Is Himeno Dead in Chainsaw Man? Will She Be Back & What Happened to Her?

Is Himeno Really Dead in Chainsaw Man? Will She Be Back & What Happened to Her?

Although the focus of Chainsaw Man is on Denji, Makima, and Power, other characters from the series have also managed to attract the attention of fans and become very popular. One such character is the Devil Hunter Himeno, who works with Aki – or rather, Aki was assigned to her as her new partner – whose story is quite intriguing. In this article, we are going to tell you how Himeno’s story ended, i.e., whether she is really dead and what happened to her on the pages of Chainsaw Man.

Himeno is indeed dead in Chainsaw Man. She died during the Katana Man Arc when she offered up herself to the Ghost Devil, with whom she had a contract, to fight Katana Man and the Snake Devil. Although the Ghost Devil is ultimately killed, which led to Himeno completely disappearing, she managed to use the Ghost Devil’s hand to revive Denji.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Himeno’s fate after her final clash against Katana Man. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article is going to contain a lot of spoilers so if you don’t know all the details, be careful how you approach the text.

Is Himeno dead in Chainsaw Man? What happened to her?

A Devil Hunter from Special Section 4, Himeno is a young woman with an eye patch. Secretly in love with Aki, she will never stop trying to convince him to give up the profession of Devil Hunter to live quietly. The Ghost Devil dwells in her right hand and allows her to immobilize someone or eat part of a target she is aiming at. She will sacrifice herself by giving herself completely to her Devil to save the members of the Section.

Before meeting Aki for the first time in front of a grave in a graveyard, Himeno had previously had five other partners. He is introduced by Kishibe as his new friend. Her past partner all passed away because they were useless, Himeno says, adding that he must not pass away; she then asks him whether he is useful. Himeno asks Aki whether he smokes and advises him to start as they won’t survive long with the Devil Hunters dying anyhow during one of their first patrols. She comes to the conclusion that he joined the Special Division only because he wants to defeat the Gun Devil.

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After Denji successfully defeated the Eternity Devil, Himeno carried him away on her back to her apartment, where she force-fed him alcohol through kissing. With both of them under the influence of alcohol, Himeno told Denji that he should get over Makima, just like Aki. She then asks him whether he wants to have sex; Denji accepts but before anything happens, Himeno falls asleep. In the morning, she is relieved that she did not force herself upon Denji, and the two talk like friends.

They even make a pact – Himeno will help set up Denji with Makima, while Denji will help set Himeno up with Aki. When they meet Power and Aki in a restaurant the next day, Power asks if the two of them had sex, but Himeno denies it, praising Denji for being a gentleman.


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While they are talking, a man approaches them and talks to them about people’s tastes, mentioning that his grandfather was Denji’s former employer. He then shoots Denji, Aki, and Himeno. Power stuns him and Aki’s Fox Devil swallows him but he manages to break out of the head, revealing his true identity – that of Katana Man. Aki prepares to defend his subordinates, as he orders Power to stop Himeno’s heavy bleeding.

Aki seemingly manages to defeat the Katana Man, while Power declares that Himeno definitely needs medical attention because of her severe injuries. As the Katana Man reappears, Aki begins fighting him. Himeno orders both Power and her own Ghost Devil to assist Aki, but they both refuse because the Katana Man is too fast and too scary. Himeno, who starts bleeding out of her mouth, then offers herself up to the Ghost Devil in exchange for its full powers, which the Devil accepts with a smile.

The Ghost Devil then appears in full form and engages the Katana Man. Initially successful, the Ghost Devil is ultimately defeated when the Snake Devil is brought into the fight; the Snake Devil simply swallowed the whole Ghost Devil and with it, Himeno also disappeared, leaving only her clothes behind. Before dying, Himeno used the Ghost Devil’s hand to pull Denji’s cord and revive him. Later, while mourning Himeno’s death in the hospital, Denji reflects that Himeno was his only true friend and that yet, despite that, he feels nothing because of her death, wondering whether he’s become heartless in the process.

Aki later engages Akane Sawatari and the Ghost Devil, whom she now controls, but almost dies in the battle before receiving a cigarette from the Ghost Devil, with the text “Easy revenge!” written on it. Aki uses the opportunity to behead the Ghost Devil and soon after, the villains are defeated and arrested. In Himeno’s memory, Denji organizes a competition between himself and Aki, with the winner being the one who hits the Katana Man harder in the nuts. They both enjoy it and thus pay their respects to the late Himeno.

Will Himeno be back in Chainsaw Man?

The future of the Chainsaw Man manga is currently unknown so we don’t have a definitive answer to this question. Namely, Himeno is definitely dead and since she was a regular human and not a Devil, she won’t be reincarnated as some other characters (e.g. Makima). Knowing all of this, Himeno returning wouldn’t really make much sense. But, it wouldn’t be strange for a character of her importance – as Himeno did have an impact on the story’s depth – to make a return, as it is something relatively common in the world of anime and manga. But, with her story being tied to Aki’s, and Aki also being dead, we’re not very hopeful.


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Still, we don’t know how much Chainsaw Man is going to follow shonen traditions, which is we cannot give you a definitive answer. As things stand now, Himeno won’t be coming back, but we cannot rule it out (even if it’s just in the form of a flashback).

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