25 Best League of Legends YouTubers in 2023

Best League of Legends YouTubers

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Since its release in 2009, League of Legends brought up a lot of famous YouTubers that millions of people watch every day. This multiplayer online battle arena has over 120 million active players so it’s not unusual that there are plenty of YouTube channels that satisfy everyone’s needs. Pure gameplay, educational videos, role explanations, e-sport experts, games lore interpreters … the list goes on. Among tens of thousands of YouTube channels, we picked the 25 best League of Legends YouTubers that throw out quality content nonstop. So, without further ado, let’s start! 

1. Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides  


This list cannot start without a good guide for players who are just starting in their League of Legends journey. Regardless of your experience in previous MOBA games, this channel provides new players a great help in distinguishing which role are they going to play. If the role doesn’t work anymore, a player can find great video guides that will direct them to other roles which will suit them better. 

From guides such as how to avoid mistakes during the laning phase or how to master certain champions, Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides will prepare you for almost everything before you even log in to the game for the first time.  

2. League of Legends


Official League of Legends channel that provides big announcements about the game – new champions, new skin lines, e-sport tournaments and beautiful cinematics that gives you a look into rich League of Legends lore. Game developers also use this channel to recap their work in the previous year or announce new projects coming soon. 

For the official site, the League of Legends YouTube channel has a lot to offer besides basic LoL gameplay – music themes from skin lines, champion trailers, lore updates and amazing cinematics that intrigue every new player. Few songs even charted on official music charts, so definitely check it out! 

3. ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides 


Even though this channel has a similar name to the previous entry on this list, this YouTube channel provides guides for already established LoL players, who want to advance their skills. This channel provides tips and tricks on how to master LoL gameplay in certain roles, champion spotlights, which include ability explanations, best itemizations for certain champions and guides on how to lane versus hard or easy matchups.  

With all mentioned, there are item builds that become popular in regions on another side of the world (China, Korea) and are being tested in different servers, in this case, North America or Europe.  

4. Foxdrop 


Dan “Foxdrop” Wyatt is a color caster and a YouTube content creator who started posting guides on his channel in late 2012 and since then reached almost 500,000 subscribers. His witty persona and knowledge of the game through playing League, later propelled him to cast amateur League tournaments. The biggest gig he got was the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) as a color caster in 2019 but he continued posting videos on his channel.  

If you’re a jungler or want to become one, Foxdrop is a suitable guy for you – great time, knowledgeable guides and a relaxing atmosphere is the main reason why you should definitely check his channel out. 

5. Rav 


Slowly but surely, we are getting into the more fun part of the list. Rav is a YouTuber who a few years ago started posting LoL montages of his games on his channel. His satirical videos and unique commentary of his games are really relatable to every League of Legends player – whatever he experiences in his solo q climb from “elo (rank) hell”, all League players relate.  


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Voiceovers and already mentioned hilarious commentary, make Rav one of the best League of Legends YouTubers today. 

6. Pianta  


Pianta is also a satirical YouTuber who posts funny video montages on his channel. His wonky champion builds like mages with attacking damage builds instead of ability power ones, making this channel a must watch for memes. If you see this kind of item builds in your solo q game, blame Pianta. 

Jokes aside, there are a lot of cool and funny League channels that do stuff like this, however, only a few hit the mark and Pianta is definitely one of them. If you want to watch funny LoL content, check this guy out! 

7. Trick2G 


One of the OGs in the League of Legends community, Trick2G is truly one of the funniest League YouTubers out there. A man who popularized champions like Udyr, Nasus and Vollibear was and still is, one of the most iconic LoL content creators ever. His raging in game and crazy builds make him still fresh in the League of Legends community. Base rushes, proxying minion waves and more, were popularized by Trick2G himself. 

Crazy, unleashed gameplay and iconic quotes like “D CAAANE” and “Gates are open!” is what Trick2G is still famous for. Great editor and montages make his content even better, so if you didn’t already, definitely check Trick2G, the iconic League of Legends streamer. 

8. loltyler1 


The biggest LoL content creator today, Tyler1 became iconic for multiple reasons. However, he didn’t always have a great reputation. He was banned from playing League of Legends from 2016 to 2018 for his toxic behavior towards other players, earning himself the nickname of “the most toxic player in North America”. After this rough patch, he came back and peaked at 382,000 viewers on Twitch, which was a record at the time. He was REFORMED and to this day is one of the most popular content creators.  

After he was reformed, his signature champion Draven and his main role ADC (Attack-Damage Carry) became even more popular. However, that wasn’t enough for him so he took on a dare and decided to climb to the highest rank in the LoL game – Challenger, in every single role. Yes, you read it right, he decided to play all roles and prove that anyone can climb the games ladder. He did it and now resides in Korea to try and do the same on, allegedly, the hardest server in the world. His montages can be seen on his YouTube channel which has over 2 million subscribers. 

9. TFBlade 


TF Blade became popular when he climbed to the top of the North American server with, not one, but two accounts, ranking first and second respectively and almost climbing with his third account in the same season. The toplaner didn’t manage to climb only in North America, he reached Challenger on 5 more servers: Latin America North, Europe North East, Europe West, Turkey and Korea.  

Noone did this so it’s not unusual to see this talented toplaner frustrated during his climbs. However, that’s nothing new in the League of Legends game – nerves of steel and great volition are a must in these types of games and TFBlade is definitely one of them. If you’re interested in top lane gameplay with skill champions like Irelia, Akali, and Jax, definitely check this channel. 

10. Midbeast 


This Australian midlaner became famous for his gameplay in the Oceanic server. He climbed Challenger after taking notes from other well-known Challenger players of that time. Former professional player in his home country, and, even though he initially started streaming in 2016, he decided to prioritize his education and started being a full-time streamer in 2018.  

His midlane play and signature champions like Zed, Cassiopeia, Ahri and Twisted Fate make his YouTube videos a must see. Often jokingly accused of being narcissistic, his outgoing nature and hilarious deadpan reactions make him really entertaining. Recently he started reviewing other high elo games and discovering one trick players who dominate their servers. Live viewing big League of Legends tournaments on his Twitch channel also became part of his repertoire and all of his stream highlights are posted on his YouTube channel.   



In the League of Legends community mainly known as the founder of a toxic group of players called L9, RATIRL is a really popular Swedish player who mainly plays on European West server. He became popular for revolutionizing champion Twitch, who at that time was known as a slow scaling ADC. However, RATIRL made him an assassin jungler and even climbed into high elo consistently since 2014. 

After a few permanent bans on multiple LoL accounts, as Tyler1, he got reformed and started behaving better. His YouTube channels mostly consist of climbing to high elo and montages from his Twitch streams. However, with his creative gameplay and occasional other champions like Xerath, Teemo, Cassiopeia and at one point Master Yi in toplane, which was always odd since that champion is a jungler, RATIRL has content for everyone.  

12. Kshawaay 


Every game has funny moments or blunders from players regardless of their rank. Well, Kshawaay takes it to the next level. He makes videos of low elo games like Iron and Bronze and makes montages from misfortunes of players being with bad teammates who make awful and mostly, hilarious decisions during games.  

Low elo rank is referred in LoL community as “hell elo” and Kshawaay truly emphasizes that word to the extreme. So, if you’re a low elo player who can’t get out of bronze, watch this Youtube channel to feel better about your misfortune or if you’re pretty good, you can laugh at poor players. Just for laughs, definitely check this channel. 


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13. Thebausffs 


Former professional player who decided to stream, this endearing YouTuber is liked by everyone. His unique style of play with Sion, propelled him to the heights of popularity in the League community. Full attacking damage Sion, who is notably a tank champion, was popularized by Baus himself. Besides Sion, he plays Quinn and Gragas in toplane. 

It wasn’t just that he changed itemization on Sion, he created a new way of playing the game that only he knows how to execute. The laning phase, managing resources and constant dying (in his own words, inting) is truly a trademark of Baus. Even though these remarks have negative connotations in the League community and gameplay, Baus makes it work. He’s been consistently on top of the EUW server ladder and even made Challenger on the Korean server. That’s why he is widely loved. If you want to have a good time and in Baus’s words “shill”, definitely check out his YouTube channel. 

14. Karasmai 


This North American multi-seasonal challenger jungler has been playing League since 2014. At first, he has chosen Graves as his main jungle champion; however, he took a break, came back in 2016 and started climbing NA server ladder. He peaked with the release of jungle champion Kayne, which has been famous for its versatility – player can choose Kayn’s form during the game. Karasmai got challenger on NA server and is the best Kayn player in the West.  

His gameplay consists of amazing outplays and outjungling other players. If you’re seeking a YouTube channel that specializes in jungle assassin champions, definitely check Karasmai and his content. 

15. KayPea 


Among mostly male LoL YouTube content creators, KayPea was in streaming game community since its beginnings in 2013. Firstly, cooperating with other popular YouTuber at that time SivHD, KayPea decided to make her own content and post her highlight montages on her YouTube channel. Initially a part-time gig, League of Legends streaming became full-time after building popularity and it stayed like that till this day. 

Her midlane skills and signature champions like Lux, Ahri and Ziggs, made her one of the most popular female content creators in LoL community. Her epic steals of big objectives like Baron Nashor and Dragons and positive space that’s her community, makes her channel always a good watch, so definitely check her out for great midlane mage gameplay. 

16. Synapse 


This channel became popular around 2015 and 2016. It started posting highlights of all LoL streamers, like Tyler1, Trick2G and smaller streamers that didn’t have that much viewership at the time. This compilation channel became very popular and propelled a lot of smaller streamers.  

The channel became so popular that every now and then, if a streamer makes an amazing play or outplays other players in the game, Twitch chat starts spamming “Synapse”. He is the embodiment of highlight LoL videos. Of course, he’s not the only one, there are others, but Synapse is the most known one, so if you want to catch up with some LoL content you haven’t been able to watch live, check his channel. 

17. LoL Dobby 


LoL Dobby is a Korean Master-tier player from South Korea. He created his YouTube channel in 2018 and since then attracted hundreds of thousands of views all over the world. At first, channel was only in Korean language, but after some time, Dobby decided to adapt his content and started translating his videos into English. Since League of Legends is the most complex game in online gaming world, with over 150 champions, 200 items and tons of other “bits and pieces”, Dobby and his analysis came in a really good time. 

LoL Dobby’s channel focuses on hidden talents in solo q, and explains in a really detailed manner what is going on in the game and how a certain player is playing. In comparison to other channels on this list, this YouTube Channel is more pragmatic and analytical, which is good for people who want to learn about the game more.  

18. GBay99 


GBay99 is a League of Legends historian and documentarian. The high-quality movies that he posts on his YouTube channel have over hundreds of thousands of views with a focus on the history of League of Legends itself and the most popular e-sport scene in the world.  

His deep research and great storytelling, make his content jump out from the rest. He made some great videos that stem from old e-sport organizations that left their mark on LoL forever to certain game mechanics that are still discussed in LoL community to this day.  

19. Caedrel 


Former pro midlaner and jungler who became color caster and analyst in e-sport LoL scene, Caedrel has become popular in League of Legends community since his first guest casting on LEC (League of Legends European Championship) as an analyst. Fans loved his input and knowledge of the game which propelled him to retire and become full time streamer and LoL analyst.  

Already mentioned knowledge of the game, with his eloquence and wit, Caedrel today is one of the most popular LoL content creators. He posts his stream highlights on YouTube channel and overviews of patch notes and other League content. 

20. LS 


Probably one of the biggest personas in League community, LS really left his mark in games’ history. Firstly, a coach then a content creator, LS built his personality mostly through e-sport in multiple games, like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Super Smash Bros, and StarCraft. When he transitioned to League, from the beginning he was different from the rest. With all great analytics that he provides, LS is also really entertaining. 

Itemization, detailed analysis of games patches, champion’s kits and micro aspects of the game itself, LS revolutionized and impacted LoL like no other. If you want to learn about the game, definitely check his YouTube channel.  

21. IWDominate 


Former LCS (League Championship Series) jungler for prominent NA LoL teams, Dom decided to stream after his retirement. His knowledge of jungle role and experience in playing the game on professional level, Dom became one of the most popular personas in e-sports and LoL community. 

His no-nonsense takes and bold claims made him really popular. Still plays the game on high level, however, his YouTube channel contains analysis of e-sport leagues like LCS (NA), LEC (EU) and LPL (China) and comments about various League topics. Really interesting channel if you want to learn about e-sport side of LoL. Also, really entertaining. 

22. Exil 


On the first look, similar to GBay99, Exil is actually quite different than his colleague. His videos contain analysis about very specific topics that stem from “The Big Problem That League of Legends Must Fix” to “How Riot Ruined This League of Legends Champion”. Very topical video content that anyone can find something interesting for themselves. 

What he has in common in GBay99, is tremendous effort put into these videos. Every other month he publishes at least one video. So, if you’re into topical LoL content, definitely check this channel. 

23. T1 Faker 


Legendary League pro player that is still playing, Faker is League’s cultural icon. The best player in history of e-sports who achieved worldwide success can be compared to the likes of professional athletes like LeBron James or Cristiano Ronaldo.  

He started streaming under his organization’s channel T1 to this day and has over hundreds of thousands of views on every video. His gameplay and outplays are still really entertaining and if someone’s the face of League of Legends, that’s definitely Faker. 


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24. Doublelift 


One of the best western players of all time, Doublelift is a long-time member of LoL community. His ADC play has been one of the best since the very start of LoL e-sport and was one of the first people in LoL community that elevated his popularity to highest levels.  

Today, he’s analyzing pro games, climbing the ladder with his ADC champs and still has a huge following. His YouTube channel has around 700,000 subscribers and averaging around 150,000 views per video.  

25. Necrit 


Last but not least on 25 best League of Legends Youtubers list is Necrit, LoL lore encyclopedia, who has content focused around stories behind champions of League of Legends. His detailed retelling and interpretation of these champions stories are great for people interested in the lore side of the game. 

With already mentioned lore interpretations, he talks about news in LoL community and covers other Riot Games projects like Valorant, Legends of Runeterra and more. Furthermore, he talks about new champions, the lore behind skin lines and covers a successful show from Riot Games – Arcane. 

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