20 Anime Girls with Green Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

25 Anime Girls with Green Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

Green is one of the rarest of the main eye colors found in the real world. Green is not a color you cannot see, but due to various genetic factors, it doesn’t manifest that often in real life; it is also not often seen on our favorite fictional characters, but we can find it from time to time, especially in anime. In this article, we are going to bring a list of the 20 best green-eyed anime girls that we know of. We’ll be using different sources and rank them based on their popularity and the general level of awesomeness they represent. The list is going to be pretty diverse, including various characters from various franchises and genres.

1. Sakura Haruno

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Franchise: Naruto

Sakura Haruno, whose current name is Sakura Uchiha, is a Jōnin from Konohagakure, she was a female member of Team 7. Kishimoto created her as the heroine of the series, although he admitted that he had little perception of what an ideal heroine should be.

As a child, Sakura was teased by other children due to her long forehead, a characteristic that Kishimoto has tried to emphasize in Sakura’s appearance. She was comforted and defended by Ino Yamanaka for teasing, as the two grew older, however, they became distant due to the affection they felt for Sasuke. For most of the first part, Sakura has a crush on Sasuke, and despises Naruto Uzumaki.

2. Faye Valentine

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Franchise: Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine is a young woman interested only in money. She has shoulder-length purple hair and a red waistcoat over a very short yellow ensemble. She also wears a black bodysuit. At the start of Episode 15, men in coveralls are seen handling a block in which Faye is cryogenized. She woke up in 2068, in perfect health, but totally amnesic.

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After making the escape, she scours the space aboard her Redtail, swindling those she meets to pay off her debts and almost immediately losing her money at the races. Her meeting with Spike is fortuitous, since she confuses him with a contact in a casino. She will then join the Bebop and its crew.

3. Victorique de Blois

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Franchise: Gosick

Because she has blood from Seyrun or the people of the gray wolves, the Marquis of Blois, her father, decided to isolate her in the depths of his mansion so that one day he could use the brilliant minds that the people born there have. When she reached a certain age, she was allowed to stay at Academia Santa Margarita, on the condition that she does not leave the campus unless her father or brother allowed it.

She spends her days in the upper part of the library, which is also a greenhouse; there, Kazuya always finds her reading difficult books and/or in other languages. In addition to her sharp tongue, utter frankness, and eccentric attitude of hers; Victorique also possesses incredible detective skills. According to Grevil of Blois, Kazuya is the first person Victorique is willing to solve police cases for without expecting anything in return (or doing it just for candy).

4. Riko

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Franchise: Made in Abyss

Rico is an energetic 12-year-old who wants to emulate her mother, a legendary cavewoman named Lisa, who disappeared in the Abyss ten years ago. Rico is early in history a novice in training at the Bercello orphanage. As an apprentice, she has a red whistle. Her eyes were damaged when her mother lifted her up from the Abyss when she was born. Thus, despite normal vision, she can only look at the surrounding world through special glasses, otherwise, she suffers from headaches.

5. Emma

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Franchise: The Promised Neverland

The central character of The Promised Neverland. She has extraordinary physical and learning abilities. She is one of three children achieving a perfect score (300 points) in the daily exams. Following the “adoption” of Conny, another child from the orphanage, Emma notices that the little girl has forgotten her stuffed bunny and decides to bring it to her before she leaves. Although it is forbidden, she will convince Norman to go to the place of his departure, beyond the portal of the orphanage. They then find out the truth.

6. Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter

20 Anime Girls with Green Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

Franchise: Sailor Moon

Sailor Jupiter is with Sailor Uranus one of the warriors with the greatest physical strength. Her costume is green with pink bows. In most adaptations, it has a belt at the waist, where a plastic ball containing a potpourri is attached. Sailor Jupiter masters electricity and is the warrior of lightning and courage. She also masters the forces of nature.

During the ancient Silver Millennium, Sailor Jupiter was part of Princess Serenity’s personal guard. She was also the princess of the planet Jupiter and her palace, Io Castle, floats around her planet. Sailor Jupiter ends up perishing in the struggle between the Selenites of the Silver Millennium and the Terrans, manipulated by Queen Beryl and Metallia.

After the war, Queen Serenity sends her soul to Earth to be reincarnated in the future.

7. Nelliel Tu Odelschwank

20 Anime Girls with Green Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

Franchise: Bleach

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck or Nell is the old Tercera Espada. She is a former Adjuchas. Her mask is at the level of her forehead and has a visible crack. Her hair is green and her eyes are brown. When she first appears, she has the appearance of a young child who becomes attached to Ichigo, whom she calls “Itsugo”.

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In fact, Nell is a “young” woman with green hair, a big breast, and red marks on the cheekbones of her face. Nell and his companions are exceptions among the Hollows: far from the image of ruthless bullies that most give, they appear loyal and sympathetic, with a rather childish personality and playful the majority of the time.

8. Anya Forger

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Franchise: SPY×FAMILY

Anya is a very curious girl and she loves adventures. She is fascinated by the fact that Loid is a spy. Even so, since she is only a child, her long trips tire her quickly, she falls asleep after shopping and Loid has to carry her home. She is also very sensitive – when Loid considers trading her for another baby, she bursts into tears.

She is not extremely bright, for example, she wants to buy a thing that costs one dal for ten pents, and she has poor results in exams, but her mind-reading ability sometimes makes her seem more intelligent than she really is. He also does not think about the consequences of his actions, for example, he does not realize that playing with Loid’s spy devices can be dangerous.

9. Ninny Spangcole

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Franchise: BURN ☩HE WITCH

Ninny Spangcole is a witch who works for the Inverted World’s Wing Bind. She is Noel Niihashi’s partner. Nini is a young girl with green eyes and blond hair. Her hair is tied with 2 pink ribbons that form two quilts. She is dressed in a green uniform with a pink bow tie. Nini is a very impulsive girl, she often gets angry at trivial things or situations.

For example, she yells at two repairmen who install a large TV, instead of repairing the door of the western branch. This proves that she is a capricious girl who thinks only of herself. She insists that Noel shouldn’t call her Nini-san.

10. Zoe Orimoto

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Franchise: Digimon

Izumi (Zoe) Orimoto is one of six DigiDestined from Digimon Frontier who are given the ability to transform into Digimon. Zoe, enthusiastic from the beginning to be able to take part in an unexpected adventure, at the beginning of the series she receives the Spirit of Wind. She is in fifth grade and the Legendary Warrior whose Spirit she has is AncientKazemon.

Zoe is the only female in Frontier’s DigiDestined group, but that doesn’t seem to weigh on her. In fact the girl, since her return to Japan after a two-year stay in England, has always suffered from problems in being around people, unable to make stable friendships due to her too much character. strong and some disappointments suffered by girls who had deluded her on the possibility of finally building a real relationship.

11. Tier Harribel

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Franchise: Bleach

Tier Harribel is the Third Espada and the only female among the Espada. She represents sacrifice, a concept that is part of the integrity and way of fighting of Harribel herself. Her personality is serious and restrained, she rarely speaks. She can perform energy attacks through the hole in the center of her sword called the Ola Azul. Her zanpakutō is named Tiburón.

She is capable of using large amounts of water as a weapon, as well as turning ice back into a liquid state with her Hirviendo ability. She is capable of launching a large stream of water at her enemy called Cascada and launching water projectiles which she calls La Gota.

12. Itsuka Kendō

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Franchise: My Hero Academia

She is the class 1-B delegate. A very kind, sensible, and caring orange-haired girl. Unlike many students in her class, she does not feel any kind of rivalry towards the students in class 1-A; on the contrary, she respects them, even going so far as to defend them when Monoma bothers them. Because of her mature and responsible attitude, she is seen as an older sister by her classmates.

Her Quirk is called “Big Hands”, and as her name indicates, it allows her to greatly increase the size and strength of her hands to grasp large objects or to hit more powerful punches. She has a great friendship with Yaoyorozu because he did her practices with her, although he wishes to overcome her.

13. Mitsuri Kanroji

20 Anime Girls with Green Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

Mitsuri has a special muscle mass whose density is eight times that of a normal human. At the same time, her limbs are quite thin, but they have unmatched strength. She is resilient, so she can withstand the attacks of the demons of the Higher Moons. To keep fit, Mitsuri eats the same food as three sumo wrestlers.

Kanroji’s sword is very thin and flexible. Due to the difficulty of wielding this sword, only she can use it. Thanks to the flexibility of her blade, the softness of her muscles, and the agility of her joints, she has incredibly fast techniques. According to the author, her techniques are faster than those of the Sound Hashira.

In her battle against the Upper Moon 4, she was able to outperform his normal attacks, forcing the High Moon to use the Art of Demon Blood. After awakening the Demon Slayer Mark, her speed increases even more.

However, she is not as fast as some of her Hashira counterparts, as was shown in the battle against Muzan, where she struggled to keep up with the others, having to rely on luck and dodging instincts. This was not to be crowned with success, as the young lady was hit by several attacks that knocked her completely out of the fight.

14. Arturia Pendragon

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Appears in: Fate/Zero

Saber’s identity in life is the King of the Knights, King Arturia Pendragon, who became King of Great Britain upon obtaining the magical “Sword in the Stone”. Servants of the Saber class are often considered the strongest. She generally maintains a strong code of honor, seeing honor as more important than victory. Although she and Kiritsugu are Servant and Master seeking the same goal of peace, their different ideological perspectives result in a strained relationship where Kiritsugu does not directly recognize Saber.

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15. Tatsumaki

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Franchise: One-Punch Man

A young woman who is sometimes ungrateful to her peers, gifted with super telekinetic powers to face her opponents. She looks like a kid because of her powers, which are said to have stunted her growth, but is 28 years old. Her powers are strong enough to effortlessly destroy a city, stop shells, create natural disasters, or even rain meteorites.

She can also create force fields to protect herself and has many mystical powers, which we have not yet seen, according to Silverfang. Because of her bad temper, she has the annoying habit of swearing at her interlocutors for a yes or a no. She hates being held up and does what she wants in the association of heroes, refusing missions or denigrating heroes at will.

She only considers a few heroes of rank S to be worthy and feels for all the others because they are so weak compared to them. She hates being reminded that she looks like a kid or that she’s # 2 after Blast. Many people, even heroes, are afraid of her, except Saïtama, whom she also hates for his daring and stupidity (ignoring his real strength), because the latter, in addition to not knowing her, is zero in general knowledge, and constantly reminds her that he does not understand how a child can be a hero.

16. Yuri Nakamura

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Franchise: Angel Beats!

Yuri has a determined personality and invites Otonashi to join the SSS, an organization she founded to fight against God. She directs operations on the battlefront with an iron fist. She uses a Beretta 92 but also does well in melee.

We later learn that her two sisters and her younger brother were killed in a burglary that went wrong and that she feels guilty. While her parents were away, burglars reportedly entered her house as she lived with a wealthy family and asked her to bring her something of value every 10 minutes or else they would kill a member of her family.

Yuri finds a vase but she accidentally breaks it. 30 minutes later, the police arrive but Yuri is the only survivor.

17. Moka Akashiya

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Franchise: Rosario+Vampire

She is a vampire but her powers and her other personality are only revealed when Tsukune takes away his rosary. The two remained very good friends even when Moka found out he was a human. Indeed, Moka hates humans because she was forced to go to human schools (until college) where she was sidelined.

18. Chisato Hasegawa

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Appears in: The Testament of Sister New Devil

Nurse of the school attended by Basara, she is actually his second cousin being Rafieline’s sister. It was she after her sister was banished from Heaven and imprisoned in an unknown place, who brought the newborn Basara to Jin and watched over him for over 15 years. Chisato looks like a common human, but in reality, she is an angel with immense power named Afureia who, in order to live on Earth, has been subjected to considerable restrictions, but who can be released for one and only purpose: to protect Basara.

19. Sinon


Franchise: Sword Art Online

Deuteragonist of the Phantom Bullet arc, it is with her that Kirito meets in Gun Gale Online, and who introduces him to the game. At 16 the best marksman in Gun Gale Online, and the darling of some players, she will first take Kirito for a girl because of her androgynous appearance in the game.

During her childhood (when she was 11 years old), she personally witnessed a post-heist and killed the robber with his own pistol, which in spite of herself, made her very fragile in real life, causing her post-traumatic stress whenever she is confronted with anything that may remind her of a gun in the physical world, which is a pretext for persecution by a group of malicious classmates, who are aware of her trauma and use it to manhandle her in the game Gun Gale Online.

20. Mei Misaki

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Franchise: Another

She is the female lead of the series. She is a mysterious and eccentric young woman who wears an eyepatch over her left eye. Kōichi first meets her at the Yomiyama hospital, when she claimed that she was there to deliver a doll to her “other half” in her basement. Later, it is said that the other half of her was her deceased cousin and it is later revealed that she was actually her twin sister, Misaki Fujioka. At school, Mei is completely ignored by her classmates and even her teachers.

When Kōichi tries to interact with her, Mei warns him not to, but gradually opens up to Kōichi about her situation after Kōichi begins to be ignored by the class as well. Mei reveals to Kōichi that her left eye was removed when she was little due to a tumor and that in its place she now has a doll’s eye. She also tells him that this eye has a special ability, noting later in the story that she is able to see the “color of death”, that is, identify people who are dead and those who are close to death.

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