20 Anime Girls with Red Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

20 Anime Girls with Red Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

Red is one of those eye colors that does not occur naturally in real life. Still, while this exotic and intriguing color cannot be found in real life, our favorite fictional characters are sometimes seen with red and pink eyes, especially in anime. In this article, we are going to bring a list of the 20 best red- and pink-eyed anime girls that we know of. We’ll be using different sources and rank them based on their popularity and the general level of awesomeness they represent. The list is going to be pretty diverse, including various characters from various franchises and genres.

1. Lucy

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Franchise: Elfen Lied

Kaede / Lucy / Nyu is a young diclonius of around 17 with dark pink hair and dark pink eyes who is tall and thin who was abandoned in an orphanage when she was born. During these first years of life, she did not exhibit the homicidal tendency characteristic of her species.

But, after being subjected to various traumas during her childhood, her murderous instinct was unleashed and she became sadistic and cruel. She was captured and then locked up in research facilities located near the coast of Kamakura.


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Several years later, she managed to escape, but during her flight, she suffered a head injury and developed a split personality, Nyu. Nyu is childish, innocent, gentle, and harmless. At first, she doesn’t know what to say “Nyu”, but she gradually acquires the language and manages to say Kōta’s name.

2. Motoko Kusanagi

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Franchise: Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi is a female cyborg, also referred to as Major in the series. His adventures are recounted in two films, two television series and a manga. He is the operational chief of section 9, she commands and coordinates section 9 in the field. She is accountable only to Aramaki, responsible for section 9 to the prime minister. Although her body looks old, she is a formidable fighter.

Kusanagi has a fully cybernetic body, and only her brain remains human. As part of Section 9, her robotic body is made up of the very latest in technology: thermo-optical camouflage, increased strength, skill, relaxation. Because she knew her implants very young, the major masters her body perfectly and is a formidable fighter. She had her implants in order to heal her wounds received in the crash of an airliner.

3. Ram

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Franchise: Re:Zero

A female oni with pink hair and eyes, and the older twin sister of Rem, she works with her as a servant at Roswaal mansion: however, she performs her chores and cooks less well than her sister, who is more competent and voluntary at work. She also has a colder and more distant personality than the latter.


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Despite the prohibition of the existence of twins within their clan, the two sisters were exceptionally spared thanks to the talents of Ram, who revealed himself from an early age as a child prodigy: she, unfortunately, lost her powers after her horn had died. was cut off during an attack on their village by the Cult of the Witch, which weakened her and made her very dependent on her younger sister.

4. Yuno Gasai

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Appears in: Future Diary

Yuno Gasai, also known as “Second”, is Yukiteru’s classmate; and an excellent pupil and supposedly fiancée of Yukiteru, she does everything to protect him, even at the cost of her life, following him throughout the game. She wishes Yukiteru to win, but does not know how to control his reactions and hides heavy secrets. Her Mirai Nikki, “Love Diary” is a cell phone that provides her with information about Yukiteru’s future ten minutes in advance.

5. Nezuko Kamado

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Franchise: Demon Slayer

When Nezuko was turned into a demon, she displayed the ability to shrink herself at will, such as fitting into a small box or basket to hide from the sunlight when she was with Tanjiro during the day. She can also enlarge into a larger form when fighting other devils. Nezuko can ignite her blood and turn it into flames. She can decide how deadly her blood is, and she can also heal the wounds it causes to others if necessary.

However, these flames only work against other devil arts like Rui’s threads. Nezuko’s flames can also turn Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade from black to red, just as Yoriichi Tsugikuni turned his blade from black to red before the battle, adding to his blade’s effectiveness against devils. In addition, Tanjiro can perform the Fire God’s Dance even more effectively.

6. Chibiusa

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Franchise: Sailor Moon

Chibiusa, or Sailor Chibi Moon, is a character that appears in Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon manga, and in the other television and theater versions of the same work. This character is first introduced in the second story arc of the original manga (known by the name “Black Moon arc”), as well as in the second season of the 90s anime series Sailor Moon R and in season 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal.

She is the future daughter of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba, who fight evil under the identity of two vigilante superheroes, “Sailor Moon” and “Tuxedo Mask”. Her daughter, Chibiusa, comes from the 30th century in which Usagi and Mamoru are already adults2 and have become “Neo Queen Serenity” and “King Endymion”, sovereigns who protect the planet Earth.


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Chibiusa travels to the 20th century initially to seek help when the future world she lives in is attacked by a group of enemies called the Black Moon. Once Black Moon’s are defeated, she returns to the past once more. But this second time she is to train as a Sailor Senshi, a type of heroine who fights for justice, and adopting the name “Sailor Chibi Moon”.

It is then that he helps his future parents and his friends to defeat other groups of enemies, among them the Death Busters in the third season (called “Infinity” in the manga, Sailor Moon S in the first anime, and “Season III” in Sailor Moon Crystal), and the Dead Moon Circus from the Dream story arc in season four (which was adapted first as the Sailor Moon SuperS saga in the 1990s anime, and later as the Sailor Moon Crystal film sequel, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal).

7. Lust

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Appears in: Fullmetal Alchemist

Embodying the sin of lust, this homunculus is 250 years old and appears early in the story as one of the main ones, giving orders to Envy and almost always moving with Gluttony. It was she who initially formed plans such as the use of Envy to trigger Lior’s rebellion, the taking of Tim Marcoh hostage or the hunt for Barry the Butcher. At first glance lascivious, and she is good at playing roles as well, as when she takes the identity of Solaris to seduce Havoc. However, her plans often have flaws and she tends to underestimate her opponents too much.

8. Eri

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Franchise: My Hero Academia

Eri’s Quirk enables her to restore the body of a living individual to a previous state, allowing her to physically rejuvenate her target, heal wounds and reverse physical changes. It has even shown the ability to rewind a person’s body to a point before it exists.

The source of the power of their quirk is in the horn above her head, and the size of the horn determines the strength of her power. It’s also an accumulation-type Quirk, meaning that the energy it emits has to build up over a period of time before it can be used. Due to the mutation of her Quirk in her body, Eri’s blood is able to attack a person’s Quirk and stop its activation by reversing the target’s evolution before the point of the Quirk Phenomenon.

9. Yachiru Kusajishi

Bleach 196 144

Franchise: Bleach

Yachiru Kusajishi is a child with pink hair. She was taken in by Zaraki during one of his massacres. Like Kenpachi, she doesn’t seem to have had to take an exam to become a lieutenant. She does not carry her sword at the waist but on the shoulder so as not to be embarrassed when she runs.

Despite her age, Yachiru is very strong (she manages to lift Kenpachi) and runs fast, which does not prevent her from hanging onto Kenpachi’s shoulder very often. Kompeito, little star-shaped candies, are his favorite dish.

She has a habit of giving silly nicknames to those she meets: “Keni” for Kenpachi, “Ichi” for Ichigo, “Egg skull” for Ikkaku, “Makimaki” for Aramaki, “Grandpa” for the captain- General Yamamoto, the “Mummy” for Ganju when he was covered in bandages, “the Nunuche” and “Big boobs” for Orihime, “the Giant” for Chad and “Crayon Head” for Ishida.

10. Rei Ayanami

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Franchise: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rei Ayanami is the pilot of the EVA-00 and as such bears the nickname “First Children”. She appears at the start of the series as a very mysterious character whose most of the information relating to her past is unknown. She grew up in Geofront, the headquarters of NERV. Like Shinji Ikari, Rei is very reserved and introverted: at school, she isolates herself, does not talk to anyone, and therefore has almost no friends. She almost always appears without any emotion (except in the presence of Commander Gendo Ikari) but is not devoid of feelings.


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11. Akame

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Franchise: Akame ga Kill!

Akame is a member of the Night Raid. She grew up in an elite assassin unit created by the government to serve their causes. When she was a child, she was separated from her little sister to train them apart from each other. After many missions, she meets Najenda. Akame asserts her beliefs by joining Night Raid, after Najenda convinces her. A true expert in the art of sword handling, she is the most powerful of the group, and her talent is matched only by her appetite.

12. Thorn Princess / Yor Forger

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Franchise: SPY×FAMILY

Yor is presented to us as a kind and sweet person, he usually tends to show himself as a reserved person when he lives with his co-workers. Yor shows a maternal instinct when it comes to Anya, due to having to take care of her younger brother from a young age. Even so, she has also presented morbid thoughts, this is due to the presumable years of her working as a hit woman, being aroused by an eating knife and a painting of a man in a guillotine in addition to using dismembered limbs to solve a problem.

13. Saya Kisaragi

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Franchise: BLOOD-C

The protagonist of the series. Saya is an optimistic girl, and she is often overly polite. Despite being very athletic, she is very clumsy, is always in trouble, and tends to be late for school. Saya tries to protect everyone from what she calls “furikimono” that she exterminates and then unconsciously feeds on them, but she almost never manages to rescue them, thus seeing the death of many people including her friends. For this reason, she feels strong headaches when she tries to remember her past.

14. Shiro

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Franchise: Deadman Wonderland

Shiro is a mysterious albino girl and adopted daughter of Hagire Rinichirō who Ganta meets when he arrives at the prison. Unlike the normal prison population who wears inmate clothing, Ella Shiro wears a tight outfit covered in red swirl marks and is not registered with any number. She wears no shoes and prefers to be barefoot and wears gloves on her hands.

She is extremely athletic and is inhumanly strong. Despite being close to Ganta’s age, Shiro speaks in childish and fragmented sentences, and has a simple and innocent personality. She is very fond of Ganta and goes to great lengths to go protect him. This attitude is due to Ganta being Shiro’s only friend when she was much younger, however Ganta cannot remember those times.

Despite living in Deadman Wonderland, Shiro seems to be able to move around the prison without any difficulty as she has lived in the complex for a very long time, and is able to travel through the various openings. with ease, he has a habit of suddenly appearing out of nowhere. In the manga Shiro confesses her feelings for Ganta.

Shiro was infected with a mysterious virus that gave her abilities that were being investigated by Ganta’s mother, Sorae Igarashi. In the years that followed, Shiro was subjected to horrific experiments in an effort to force her body and the virus within her to “evolve” into the first Deadman.

15. Inori Yuzuriha

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Franchise: Guilty Crown

Singer of the EGOIST group, she is in fact a member of another group. Wounded during an operation to deliver the Void Genome to Gai, she donated it to Ouma. We find out later that she spends the night 2 or 3 times a month with Gai. Its Void is a sword, which allows its user to create protective barriers against any attack targeting it and platforms by using it as a staircase. We later discover that she is a receptacle created for the purpose of receiving Eve’s soul (Mana Ouma) and resuscitating her during the said Fourth Apocalypse.

She would then bind to the Adam of her choice and spread the Apocalypse virus around the world to create a new human species. But this project fails because Gai and Shū prevent the programming of the Apocalypse Virus. While Shū will be the new president of the quorum, she will support and support him, believing in him despite everything.

16. Akira Mado, Akira

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Franchise: Tokyo Ghoul

Daughter of Kureo Mado and an investigator like him. She became Amon’s partner after her father died. She is an intelligent woman and always seems to be serious about work and her daily routine in general. As her father she has a strong instinct to determine what is happening around her on the field. After Amun’s disappearance, she becomes Haise’s squad leader and the Quinx squad overseer. Despite having high esteem for Haise, she becomes wary of her proximity to Hinami.

17. Noelle Silva

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Franchise: Black Clover

Noelle is arrogant and conceited by nature, such as when she rejects Asta’s friendship proposal by claiming that she didn’t give him permission to speak. She also has trouble admitting her mistakes, and she tries to find excuses to blame someone else. Noelle also had to be very reserved about her exploits where she will rather keep her stern expression. However, she also developed a slight inferiority complex due to her own family’s rejection when they realized she had no control over her magical power.

18. Shaltear Bloodfallen

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Franchise: Overlord

The Guardian of the First, Second, and Third floors of Nazarick, she has the form of a beautiful vampire girl. She is also in love with Ainz. She and Albedo constantly clash over her attention to the level of gathering supporters to support them in their quest to be the first wife. Shalltear is one of the most powerful guardians (specially optimized for fighting the undead), as an overall battle force she is adept at both physical and magical combat.


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Due to an incident where she was subjected to mind control by a member of Black Scripture, she ends up unintentionally rebelling against Nazarick having Ainz kill her in a fight where she shows her enormous skill and experience in battle and later revives her.

19. Ai Enma


Franchise: Jigoku Shojo

The main character of the series. A very beautiful young girl with long, slender black hair, “mochi” skin (smooth and whitish) and red eyes; she lives in a world of perpetual twilight with her grandmother. She receives requests for revenge on her computer. She usually wears a black seifuku (traditional sailor school uniform) but dons a black kimono decorated with flowers when performing her contract.

20. Rika Shinozaki / Lisbeth 

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Franchise: Sword Art Online

Rika, also known as Lisbeth in Sword Art Online, is a great blacksmith who makes extremely rare weapons. She is also a fairly skilled player who fights with the help of the masses and gets very close to Silica.

Asuna is one of her friends. Unknowingly recommended by the latter, she meets Kirito when he decides to go to his shop on the 48th level, in order to have a new sword forged: their first meeting makes a bad impression on him when he questions the solidity of the weapon she offers him, and which he involuntarily breaks while trying to test it with his own.

Feeling challenged, she accompanies him in order to obtain very rare metal, essential for the creation of this new weapon, in a snowy and particularly cold place of the 55th level: by her own inconsistency, they all meet two temporarily trapped in the nest of a Dungeon Boss (X’rphan the White Wyrm) and spend the night there together, until Kirito (who has found what they were looking for in the nest) pulls them out using the Dragon Boss.