‘Andor’ Episodes 1-3 Ending, Explained: How Does Cassian Andor Join the Rebels?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Andor, the latest Disney Plus series set in the Star Wars Universe. Andor is developed by Tony Gilroy, who handled the reshoots for Rogue One. Andor follows the style of Rogue One and delivers a Star Wars TV series that feels very much like the most serious the property has ever been. This more serious tone really feels refreshing, as the sequel trilogy and other Star Wars TV shows like The Mandalorian retain a lot of humor among the elements that make it work.

The first three episodes of Andor have a very nice synergy between them. They work as a series prologue, as they spend most of their time setting up characters and Cassian’s motivation to leave his home planet and join the rebels. Episode two feels more like filler, and all three episodes could have been combined into one big one-hour episode, and it could have been so much better. However, Disney wants to be a subscriber for longer, so more episodes seem to be the solution they have come up with to keep people watching and keep their subscriptions live.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Andor Episodes 1-3. Read at your own risk.

Where Does Cassian Andor Come From?

Andor, the TV series, serves as a prequel to Rogue One. In that film, the character of Cassian Andor was introduced as a dashing and dangerous spy working for the Rebels. Cassian was depicted as a soldier who had been in the war for too long and a person who wanted to contribute to the war effort, to do something big, and then rest. However, the movie never explained to us where he came from, and what his origin was. Andor’s basic premise set us up to understand where he came from, and how he ended up where he did during Rogue One.

Andor comes from a planet called Kenari. The planet is depicted as full of dense forests and abundant wildlife. In a flashback that runs through the first three episodes, we see how Cassian and his sister were part of a tribe, in Kenari. They lived in almost a savage way. The tribe was mostly composed of kids, all led by the oldest member of the group. It is possible that Cassian and the rest of the kids were from somewhere else originally and ended up crashing on the planet. The absence of adults is very suspicious.

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Cassian wants to be a warrior, but he has to take care of his sister. One day, a ship falls from the sky and lands near the kids’ camp. A big group of kids, including Cassian, go to the crash site. Cassian leaves her sister behind before leaving the camp. Once they reach the camp, they are attacked by one of the crash survivors. The survivor kills the kids’ leader, and they take him back to the camp. However, Cassian stays and goes inside the crashing ship.

It is at that moment when Maarva, a scavenger, arrives to steal parts from the crashed ship. She meets Cassian inside, who gets scared, but Maarva manages to subdue him, and she takes him within as a ship from the republic is about to land, probably the ship that shot the imperial ship down. She takes Cassian with her to save him, but in the process, Cassian leaves his sister behind on Kenari.

How Does Cassian Andor Join The Rebels?

In the present, Cassian is introduced as looking for her lost sister in a bar. It seems he has been tracking a girl from Kenari for years, a girl he believes is his sister. However, the girl hasn’t been to the bar for several weeks. Before leaving the bar, some nasty imperial police try to harass him, and the situation escalates very quickly on the streets. Cassian kills the police and escapes, returning to Ferrix, his current home. He tries to cover his tracks by telling his work partner to lie for him if someone asks where he was the previous night.

Cassian has gotten his hands on a very precious piece of imperial equipment, and he is looking to sell the piece and use the money to leave Ferrix behind. He then contacts Bix, a woman living in Ferrix who seems to know a lot of people. Bix tells Cassian she has a buyer for the piece. It seems Bix and Cassian were romantically involved in the past. Bix sends a message to the buyer, who is actually a man called Luthen, a member of the rebels looking to recruit Cassian to the cause.

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Cassian hides from the authorities looking for him, but on the day it was planned for him to meet Luthen a regiment of Imperial police arrives at Ferrix. They are looking to arrest him for killing the two policemen on the previous night. The police are led by Officer Syril, who has a strange sense of duty for being such a low-ranking officer in the Empire.

Cassian meets Luthen, and they hit it off very quickly. As the authorities are about to catch him, Luthen helps Cassian escape. The episode ends with Cassian leaving with Luthen on his ship, while Syril is completely broken after having experienced his first battle. Luthen will take Cassian to work for the Rebellion. Meanwhile, it is clear that Syril will be his evil reflection, and we will see him rise through the ranks of the Empire.

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