Both ‘Sister Swap’ Movies in Order

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If you are in the mood for some romantic feel-good or a lighthearted holiday movie, then Hallmark has you covered. Over the years, this channel has developed many movies on a similar topic, but it is still a nice place to amuse yourself for a while. Sister Swap movies are holiday oriented, telling a story about two sisters, Jennifer and Meg, and each movie is centered on one of them. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about them and the order to watch them.

How many Sister Swap movies are there?

There are two Sister Swap movies. These holiday films were released in 2021 and tell an intertwined story of two sisters that are, interestingly enough, portrayed by Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Ashley Williams, who are also real-life sisters. The movies are light-hearted and are praised for inducing feel-good emotions in the viewers, making them a perfect choice to watch around the holidays.

Sister Swap movies in order – at a glance

These movies are referred to as ‘companion’ movies to each other as they are not sequels but are not totally separate. The idea behind it all was to do something outside of the box in comparison to what’s already been seen, so when Hallmark approved the idea, these two movies were made:

  1. Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday (2021)
  2. Sister Swap: Christmas in the City (2021)

Similarities between these two movies can not go unnoticed, but there is something different and special in them separately, nevertheless. The viewers tend to be confused with the fact that there are two of these movies and why it is that, but it was all a part of the ‘narrative experiment’ to see how it will all go down.

Are Sister Swap movies connected? Do you need to watch them in a specific order?

The Sister Swap movies are connected, but not in the sense that one movie is a sequel to another, but more like they are interconnected. In both films, the storyline follows two sisters, Jennifer and Meg Swift. The only difference is that one movie is centered on Jennifer more, while the other is on Meg. These two movies also share some scenes and dialogues, only shot from different angles.


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As for in which order to watch them, it doesn’t really make any difference what movie you decide to watch first. They are perfectly watchable as a standalone movie. However, if you liked one movie, chances are you’ll also enjoy the other one as well.

What is the best way to watch Sister Swap movies?

It makes no difference in what order you watch these two movies since you’ll be able to understand and connect both movie’s storylines regardless of the watch order you choose. That being said, ‘Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday’ was released on December 5, 2021, while ‘Sister Swap: Christmas in the City’ was one week later. So if you prefer watching the movies by their release date, you can’t go wrong if you do that this time also.

Sister Swap movies in order by release date

 Sister Swap movies are released as follows:

1. Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday (2021)

sister swap

Jennifer and Meg Swift are two sisters, and it is fair to say that they are as close as they can possibly be, even though they live in different cities. Jennifer is a restaurant owner and single mom, and Meg helps their parents run a local bakery in their hometown. Christmas brings the family together, and the two sisters decide to switch cities for the holidays. By doing that, they find their missing pieces and, most importantly, their desires and joy.

2. Sister Swap: Christmas in the City (2021)

sister swap 2

In this one, the parallel storyline of the two sisters introduced in the first movie continues. Some scenes are the same as in the first movie but shot from different angles, and some details that might have been confusing in the first movie become clear in this one. The storyline remains the same as in the first one, but the viewers experience it from another point of view.


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Where to watch Sister Swap movies?

You can watch Sister Swap movies in 2023 on different streaming platforms. Some of them are Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime. The latter offers a good deal, where instead of just buying and purchasing these movies, you can subscribe to Hallmark movies and watch them carefree for two months for just 2$.

The movies are also available to watch on Vudu if it is available in your region.

Will there be more Sister Swap movies?

These two movies were part of Hallmark Channel’s 2021 ‘Countdown to Christmas’ season block, and there are no plans to film the sequel. So, there won’t be more Sister Swap movies, but other movies with a similar concept might happen in the future.

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