30 Best Minecraft Weapons & How to Find Them in 2023

best minecraft weapons

Minecraft being an adventurous game have many weapons to fight with mobs and opponents. There are plenty of weapons for different fight situations so you might need help while choosing the best weapons in Minecraft.

Weapons differ from Melee attacks to long-range attacks. Thus it is necessary to understand the powers of each weapon before you decide to create or loot it. In this Minecraft article, I’ll list the 30 best Minecraft Weapons and how to find them in the latest updated versions of the Minecraft games.

Best Minecraft Weapons

Now for this section, we’ll focus on the weapons that are useful for Melee attacks and long-range attacks. These weapons can be created using Minecraft Table or can be picked up from chest or dropped items.

1. Diamond Sword

30 Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them (2021 Update)

Swords are the best melee attack weapon in Minecraft. They come in various structures and can be obtained easily. Every sword has a common use that is attacking in a Melee attack. It can do a lot of damage to the mobs and opponents if used correctly. ‘

But the best of the weapon in Minecraft are the ones made by Diamond.

Diamond swords one of the strongest of the melee attack weapons as it is harder to break. The durability of diamond items is far more than the other material that provides it extra longevity and strength.

Diamond swords are crafted using sticks and 2 diamonds. It can also be obtained from villagers or from chest loot. If you can kill an opponent in the fight and he has dropped the sword, then you’ve got a good chance of picking it up before it vanishes.

Diamond is a rare item in Minecraft just as in the real world and you must collect it and preserve it with care.

2. Bow

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The bow is a weapon useful for long-distance flights.

It is used to hit the enemy from a distance and is very useful if you have to fight against a group of enemies.

The bow is generally difficult to use than other combat items as it has to be aimed correctly. There are many enchantments available for the bow and it can yield massive damage to the opponents and hostile mobs.

A player who needs to stay safe without even getting damage done to himself will love to fight with a bow. It keeps the enemy away and can be effectively used from a safe distance to deal damage to any mobs.

However, during the fight ensure that you’ve full stock of arrows or if not then be careful to fill it up quickly without getting caught by the enemy.

The bow gives a royal feel to the player. The shooting of arrows from the distance is a great way to kill the enemy without getting any closer to them. This makes it a very powerful weapon in Minecraft.

3. Crossbow

30 Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them (2021 Update)

Crossbow is one of the new items that is updated in this list. It’s better than the bow in aiming and targeting. It has even got a higher range of shooting making it a more deadly weapon.

A crossbow deals damage of 5 and 1/2 hearts in one shot. It is enough to push away all the enemies and kill them.

How it comes with its disadvantages too. While its killing power is great, it can be slow to shoot. the shooting speed is slower than the regular bow. So, it takes a little more time to fire the arrows.

But it’s on this list for a good reason.

It’s slow. But that can be compensated with the enchantments.

It can even shoot up to 3 arrows after enchanting which makes it 3 times more powerful than its normal uses.

It’s one of the new weapons in the game but has quickly risen to the top-level weapons. A lot of players have started using it regularly and are happy with its shooting range and power.

The little slowness can be counterpoised with the enchantments, which makes it a lethal weapon in the whole Minecraft.

A crossbow can be built with iron, stick, and Tripwire Hook.

Once you learn to use it, you are going to enjoy your fights more than anything else. Long-range battles get more efficient with their exciting capabilities.

For players who love to use a bow but haven’t gotten their hands on Crossbow yet are missing out on an amazing arsenal that they’ll regret not using it.

4. Trident

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We have talked about Crossbow being an exciting weapon, but Trident is the closest that can come to Crossbow when it comes to options between the weapons that can make you fall in love with them.

Trident is the weapon used both in melee attacks and also in long-range attacks. You can use it in combat and also in long-range fights.

The best thing about it is its quick speed. It has a faster attack rate than an ax. However, because of being a heavy weapon, it cannot be as swift as a sword.

Trident deals 4 and 1/2 hearts of damage if attacked efficiently.

And the important thing to remember is that it is equally effective in combat as it is in long range. Meaning that its capacity to damage in melee attack and in long-range attack is both 4 and 1/2 hearts.

But being such a useful weapon, it is also rare to find. On can search for hours to find Trident all to get nothing but grass. It is one of the rarest weapons in Minecraft and can only be obtained by killing drowned mobs.

There’s no other way to get Trident.

So it is highly recommended to players that they should go all-in to get one as soon as they get the opportunity to fight any drowned mob.

5. Netherite Sword

30 Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them (2021 Update)

After the Netherite update, the weapons made by Netherite have taken over the Diamond weapons and now are the strongest weapons in Minecraft.

Netherite is the strongest of all the materials and makes the tools more durable and proving extra life to all the weapons and tools built by it.

The damage done by the Netheirte sword is more than any other sword and can be used against all the enemies.

What’s appealing about the Netherite sword is its ability to take damage. Being a strong material, Netherite is essential in creating a weapon that can endure a vast amount of hits while also dealing a large amount of damage to other players.

6. TNT

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Who doesn’t like to throw Bombs if they land accurately on your opponent’s head?

TNT is a dangerous material in Minecraft. And many may not deem it as a weapon but it is extremely powerful than all the other materials because of its explosive abilities.

However, holding it wrongly (meaning throwing it on yourself) might ruin your Minecraft adventure but if one can learn how to use it well and make explosives out of it then no one can protect themselves from the blows of the TNT material made weapon.

To create a TNT weapon, you need to get 5 blocks of sand and 5 pieces of Gunpowder.

Once you have created it (with caution of course), you can fill it in piston and fire on mobs that you want to erase from the spawning again in the chunks around you.

7. Splash Potion

30 Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them (2021 Update)

Splash potion is another material in Minecraft that you might not consider a proper weapon. But when it comes to dealing damage it’s as effective as other weapons in Minecraft.

They give a significant advantage when it comes to dealing with damage in one on one conditions and can increase your chances of killing your opponents.

If you throw a splash potion on your opponent’s face, you can easily hit them and kill them quickly.

Items to prepare a Splash Potion:

  • 1 Piece of Gunpowder
  • 2. A normal piece of poison or weakness.
  • 3. A brewing stand

Use it well in combat and see the magic of a well-prepared Splash Potion.

8. Iron Sword

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Iron is found in abundance in Minecraft. If you’re looking for a powerful weapon that’s also easy to obtain, you must look for an Iron sword or either iron as raw material to create a new sword.

One can easily obtain Iron from mines and create a new sword. Or if you get a chance to loot the sword from your chest or directly obtain it from trading then it’s a great choice.

Apart from being available in abundance, it’s also a very powerful weapon.

Iron has great durability and is difficult to break down. That makes it a very useful weapon in melee combat.

The iron sword is easy to build. You just need an Iron ingot and stick to create it.

Once you have crafted a sword, you can use it carefully or you can also create them in large numbers as Iron is plentiful in Minecraft.

Gather as much raw iron and create as many swords as you can create.

9. Stone Ax

30 Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them (2021 Update)

Stone doesn’t seem to fit in the list of diamond, netherite, and iron. But the Stone ax is different than the rest of the stone items.

Stone ax deals the damage of 9, that’s the same as Diamond and Iron ax.

It makes it quite a strong competitor among the other weapon in this list.

Additionally, the stone ax is easily obtainable. It can be found easily from trading or from loot.

Or else it can be easily crafted by the player as the stone is available all over the Minecraft world.

The following items are needed to yield stone ax:

  • 3 stone blocks
  • 2 sticks

10. Netherite Ax

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Netherite Ax is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It deals the damage of 10 points at one hit. To make good use of Netherite ax enchant it with Mending or Unbreaking enchantments.

It is easy to use and has quick attack modes.

It can be easily made by collecting Netherite and sticks.


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11. Netherite Sword

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One of the latest addition to Minecraft’s arsenal, the Netherite sword is the strongest of all the swords in the game and deals damage up to 8 with a hard hit.

The Netherite sword gets even more dangerous with the Fortune enchantment. There are many enchantments one can use on the Netherite sword to turn it into a more lethal sword.

To craft it you’ll need to upgrade your diamond sword with a netherite Ingot on a smithing table. 

12. Diamond ax

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It has the capacity to deal the damage of 8 points. Diamond ax is very durable and very quick to use.

Three Diamonds are required to create a diamond ax.

13. Golden Sword

30 Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them (2021 Update)

To get the golden sword, you need to convert a golden into Ingots. The durability of the golden sword is not so high as the other sword but it’s a rare sword that is not available all the time.

14. Iron Sword

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The iron sword is the most common sword used in Minecraft. As iron is readily available in Minecraft, Iron swords are the most common words available in the game.

15. Wooden Ax

30 Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them (2021 Update)

The wooden ax is the most common ax used in Minecraft. Its durability is good and is also fast and has powerful strength.

16. Bow and Arrow

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The best weapon to attack from a distance, Bow, and arrow is one of the safest weapons for a player in Minecraft.

You can use them from a long-range distance and is easy to use.

For the player who loves to remain in the safe space and doesn’t want any hostile mob to come near them, Bow and arrow are the best possible option.

They are fast to use and can be accurately thrown at the target. The damage done by the bow and arrow is also strong. It deals with the damage of 10 points if hit correctly to the target.

17. Armor 

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Every player needs armor. With armor, players can journey further or deeper into the world and face a lot of different strong mobs. By reducing the impact of damage, the armor protects the player and saves their health. 

Players who are looking to take part in a dangerous battle atmosphere should get this game. 

18. Helmets

30 Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them (2021 Update)

In order to craft a helmet, place 5 pieces of the desired material in an upside-down ‘U on the crafting table. The helmet can be placed in the head slot, to the left of your character image in the inventory window, once it has been created.

19. Chestplates 

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You should make chest plates first when making armor, especially if you are having difficulty finding enough of the right material at first.

Chest plates are the main part of the torso and save the plate from direct attack from the front. It is important to section the bodysuit and prevents any fatal blows from the enemy.

20. Boots

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In addition, they offer the least protection of all the pieces, so you can save them for last.

Best Minecraft Dungeon Weapons

1. Gauntlets 

30 Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them (2021 Update)

For Dungeon Adventure, these weapons are a good choice. The Minecraft gamer, however, shows the Gauntlet reborn is very much in chanted and can provide a lot of benefits to the player.

2. Vine Whip

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An interesting weapon that a player in a Minecraft game can use to survive in the dungeon is this. 

There is a tremendous punch to this dual-wielding weapon, even though it is not a first-person Melee weapon. Vine whips have a greater reach than most melee weapons, something every Minecraft gamer should know.

As well as dealing with your opponents, this weapon injects poison during the attack.  In the same way, the vine whip can also be described as an attractive weapon that has the potential to cause a lot of harm. In Minecraft dungeons, simply one of the most powerful weapons.

3. Diamond Sword

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It makes for an excellent weapon for exploration in a Minecraft Dungeon and is considered a staple weapon in the game. Diamond swords make for excellent weapons for dungeon exploration by Minecraft beginners since they are obtainable in the sandbox game.

This is ideal for gamers who love to use melee weapons since you can do a lot of extra damage.

4. Daggers: the Popular Fangs of Frost

30 Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them (2021 Update)

For gamers who do not like the option of using just one blade, they can opt for the fangs of Frost, which has two blades. An efficient and powerful blade, the Dualwield Dagger is popular amongst fighters.

Interestingly, a very powerful Minecraft enchantment can be applied to boost the dual wield Dagger’s power.  A dual-wielding Dagger that is enchanted in Minecraft can provide a gamer with a weapon that can reach its full potential in dungeons.

5. The Diamond pickaxe

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Gamers who are interested in exploring dungeons should also try out the diamond pickaxe. I can earn extra Emeralds with a diamond pickaxe as a gamer, and these Emeralds can be used to upgrade Gear at camp and buy new items.

6. Whispering Spear

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We are halfway through our list of the Best Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons with the Whispering Spear. 

In a Minecraft Dungeon, Whispering Spears provides one of the major advantages of being able to reach enemies at a distance. 

A whispering Spear can certainly come in handy in a zombie or spider battle since they need to be within close range in an hour to attack.

The creeper woods are a good place to keep an eye out for a spear if a player wants to use one in the dungeon.

7. The Dancer’s Sword also known as Cutlass

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It is important to note that a cutlass is an excellent choice for use in a dungeon.  Cutlasses like Dancers have combo buffs right from the early levels, which makes them the best in this class.

Minecrafters can also buy one from a blacksmith when they are at camp if they wish to use this melee weapon in a dungeon. For me, the dancer’s sword is the best sword in dungeons in Minecraft.

8. Hammer Of Gravity

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 2022 08 15T140604.569

I also recommend reviewing the Hammer of Gravity as an interesting melee weapon. It is possible to clear a mob pack using the hammer of gravity when you are in the dungeon. There is a great splash effect in the Hammer of gravity.

By pulling enemies towards it, it can be used as a gravitational force. It is usually dropped at the fiery forge or the obsidian pinnacle in dungeons, so if you are interested in using this weapon, you should wait until you’ve reached these areas.

9. Claymore

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 2022 08 15T140641.978

Game players who want to try out the dungeons in Minecraft can make use of the claymore, a fascinating weapon. In the obsidian pinnacle, or from a Blacksmith, you can obtain claymore melee weapons.

With a claymore, gamers can deal powerful blows to enemies. Additionally, all levels have an awesome pushback.

10. Soul Scythe: Jailor’s Scythe

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Among Minecraft Dungeons, the Jailor’s Scythe has been declared the best weapon. It is certain that you will be in contact with souls when you are in Minecraft dungeons. You can use the soul scythe to gather souls in a Minecraft dungeon with this powerful melee weapon.

Chaining and binding enemies are among the many uses of this strong melee weapon. Furthermore, it can increase a player’s versatility.


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What Minecraft Weapon Does The Most Damage?

Netherite ax with the sharpness enchantment deals the most damage in Minecraft. It deals with the damage of 18 points if hit properly. Other than that Netherite ax also does a great deal of damage. It reduces the 16 points of the opponent’s health.

What Is The Rarest Weapon In Minecraft?

The rarest weapon in the whole Minecraft is the trident. You can only get trident by killing drowning mobs. Even if you search for all the Minecraft world, you’ll not find a Trident except by killing a drowning mob.