling him.
  • Even though Conquest was defeated two times, he is still generally regarded as being more powerful than Invincible and most other Viltrumites for that matter due to his age and experience.

Fight #1 took place after Invincible War and Mark barely survived

Following the Invincible War, Conquest showed up on Earth and told Mark that he knew that Mark wouldn’t be able to conquer the Earth. Conquest held some sort of animosity toward both Mark and Nolan for quite some time and considered them overrated. The first fight happened because Conquest wanted to prove himself.

Mark confronts Conquest, who boasts about his previous conquests and warns Mark of his impending death if he resists. Mark reveals he’s been waiting for a fight to release his anger and charges at Conquest. Their clash creates a massive shockwave, causing chaos in the area. Despite Mark’s efforts, Conquest easily overpowers him, throwing him through buildings. Conquest however continues teasing Mark. Mark seizes an opportunity to strike, but Conquest remains unfazed. Mark’s anger grows, leading to a fierce exchange of blows. Eventually, Mark manages to launch Conquest into orbit, but Conquest retaliates, breaking Mark’s monocle and injuring his eye. Conquest was basically beating the living s*** out of Mark, but Eve who woke up at the hospital saw the fight on TV and decided to join Mark.

conquest vs mark

Mark receives assistance from Eve, much to his horror, as Conquest breaks Mark’s leg and easily overpowers Eve, ultimately impaling her. Despite Eve’s near-death experience triggering a cellular rebuild, Conquest remains amused and challenges Mark to do his worst. They exchange some hits, resulting in Mark breaking his forearm and Conquest’s cybernetic arm being destroyed. Mark’s biting tactic tears Conquest’s muscle tissue, further escalating the brutality of the fight. However, Eve’s revival distracts Conquest, allowing Mark to pummel him until Conquest strikes back, burning his skin with Eve’s energy blast.


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As Eve loses consciousness, Mark vows to protect her, Conquest breaks Mark’s hand. However, Mark retaliates with a devastating headbutt, disfiguring Conquest’s face. This was allegedly the end of Conquest and the truth is, Mark wouldn’t be able to defeat him in this fight if it wasn’t for Eve.

Invicible headbuts Conquest

Fight #2 – Mark Won but barely

Following the first fight against Conquest, it took months for Mark to recover to make matters worse Cecil deceived Mark that Conquest was dead showing him a fake body while the real Conquest was sealed in the Mojave Desert. However, the real Conquest recovered from the fight relatively soon and escaped to the Viltrumite warship to tell Thragg that he failed in his quest and begged for his life. Thragg told him that he was forgiven but sent him back to Earth to finish his task.

Conquest returns to earth and leads an attack against the Coalition alongside Lucan and another Viltrumite. He engages in battle with Invincible, initially believing him to be dead. Despite Oliver and Nolan attempting to stop him, Conquest overpowers them, severely injuring Nolan with a headbutt. Invincible intervenes, exchanging blows with Conquest, who reveals he has been imprisoned and escaped.

mark killing conquest

Conquest proceeds to pursue Oliver, leading to a brutal fight where Invincible attempts to suffocate Conquest. Despite Conquest’s attempts to break free, Invincible holds on until Conquest is suffocated to death. Afterward, Omni-Man decides to bury Conquest after they have concluded with absolute certainty that he is dead.

So, who is stronger Conquest or Invincible?

Conquest has pretty much all the same powers and abilities as the rest of the Viltrumite race. Like other Viltrumites, Conquest possesses superhuman abilities such as strength, speed, stamina, endurance, flight, and invulnerability. His enhanced healing factor allows him to recover from injuries that would be fatal to humans. Viltrumites, including Conquest, possess decelerated aging, allowing them to live for thousands of years while maintaining their physical prime and this is the catch, generally the older the Viltrumite is the stronger it gets and Conquest was extremely old.


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Conquest lost both fights against Mark but it’s only because Mark had help, and Conquest due to his own hubris decided to prolong the fight and opened himself up for injuries that he would never have received if only he wrapped up the fight quickly. Mark had anger on his side, but his power levels generally weren’t greater than those of Conquest. Some fans often claim that Conquest is up there with Thragg in terms of powers and abilities, but this is not true since we can see in the comics Conquest begging for his life, knowing how prideful Conquest was, if he knew he had what it takes to challenge Thragg he most likely would do that. Conquest is not stronger than Thragg but he sure does beat most other Viltrumites, including Mark. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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