20 Best Goth Girl Characters in Anime (Ranked)

20 Best Goth Girl Characters In Anime (RANKED)

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Throughout the history of anime, various characters have appeared on the screens, some of which represent certain social and cultural movements. The Gothic movement is a counter-culture movement that appeared between the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s in the United Kingdom, in the wake of the post-punk musical movement. He was partly inspired by German expressionist cinema, fantasy, and the Gothic novel. The movement and its aesthetic spread in various forms in Europe and the United States, but also in the world of anime. In this article, we are going to bring you a ranked list of the 20 best goth (including all subtypes) anime girls.

20. Celestia Ludenberg

maxresdefault 6

Franchise: Danganronpa

Known as Celeste for short. A student in Gothic costume is a famous gambler known as the Queen of Liars. She claims to live by the ethic that one must adapt to if one wants to survive. She is typically calm and collected, but will occasionally have uncharacteristic outbursts if something greatly annoys her. Her title is Ultimate Gambler. Her execution is named “The Burning of the Versailles Witch”.

19. Cirucci Sanderwicci


Franchise: Bleach

Cirucci Sanderwicci is the 105th Arrancar. She is the only female among the Privaron Espada, also stripped of her rank and replaced by a more powerful Espada. Her appearance and way of dressing are reminiscent of goths and her remaining part of the Hollow mask takes the form of a circular hair clip. She confronts Ishida and is put in difficulty by the bizarre techniques of Pesche Guatiche.

Defeated in this form by Quincy’s Seele Schneider, she will try again to attack him with a new technique, but she will also fail this time. Ishida spares her, merely depriving her of her powers, later she is executed by the Exequias. During the second invasion of the Vandenreich, Cirucci reappears among the Arrancars exhumed by Mayuri to fight the zombies of the Quincy Giselle Gewelle.

Her zanpakutō is Golondrina; when not released, it looks like a huge yo-yo with sharp edges with which it hits and slices opponents, but once released, at the command “cut and kill”, it allows it to transform into a sort of giant bird with blades rotating instead of feathers.

18. Dalian 


Franchise: The Mystic Archives of Dantalian

Dalian is the guardian of the “Dantalian Shelves” housing 900,666 sealed gensho. around her neck is a lock that can only be opened by Hugh, which opens the door to the “Pumpkin World”. She is stubborn, rude, and insincere, yet she develops feelings for her guardian Hugh of her. She can’t resist her fascination with sweets.

17. Rory Mercury

Rory Mercury

Franchise: GATE

She is a demi-goddess that stopped aging when she was very young when she became an apostle of Emroy. Her body will remain like this until her 1000th birthday when she will ascend and become a goddess. That also means that she cannot die and can recover from any injury. She has superhuman strength which allows her to swing her extremely heavy halberd with ease.

She is also very fast and agile with centuries of combat experience, usually, her formal apostle clothing resembles an emo outfit.

16. Road Kamelot

Road Kamelot Anime Noah

Franchise: D.Gray-man

Road is the eldest of the Noah, although she looks like a child and also has ‘childish preferences’, e.g. doing homework, playing games, etc. She can create a space of her own (Noah’s dream) by evoking her victims’ worst memories and bringing them back to them. Although she looks like a little girl, she is the eldest child of Noah and also holds the position of “Player”. This means she can control and reprogram the Ark as she pleases.


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Road develops a deep affection and interest for Allen. She sees him as her property and claims to love him herself, but you don’t know if it’s really love, because she doesn’t shy away from hurting everyone physically and mentally. And although she usually doesn’t care much about anything, she puts her family, Noah, above everything else. She embodies the Noah of dreams.

15. Black★Gold Saw

Black Rock Shooter 03 Large 01

Franchise: Black★Rock Shooter

Black★Gold Saw is a girl with red eyes and long black hair, equipped with a pair of curved bull-like horns and two skeletal, clawed hands. Her outfit is similar to Black★Rock Shooter’s, except for her jacket, which extends into a frayed cape. She fights with a large, golden-bladed sword called “King Saw”.

In the anime, we find among her abilities the space-time alteration of the Other World, the telekinesis on the King Saw, and the summoning (usually via a watering can) of hooded figures, including the alter ego of Arata Kohata who is later killed by BRS. Her name is unknown. She makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the OAV, while in her anime her story is deepened, in which she is the alter ego of Saya Irino.

14. Dead Master


Franchise: Black★Rock Shooter

Yomi’s alter ego in the Other World. She wears a Gothic costume, she has a pair of shortened zigzag-like demon wings, vertebrate horns, and claw-adorned gloves. She fights with her sword or scythe called “Death Scythe” and is accompanied by two huge skulls.

Dead Master lives in some kind of abandoned and partially destroyed church. She also uses the many metal chains that trail here and there in her territory to attack when she has no more weapons or wants to capture her opponent.

13. Hildegarde


Franchise: Beelzebub

Hildagarde, or as she prefers to be called, Hilda, is a demon-servant who helps Oga take care of Beelzebub IV. Hilda reveres the Demon King and feels that it is a great honor to have been chosen as the “mother” or caretaker of her child by him. Her biggest features include her Gothic appearance and (from Oga’s sister’s point of view) “huge frontals”. She wields a flying creature known as AK-Baba as a means of transportation and owns a parasol that has a sword on the handle. Oga’s family is under the impression that Tatsumi and Hilda had an affair and Beelzebub was the consequence of it.

12. Shaltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear 01

Franchise: Overlord

The Guardian of the First, Second, and Third floors of Nazarick, has the form of a beautiful vampire girl. She is also in love with Ainz. She and Albedo constantly clash over her attention to the level of gathering supporters to support them in their quest to be the first wife. Shalltear is one of the most powerful guardians (specially optimized for fighting the undead), as an overall battle force she is adept at both physical and magical combat.


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Due to an incident where she was subjected to mind control by a member of Black Scripture, she ends up unintentionally rebelling against Nazarick having Ainz kill her in a fight where she shows her enormous skill and experience in battle and later revives her.

11. Rinko Ogasawara

Rinko Ogasawara

Franchise: SHIROBAKO

Rinko Ogasawara is one of the supporting characters in the anime series SHIROBAKO. Rinko is currently working at Musashino Animation as a key animator and character designer and general animation supervisor for Exodus!. Rinko always wears gothic clothes. She has cherry-red eyes and long, curly, almost white light blonde hair.

She has a gothic style and is often seen with her black hair band on top of her head, she has a black dress and a white skirt under it.

10. Hannah Annafellow

Hannah Annafellow

Franchise: Black Butler

Hannah is the maid of the Trancy household and also a demon who even houses the demon sword Laevateinn. She is very loyal to Alois Trancy but is physically and mentally abused by him. But she seems to be tacitly accepting this, which was nothing unusual at the time. However, towards the end of the anime, one learns that she had a contract with Alois Trancy’s “brother” Luka a long time ago since he wished for Alois that his dream of the mass deaths of the villagers surrounding them would come true.

Hannah explains that she loves Luka and therefore loves Alois, which may be one of the reasons she endured Alois’ abuse towards her without using her powers. She eventually enters into another contract with Alois after he realizes that Hannah and Luka, whose soul resides within her, are the only ones he can expect love from.

9. Lust


Appears in: Fullmetal Alchemist

This homunculus is 250 years old and appears early in the story as one of the main characters, giving orders to Envy and almost always moving with Gluttony. It was she who initially formed plans such as the use of Envy to trigger Lior’s rebellion, the taking of Tim Marcoh hostage, or the hunt for Barry the Butcher.

8. Mei Misaki

Mei Misaki

Franchise: Another

Mei Misaki is one of the protagonists of the series and a class 3-3 student in 1998. She was referred to by her fellow students to be the “ignored” of the class. Beautiful, calm and mysterious, Misaki has a doll’s eye that can see death after losing hers to illness. She had a twin sister whom she adored and saw her in secret, but the latter died.

7. Hime / Lilliane Von Phoenix

las 10 mejores princesas del anime 6

Franchise: Princess Resurrection

Hime is the central character of anime and manga. Second Princess of the Kingdom, one of the possible heirs to the throne. Her real name is Lilliane, but she doesn’t like being called that and demands to always be called Princess. She is cold-blooded, smart, and prudent. In any situation, she remains completely calm and relies on logic and sober calculation.


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She is excellent with any weapon, but most often uses a chainsaw. In the manga, she often demonstrates her dark sense of humor. After the end of the War, she takes the name Lilliane Von Phoenix.

6. Kurumi Tokisaki

Kurumi Tokisaki

Franchise: Date A Live

Kurumi is the third spirit encountered by Shido. She is at first glance a very beautiful young girl but she is in truth a sadistic, mad, and twisted person, who is the “most evil” spirit according to Shido. Its code name as such is Nightmare.

She appears invincible since she can regenerate as much as she wishes by going back in time. She gets killed several times and kills a good number of people herself (she would have killed more than 10,000 people according to Mana). She has the power to multiply by invoking her “selves” from the past.

5. Medusa Gorgon

Medusa Gorgon1

Franchise: Soul Eater

Medusa is a witch who prefers to use snakes as weapons. Consistently scheming, she aims to free Asura to use him in her own schemes. To do this, she infiltrates both Shibusen and ruthlessly abuses her child Chrona as a spy after her own cover as a school doctor is blown.

4. Re-l Mayer

Re l.Mayer .full .1480162

Franchise: Ergo Proxy

Re-l Mayer is the female protagonist of the anime Ergo Proxy. Nineteen-year-old inspector of the Intelligence Department of the dome city of Romdo and grandson of Regent Donov Mayer, Re-l runs into Ergo Proxy while carrying out her duties and is so upset that she begins to investigate in order to solve the many mysteries that surround the creature. Her identification number as a citizen is RE-L124C41+.

At first glance, Re-l appears as a detached, cold, insensitive, and almost unpleasant girl; like every citizen of Romdo, since childhood, she was taught a rigid emotional control system aimed at maintaining impassivity, but in reality, the meeting with the Proxy marked her more than she would like to show, so much so that the only occasions in which you see in tears are the memory of that event.

Not very sociable and extremely haughty, she Re-l behaves with others showing disinterest and superiority, a fact perhaps derived from her social position as the Regent’s nephew; although apart from that, she does not like to be labeled as “excellence”.

Her rank has led her, over the years, to be at times spoiled, so much so that, infected by her Cogito, Iggy himself defines her as “much more inept than she thinks”; it is in fact made to understand that she is not used to combing her hair alone, she does not know how to cook, she has made a career by relying heavily on the entourage and has a poor ability to adapt to situations; which makes her easily prone to nervousness.

Also due to her paramilitary training, Re-l is a perfectionist with obsessions of control and an obsession with order, even in alien residences; a characteristic that, under stress, makes her hysterical even for the slightest defect. Moreover, she seems to be a slave to the rigid routine of wake-up, exercise, and mealtimes that she imposes on herself and records in the same notebook in which she transcribes her observations about the cases she follows.

As evidenced by her frequent looking in the mirror, she possesses a hint of vanity, as well as a poor sense of modesty, so much so that on one occasion she shows herself naked to Vincent to extort from him the right to use the bathroom beyond the time limit established by the shifts on the Centzon Totochtin.

3. Victorique de Blois

Victorica de blois profile

Franchise: Gosick

Because she has blood from Seyrun or the people of the gray wolves, the Marquis of Blois, her father, decided to isolate her in the depths of his mansion so that one day he could use the brilliant minds that the people born there have. When she reached a certain age, she was allowed to stay at Academia Santa Margarita, on the condition that she does not leave the campus unless her father or brother allowed it.

She spends her days in the upper part of the library, which is also a greenhouse; there, Kazuya always finds her reading difficult books and/or in other languages. In addition to her sharp tongue, utter frankness, and eccentric attitude of hers; Victorique also possesses incredible detective skills. According to Grevil of Blois, Kazuya is the first person Victorique is willing to solve police cases for without expecting anything in return (or doing it just for candy).

2. Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki 1

Franchise: Nana

Singer and lyricist for Blast. She was Ren’s girlfriend until he joined Trapnest. She is still very marked by this separation but is still in love with him. She meets Nana Komatsu on the train that takes them to Tokyo and by the force of chance, they find themselves living together in apartment No 707.


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Abandoned by her mother during her childhood, Nana lives only for her dream of living. of his music and does not wish to lead a quiet and tidy little life. Endowed with a strong character which can sometimes prove to be excessive, she is afraid of losing people around her and is therefore particularly possessive of them.

1. Misa Amane

Misa Amane

Franchise: DEATH NOTE

Misa is a girl living in Kanto whose parents were killed by a burglar, himself killed by Kira. The day Misa was to die, she was stopped in an alley by a stranger telling her he loves her and that he wants to kill her before committing suicide, rather than to live without her.

Misa was saved by Jeras, a shinigami god who watched her constantly since he fell in love with her, thereby exceeding his rights to prevent Misa from dying by killing her attacker with his Death Note; a god of death does not have the right to kill to lengthen the life of a person who is dear to him.

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