41 Best Fictional Characters That Start with B (With Images)


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Is there a better way to brush up on your film and TV series trivia knowledge, than trying to think of as many characters you can in a certain category? This is an ultimate list of best characters from pop culture starting with the letter B to help you remember all these iconic fictional characters.

1. Baloo (The Jungle Book)

Profile Baloo

Baloo character featured in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book in 1894 and The Second Jungle Book in 1895. He is a sloth bear, who is a strict teacher to the cubs of the Seeonee wolf pack, and his most challenging pupil is the “man-cub” Mowgli.

2. Bambi (Bambi)

Profile Bambi

Bambi is the main protagonist of Disney’s 1942 animated feature film of the same name. After his mother is killed, he lives in the forest with Thumper (a rabbit) and Flower (a skunk).

3. Barbie (Barbie)

012916 barbie THUMB LARGE 1

Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by Mattel, Inc. and it launched in 1959. The Barbie brand expanded into a media franchise in the late 1980s, including a long-running media/multimedia franchise of computer-animated films that began in 2001.

4. Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)


Bart Simpson “potentially dangerous” oldest child of the Simpson family in The Simpsons. He is a self-proclaimed underachiever and prankster who is always in detention in addition to his behavior is easily distracted.

5. Batman aka Bruce Wayne


Batman or his real name is Bruce Wayne is a superhero, billionaire playboy appearing in DC Comics. He was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and debuted in the 27th issue of the comic book Detective Comics on March 30, 1939. He lives in Gotham City, where crime never sleeps, and he monitors the street at night.


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6. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

gallery princess belle 2 f4a938c0 89a697db

Belle is one of the Disney princesses who appeared in Disney’s 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. She is from a small French village, and she is a proud bibliophile. She yearns for a life of love and adventure, and she gets all that when she meets the Beast.

7. Ben 10 (Ben 10)

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Ben 10 is just an ordinary who finds a watch-like device called the Omnitrix, which gives him the ability to transform into ten unique alien life forms, each with their own physiques, powers, and abilities (though he retains his ten-year-old personality).

8. Benjamin Button (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)

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Benjamin Button is a character in the movie called The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, directed by David Fincher. The 2008 movie was loosely based on the 1922 short story of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Brad Pitt stars as a man who ages in reverse and Cate Blanchett as his love interest throughout his reverse life.

9. Betty Boop (Betty Boop)

Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer in 1930. She appeared in more than 90 theatrical cartoons between 1930 and 1939, and she has been featured in comic strips and mass merchandising. Betty Boop is a caricature of a Jazz Age flapper.


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10. Barry Allen (The Flash)

comics flash barry allen dc comics wallpaper preview

Barry Allen, also known as The Flash is a superhero appearing in DC Comics. The speedster first appeared in Showcase #4 (October 1956), he is the reinvention of the original Flash, Jay Garrick.

11. Borat (Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan)


Borat is a character created by Sasha Barren Cohen. The character was first developed as Alexi Krickler for the purpose of short skits on F2F on Granada Talk TV that Baron Cohen presented in 1996. Later he was a staple on Da Ali G Show. In 2006, he was the main star in his stand-alone movie Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

12. Big Bird (Sesame Street)

Big Bird is a big yellow muppet bird that appeared for the first time in 1969 on the small screens. He can roller skate, ice skate, dance, swim, sing, write poetry, draw, and ride a unicycle, but is known to be quite confused by ordinary things.

13. Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

Profile Beast

The Beast is the male protagonist of Disney’s 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. Before he was a young, beautiful, but vain prince who got cursed by an Enchantress and transformed into a beast. The spell could only be broken by loving another and earning their love in return.

14. Bill Weasley (Harry Potter)

Bill Weasley

William Arthur “Bill” Weasley is the first child of Arthur and Molly Weasley and the eldest brother of 7 siblings. After graduating from Hogwarts, he on went to work for Gringotts Wizarding Bank as a Curse Breaker, working in Egypt. He married  Fleur Delacour.

15. Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter)


Bellatrix Lestrange was a Pure-blood witch, cousin of Regulus and Sirius Black, and the elder sister of Andromeda Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy. She was a devoted Death Eater, she killed Sirius Black, and she was killed by Molly Weasly at the Battle of Hogwarts.

16. Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins was a hobbit of the Shire who lived in the Third Age. He was the main protagonist of The Hobbit and a smaller character in The Lord of the Rings. He was the first Hobbit that became famous in the world at large, and one of the few mortal beings to set foot in the Undying Lands.

17. Bella Swan (Twilight)

bella swan virgo 1536689396890 1536689398595

Isabella “Bella” Marie Cullen (née Swan) is the main protagonist of the Twilight saga books and movies. Her whole life changes when she moves to Forks and gets tangled in the world of vampires and werewolves. She ends up becoming a vampire herself.

18. Betty Cooper (Riverdale)

lili reinhart riverdale betty cooper horizontal

Betty Cooper is one of the main characters in the TV series Riverdale. She had a very turbulent life, where she lost her family- her father is a serial killer, and her mother and sister joined a violent cult. She is very intelligent, but she has a dark side she is afraid of.


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19. Ben Parker (Spider-Man)

l intro 1639552811

Ben Parker or more famously Uncle Ben is Peter Parker’s uncle who raises him with Aunt May. His story is a tragic one, he was killed by a burglar and left Spider-Man with his superhero motivation. From then on, Spider-Man swore never to let harm come to an innocent person ever again if he could help. And he said the iconic words: „With great power, there must also come great responsibility“

20. Black Panther (Black Panther)

blackpanther featured

Black Panther is a mantle that gets passed from one ruler of Wakanda to another. After consuming the Heart-Shaped Herb, the drinker’s physical attributes significantly enhance to levels comparable to a super soldier. The herb grants Black Panther enhanced strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and healing.

21. Bumblebee (Transformers)

transformers bumblebee 1544442796

Bumblebee is a young Autobot, and of the most trusted Optimus Prime’s lieutenants. Bumblebee is a yellow Volkswagen beetle, who was unfortunately badly damaged in battle and lost his ability to speak. But, this smart Autobot found a way to communicate, he plays audio clips from popular media on his radio.

22. Billy Elliot (Billy Elliot)

download 1 1

Billy Elliot is the titular character in the 2000 coming-of-age comedy-drama film. The film tells a story about an 11-year-old boy who discovers a passion for ballet. On the path to pursuing his passion, he has to battle stereotypes and prejudice.

23. Babe (Babe)

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Babe is the main character in the 1995 comedy-drama film about a farm pig who wants to do the work of a sheepdog. This is a heartwarming story about an orphaned piglet who becomes friends with many farm animals, and who just wants to protect her friends.

24. Bruce Banner (The Avengers)

the avengers the hulk mark ruffalo 1280x640 1

Bruce Banner is the human form of The Hulk. Bruce is a theoretical physicist, specializing in nuclear physics and gamma radiation. He had a hard time, making peace with his green alter-ego, especially because Hulk and Bruce are polar opposites.

25. Bucky Barnes (Captain America and The Winter Soldier)

the winter soldier

Sergeant James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes or just Bucky Barnes is a World War II veteran who has been best friends with Steve Rogers aka Captain America since childhood. He was captured by HYDRA, and given the Super Soldier Serum by Zola. After that, he was brainwashed and turned it a killer with a cybernetic limb known as the Winter Soldier.

26. Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice)

Beetlejuice is the titular character in the 1988 fantasy horror comedy film directed by Tim Burton. Beetlejuice is brought to life by the amazing Michael Keaton. This eccentric character is an obnoxious and devious exorcist, to be precise a bio-exorcist.

27. Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

buzz lightyear toy story 2 1591177494

Buzz Lightyear is one of the main protagonists in the Pixar computer-animated franchise Toy Story. He is a spaceman action figure, who is modeled after the test pilot/astronaut Buzz Lightyear. He is known for his bravery and by-the-book mindset.

28. Boromir (The Lord of the Rings)

lord of the rings sean bean boromir 1584636601

Boromir was a warrior of Gondor, and the oldest son of Denethor II, who was the Steward of Gondor. He was a part of The Fellowship of The Ring. On their journey, he was often tempted by The One Ring. He died a hero defending Merry and Pippin from Orcs.

29. Brüno (Brüno)

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Brüno is another Sacha Baron Cohen on this list. This character first made his debut on Da Ali G Show and his solo film debut in 2009. Brüno is a homosexual Austrian fashion journalist who wreaks havoc in America with his fashion, opinion, and life choices.


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30. Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

Barney Stinson.How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson is a character in the How I Met Your Mother TV series that aired from 2005 to 2014. He is one of the 5 members of the core friendship group. He is the playboy character, the womanizer who secretly has a heart of gold.

31. Boo (Monsters, Inc.)

elib 868952 e1478166991205

Boo is one of the main characters in the 2001 Pixar animated film Monsters, Inc. Her real name is actually Mary Gibbs. She is a young little girl, who goes into the monster world through her closet, where she develops a bond with Sulley and Mike, the film’s protagonists.

32. Baby Yoda (The Mandalorian)

twitter in stream wide baby y

Baby Yoda is the colloquial name for Grogu, a toddler from an unnamed species the same one as Yoda and Yaddle. He is adopted and protected by The Mandalorian. He was a former Jedi youngling raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, who was hidden during Order 66.

33. Boba Fett (Star Wars)

BUC FF 006086

Boba Fett is a character appearing in the Star Wars franchise. He first appeared in 1978 in the Star Wars Holiday Special. He is a bounty hunter who is always in his iconic armor. He appeared in the original and prequel film trilogy, and now on Disney+, he has his own show called The Book of Boba Fett.

34. Black Widow (Black Widow)


Black Widow was one of The Avengers, appearing in Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her real name is Natalia Alianovna “Natasha” Romanoff, and she is one of the most talented spies and assassins in the world, and one of the founders of The Avengers.

35. Baymax (Big Hero 6)

screen 0

Baymax is one of the protagonists of Disney’s 2014 animated film Big Hero 6. He is designed to serve as a personal healthcare companion. He looks like a big inflatable robot, that is programmed to help and care.

36. Bob (Bob’s Burgers)

bobs burgers 1632818603

Bob is a character on the Fox animated TV series, Bob’s Burgers. His full name is Robert “Bob” Belcher Jr, and he is a third-generation restaurateur. He runs Bob’s Burgers with his wife, Linda, and their children, Tina, Louise, and Gene. He is constantly financially unstable, but his great cooking skills keep him afloat.

37. Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones’s Diary)


Bridget Jones is the titular character in the Bridget Jones trilogy. She is a single woman in he thirties struggling to find a fullying work, and love life. She gets caught in a love triangle between her boss and a loveable, but cold lawyer.

38. Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

brian griffin family guy

Brian Griffin is the dog of the Griffin family. But, he is not like your normal dog, he has the ability to speak, and drive a car. He seduces human women and aspires to be a writer. Plus, did you know he went to Brown University but never graduated?

39. BoJack Horseman (BoJack Horseman)


BoJack Horseman is the eponymous character in the dark comedy animated TV series of the same name. We follow BoJacks life as he struggles with addiction and other demons from his past. He was the main character in a successful 90s sitcom, Horsin’ Around, and his life never picked up after that.

40. Buffy Anne Summers (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

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Buffy Anne Summers or as she is better known, Slayer Buffy. Buffy comes from a long line of Slayers, but she was special. She didn’t want to give up her normal high school life for the supernatural one.


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41. Buddy the Elf (Elf)

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Buddy is the main protagonist of the 2003 Christmas film Elf. He was given up for adoption when he was a baby, and he crawled into Santa’s gift bag. He was raised by Papa Elf in the North Pole before he decided to find his real dad in New York City.

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