Is Morticia Addams a Witch or a Vampire? Origin Explained


The Addams Family has always been one of the biggest mysteries in fiction history because, throughout the long history of this gothic family, their true nature is still quite unknown to a lot of people. Of course, Morticia Addams, the matriarch of the family, looks more supernatural than almost all of the other members of the Addams family. So, is Morticia Addams actually a witch or a vampire?

Like almost all of the members of the Addams Family, Morticia Addams is a regular human being but has a taste for the macabre and anything gothic. However, in the Netflix Wednesday series, Morticia Addams is actually an Outcast human being with psychic abilities.

The thing about the Wednesday series on Netflix is that it was able to put a different twist on the Addams Family as it introduced more supernatural elements into the storyline. Of course, Wednesday herself is actually a psychic as well, and this is a trait that has been passed down from her bloodline. That said, let’s look at what we know about Morticia’s nature.

Is Morticia Addams A Witch Or A Vampire?

When it comes to the Addams Family, there are a lot of things that people don’t really know, as this fictional family is one of the strangest groups of people we have ever seen in the world of fiction. Nevertheless, this is a beloved family in fiction history because of the fact that it was able to showcase a non-toxic tight-knit unit where all of the members genuinely love and respect everyone. It’s just that the Addams Family isn’t the conventional family that follows societal norms.

Of course, one of the most popular members of the Addams Family is Morticia, who is the matriarch of the family and the mother of Wednesday and Pugsley. She is also the wife of the family patriarch Gomez Addams, and their relationship is one that’s very clingy, steamy, and romantic.

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But because Morticia has pale white skin and tends to dress in a long tight-fitting black dress, she doesn’t look like she’s actually similar to most other human beings. So, does that mean that Morticia is a witch or a vampire?

Like most of the members of the Addams Family, Morticia Addams is actually just a regular human being as far as the original source material is concerned. She doesn’t have any supernatural powers or abilities, as she is just as normal as most of the other members of her family. We can name a few members of the Addams Family that may not exactly be normal human beings, but Morticia, her husband, and her children are actually pretty normal when compared to the likes of Uncle Fester and Lurch.


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In fact, Morticia, whose name is actually derived from the word “mortician,” is just someone who is gothic in nature and has a taste for the macabre. That’s why she may sometimes look like a witch or even a vampire, as her appearance does fit the usual way that witches and vampires are portrayed.

What Is Morticia In The Wednesday Series?

Normally, Morticia is actually a regular human being with a taste for the macabre or anything that’s gothic. However, she was portrayed a little differently in the events of the Wednesday series on Netflix, as the members of the Addams Family aren’t exactly normal human beings.

In Wednesday, the concept of the Outcasts was introduced as these are people that don’t exactly fit with societal norms in the sense that they are supernatural or have abilities that aren’t normal. For example, in Nevermore Academy, which is the school that Wednesday attended in the series, there are four main cliques of Outcasts, and these are vampires, werewolves, sirens, and gorgons. There are also other races of Outcasts, such as psychics, shapeshifters, and Hydes.

That means that there are different types of Outcasts in the Wednesday series. Of course, Wednesday and her family have always been Outcasts, as Wednesday and her parents attended Nevermore. It was in Nevermore where Morticia and Gomez met and fell in love with one another around three decades before the events of the series.

Back to the point, the version of Morticia in the Wednesday series is actually an Outcast in the sense that she isn’t a regular human being. In fact, the other members of the Addams Family in the Wednesday series aren’t even regular people at all, as they are all Outcasts. We first saw this in Wednesday, who wasn’t only strange and odd in terms of her personality and outlook on life but is also someone who actually displays psychic powers and the ability to see bad things that have happened and will happen to people. This happens when she touches people or objects.


Meanwhile, in the earlier episodes, Principal Weems, who used to be the roommate of Morticia in Nevermore Academy, knew that Wednesday’s mother had psychic abilities as well. In that regard, Morticia may be human, but she is a psychic, which is one of the many different species of Outcasts on Wednesday. 


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However, because she isn’t an Addams in terms of her bloodline, as she only married into the family, her psychic powers are different from Wednesday’s in the sense that she actually sees good visions instead of bad ones. She also said that psychic powers are dependent on the dispositions of people. And because Morticia was a lot more positive than Wednesday, she is a Dove instead of a Raven, as she can see good things that will happen to people whenever she touches them.

As such, the Morticia Addams in Wednesday is similar to the usual Morticia Addams we see in the other versions of the Addams Family. The only difference is that, like most of the members of the Addams Family, she has psychic abilities that she inherited from her bloodline. In the same way, Wednesday also inherited similar psychic abilities from her mother’s genes and from her father’s bloodline as well.

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