20 Anime Boys with Brown Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

20 Anime Boys with Brown Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

Brown is the most common of the main eye colors found in the real world and it is also often seen on our favorite fictional characters, especially in the world of anime. In this article, we are going to bring a list of the 20 best brown-eyed anime boys that we know of. We’ll be using different sources and rank them based on their popularity and the general level of awesomeness they represent. The list is going to be pretty diverse, including various characters from various franchises and genres.

1. Light Yagami

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Franchise: Death Note

The main character in the story, Light is a gifted high school student who judges today’s world to be corrupt and perverted. When he accidentally finds the Death Note abandoned by a death god (Ryuk), he decides to use it to exterminate all criminals, under the name of Kira. His goal is to create a utopian world free from crime, where he can reign as a god. His sanity and humanity alter as the story progresses.

2. Sōsuke Aizen

20 Most Popular Brown-Haired Anime Characters (Ranked)

Franchise: Bleach

The former 5th Division captain, Sōsuke Aizen is a man of calm and serene appearance, despite his level of power. He would later prove to be a traitor to Soul Society (along with Tōsen and Ichimaru). He is the instigator of the plot to bring down Soul Society.

In order to recover the Hōgyoku (Pearl of Destruction), created and hidden in Rukia Kuchiki’s body by Kisuke Urahara, he organizes the execution of Rukia, which creates unrest in the Seireitei; he then pretends to be dead with the help of his zanpakutō which possesses hypnotic powers, in order to be able to act discreetly.

3. Taichi Yagami

20 Most Popular Brown-Haired Anime Characters (Ranked)

Franchise: Digimon

He is the leader of the DigiDestined, the main protagonist of Digimon Adventure, and reappears in Digimon Adventure 02. He is 10 years old. In any case, he has, like the other DigiDestined of his team, three more years in Digimon Adventure 02. Tai is a medium-height boy with brown hair and a rather firecracker style. An excellent football player, he is courageous and proclaims himself as a responsible leader.

4. Ash Ketchum

Why Is Ash's Pikachu so Powerful?

Franchise: Pokémon 

Ash is a ten-year-old boy living in Pallet Town with his mother. He only wants one thing: to become a Pokémon Master, “the best Pokémon trainer in the world.” Professor Oak offers the children of Pallet Town who are old enough to go on an adventure a starter Pokémon. The choice is limited between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Unfortunately, on “choice” day, Ash wakes up late and arrives at the laboratory long after the others. While he’d chosen Squirtle as the base, he ended up with the Electric-type Pikachu that Professor Oak had kept aside. Despite a difficult start, Ash and Pikachu end up becoming true friends.

5. Ichigo Kurosaki

20 Most Popular Orange-Haired Anime Characters (Ranked)

Franchise: Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of Bleach. He is a Fullbring who becomes a substitute Shinigami who later turns into Zangetsu’s guard (in the form of his Bankai) via his Zanpakuto The spiritual energy from which this guard is formed is the same color as his Getsugatensho when in the form of the Bankai.

6. Spike Spiegel

cowboy bebop spike 1637360579524

Franchise: Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel is a 27-year-old bounty hunter, born June 26, 2044 on Mars. He is a tall, thin young man. The major inspirations for his character are actor Yūsaku Matsuda for his charismatic physique and taciturn personality, and Bruce Lee for his fighting technique, using the same martial art, Jeet Kune Do.

He has brown and red eyes, one of which is artificial and paler than the other. He usually wears a blue tuxedo, with a yellow shirt and boots inspired by Lupine III. He is a former member of the Red Dragons criminal organization.

He pretends to be dead for being with Julia, but his plan goes awry and Spike will eventually find himself as a bounty hunter with former cop Jet Black. He will go in search of his beloved, but to find her he will have to face Vicious, an old friend who has become his main enemy.

7. Guts

Top 50 Anime Boys That Have Impacted the Genre

Franchise: Berserk

Guts is a complex and multifaceted man whose personality has been changing more and more due to the many events in his life. As a child, he was characterized by his constant dedication to please and win the love of Gambino, his master in the arts of being a mercenary, whom he saw as a father (although said empathy was not mutual). This allowed him not to lose his sanity despite being raised on the battlefield and committing his first murder at just seven years old.

When he joined the Band of the Hawk, despite initially trying to keep his distance from the other members, Guts developed strong bonds with his fellow warriors over time.

8. Gon Freecss

20 Most Popular Green-Haired Anime Characters (RANKED)

Franchise: Hunter × Hunter

Gon Freecss is, along with Killua Zoldyck, the hero of Hunter × Hunter. He is the son of the legendary Ging Freecss. He was raised by his aunt Mito (Ging’s cousin), whom he considers being his real mother. Mito makes her believe for a long time that her father was dead, but she later confesses to him that he is alive and that she has been granted custody in court. He possesses a personality close to any nekketsu manga hero, although it is clearly more sought after and deep.

9. Jūshirō Ukitake

20 Most Popular White-Haired Anime Characters (Ranked)

Franchise: Bleach

Jūshirō Ukitake is the captain of the 13th Division. He suffers from a serious lung disease (tuberculosis) which bothers him during certain fights and most of his functions are taken over by his subordinates. Her hair turned white three days after the first manifestation of her illness.

He is very involved in the execution of Rukia, as it is part of his division and he watches over his subordinates like a father. Since the command center does not cancel the execution, it will save Rukia by destroying the Sokyoku, the execution spear.

Despite his illness, he is a very powerful shinigami, he is one of the few who has a Zanpakutō transforming into twin swords during the shikai. His Bankai was never officially revealed, making him one of the small number of Captains whose Bankai have not been revealed in the series.

10. Renji Abarai

Abarai.Renji .full .65625

Franchise: Bleach

Renji Abarai is a friend of Rukia with whom he grew up in Rukongai, where he was born. They became estranged from each other due to the adoption of Rukia by the noble Kuchiki family. Shortly before Rukia left for the human world (and thus the start of Bleach), he was promoted to lieutenant of the Gotei 13’s 6th Division.

Although he doesn’t show it at first, he is very attached to Rukia. His dearest dream is to surpass Captain Kuchiki. He previously passed through Divisions 11 (under Zaraki Kenpachi) and 5. He is very good friends with Captain Zaraki’s gang, as well as Momo Hinamori and Kira Izuru, lieutenants of the 5th and 3rd Divisions.

He has a lot of acquaintances and friends, including Ichigo. Renji and Ichigo are unable to stay together without arguing over anything or everything, Ichigo’s friends think the two are cousins, as he introduced Renji to them that way in the anime.

He will bite his fingers, his friends think they look a lot alike. However, in the midst of battle, they get along very well and can even act as a team, especially when fighting Aizen. On the other hand, Renji likes to tease Ichigo and vice versa.

At one point in the Hueco Mundo, Ishida tells him that he is like Ichigo after a reckless action that nearly killed them, Renji seems to take it as a compliment.

11. Baraggan Louisenbairn

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Franchise: Bleach

Being the Segunda Espada, Baraggan is considered the 2nd most powerful Arrancar in Aizen’s army, which also makes him one of the characters with the greatest combat potential in the entire series, comparable or even superior to that of most. of the Shinigami Captains. His spiritual pressure is so great that he and the other Espada of rank 4 or higher are prohibited from releasing their Zanpakutō inside Las Noches.

In fact, the mere display of Baraggan’s spiritual power was capable of causing a shockwave in the fake Karakura. Baraggan proceeds to release Arrogante, holding his inverted Zanpakutō upright. As he does so, the central jewel of the ax opens, revealing a reptilian eye that begins to shoot out dark flames that literally burn Baraggan’s skin, muscles, and internal organs, reducing his body to a skeleton.

Although he keeps the two bracelets on his wrists, the rest of his clothing is modified, as he then appears covered in a dark cloak that hides his body with fur and a crown, this gives him a rather macabre and gloomy appearance.

The eye-shaped ornament of his sealed Zanpakutō now sits on his chest, suspended by a necklace, while atop his skull is a lavish, gem-studded crown attached to a thick chain link that falls down the left side. of the skull The scar that Baraggan sported on his sealed aspect in his right eye remains, now in the form of a crack in the same place.

12. Ryō Bakura

40 Best Anime Characters That Start with a B [with Images]

Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ryô Bakura is, in appearance, a boy like the others, he goes to the same high school as Yugi. However, his father returns one day from a trip to Egypt with a mysterious ring: the Millennium Ring. His father gives it to him, feeling that the ring is meant for him. From then on, Bakura becomes the puppet of the evil spirit that inhabits the Millennium Ring. The latter takes possession of his body to try to seize the other objects of the Millennium.

13. Jaden Yuki

15 Best Anime Characters That Start with a J [with Images]

Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Jaden Yuki is a duelist who dreams of becoming “King of Duelists” or “New Game Master”. He uses a “Hero of the Elements” deck with an array of fusion monsters, magic cards, and traps that support them. He is not very good at school and often sleeps in class (when he attends, which is rarer and rarer over time…). Because of this, he is part of the weakest dorm in the academy which is that of the Slifer Reds. However, he could have been Jaune Râ following his victory against Chad Princeton but he did not want to.

However, he is an excellent duelist who managed to beat Yugi Muto’s deck, however without divine cards like The Winged Dragon of Ra. Note that he encountered a copy of the latter which he defeated, then used against the forger in season 2 to punish him with the agreement of the dragon (the forgers must normally suffer the wrath of the dragon).

14. Yuji Itadori

25 Best Anime Characters That Start with an I [with Images]

Franchise: Jujutsu Kaisen

He is an extremely gifted teenager in sports who joined his high school spirit club to be able to leave school earlier. After the other two club members find and open a box containing a cursed relic resembling a mummified finger, his high school is attacked by creatures known as “Curses.”

In order to protect his friends, Yuji swallows the finger and finds himself possessed by a plague named Ryōmen Sukuna. Considered a plague, Yuji is condemned to death, but Satoru Gojō, a professor at the Tokyo School of Exorcism, offers him an alternative to delaying his execution.

Sukuna’s fingers are relics, indestructible in theory, but Yuji being able to absorb them while maintaining control of his body, he will have to help the exorcists to retrieve the other relics, swallow them, and only then be killed, thus allowing the removal of Sukuna from his own body.

15. Senku Ishigami

25 Best Anime Characters That Start with an I [with Images]

Franchise: Dr.STONE

The main protagonist of the series. He is highly intelligent and excels in many scientific fields, with a particular love for astronomy and space exploration. After waking up in the “Stone World”, he sets out to try to revive humanity by reinventing the technology they lost and discovering a “cure” for petrification. Although somewhat arrogant, he is actually very noble and generous, seeing science as a way to uplift all men and having unwavering faith in his friends.

16. Takuya Kanbara

20 Most Popular Brown-Haired Anime Characters (Ranked)

Franchise: Digimon

Takuya is the classic goggle boy who appears in almost every series of the Digimon anime. Always spontaneous and cheerful, Takuya does not hesitate to throw himself headlong into danger in order to follow his instinct. He is intelligent and insightful and this trait of him will often get the group of Digipelts out of trouble in the most difficult situations.

However, he is also very stubborn and often does not take too seriously the adversity that presents itself to the group of DigiDestined: this will lead him to frequent quarrels with various members of the group.

17. Yasutora Sado

20 Most Popular Brown-Haired Anime Characters (Ranked)

Franchise: Bleach

Yasutora Sado (inspired by wrestler Shad Gaspard), or Chad, as everyone calls him, is a low-talker high school student. Just like Orihime, he will develop a power alongside Ichigo via the Hogyôku hidden in Rukia’s body. He was born in Okinawa, Japan but lived in Mexico with his “abuelo” Oscar Joaquin De La Rosa (his grandfather).

His parents were certainly killed by a Hollow (he’s a Fullbringer); his father was Japanese (his name Sado) and his mother was Mexican (daughter of Oscar Joaquin de la Rosa). Yasutora is very tall (1.97m) and looks much older than his age.

18. Shin’ichi Izumi

20 Most Popular Brown-Haired Anime Characters (Ranked)

Franchise: Parasyte

The human hero of the series, he is a 16-year-old Japanese high school student. He is a fairly tall and thin boy with short brown hair and black eyes. At the beginning of the manga, he is an often thoughtful young man, with a shy and warm character.

After his infection with Parasite Migi, he tries to find a way to live with it. However, it is considered a danger by other Parasites because it has kept its human brain. But Shin’ichi keeps a distance from the police and special services, with the fear of being dissected so that other humans can learn more about the Parasites.

19. Hideyoshi Nagachika

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Franchise: Tokyo Ghoul

Also nicknamed Hide, Hideyoshi is Ken’s best friend. After Ken’s disappearance, he was hired at CCG as an assistant thanks to his great knowledge of ghouls that he was passionate about. He dies at the end of season 2, killed by Noro in the anime. In the manga, Kaneki being starved and weakened after his hard fight against Amon, he runs into Hideyoshi in the sewers.

Hide disappears, leaving Ken alone to heal from his wound against Amon. He finds himself tasting like blood in his mouth and wonders what happened. Hide was presumed dead. In volume 15 of Tokyo Ghoul:re we find Hide alive but with the bottom of his face disfigured.

20. Daisuke Motomiya

20 Most Popular Red-Haired Anime Characters (RANKED)

Franchise: Digimon

Daisuke (Davis) Motomiya is the main protagonist of the second season. He accidentally discovers the Digital World, walking through the Digital World door with T.K. and Kari.

After awakening his partner Veemon with the symbol of Courage, he proves himself with the latter and receives from Tai the role of leader of the new group of chosen ones. Naturally stubborn and boastful, he is head over heels in love with Kari (who doesn’t return these emotions, really) and over time weaves a very strong bond with his partner Digimon.

He is very good at football just like his idol Tai. He has the Courage, Friendship, and Miracle symbols. Twenty-five years later, Davis becomes a noodle seller and raises a son who inherited the same glasses like his father and a DemiVeemon.

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