35 Best Movies About Serial Killer on Netflix

serial killer movies

For some reason, there has always been something interesting about movies that talk about serial killers and other similar people, as we can’t get enough of what goes inside the mind of someone who kills for enjoyment. In that regard, there are a lot of people who enjoy binging through serial killer movies that offer us a chance to get into the minds of these people. Of course, we also know that there have been a lot of documentaries and docuseries regarding serial killers.

Out of all of the different streaming services that we have today, Netflix seems to be the platform with the highest count of serial killer movies. That means that you can binge through an entire day watching a lot of these movies. Now, with that said, let’s look at the best serial killer movies that Netflix has to offer.

35. The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

killer queen

The Babysitter: Killer Queen is more of an action-comedy movie that follows up on the success of the first The Babysitter movie (more on that later). In our books, it isn’t as entertaining as the first movie, but it still is pretty much a movie that you might want to watch if you simply want to continue the story of The Babysitter.

This movie follows the story of Cole two years after he defeated the Satanic cult of his babysitter bee. However, he has to outsmart the same dark forces once more when his old nemesis surface once more. So, while this isn’t necessarily a serial killer movie in the strict sense, it still has a few elements that make serial killer movies entertaining.

34. Murder Mystery (2019)

murder mystery

The first few movies on this list tend to be entertaining ones that have comedy elements, as Murder Mystery is a similar movie. This Adam Sandler movie follows the story of a New York cop that goes on a European vacation with his wife to find a way to reignite the spark in a marriage that was beginning to fail. Nevertheless, things turn into something more than just a simple vacation.


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While they are in Europe, they end up getting framed for the murder of a rich billionaire. As such, they have to escape from the cops while finding a way to solve the mystery behind the murder of the billionaire so that they can clear their names.

33. Offering to the Storm (2020)


The first of the many different international films that we have on this list is Offering to the Storm, which is a Spanish-German movie. This is actually the third and final installment of the trilogy of movies that began with The Invisible Guardian and The Legacy of the Bones. Of course, those two movies are also on this list.

In this movie, we can see Amaia Salazar in the middle of confronting the origins of her nightmares. This allows her to reveal the deepest and darkest secrets that are kept in the Baztan Valley as everything about the entire storyline concludes the Baztan Trilogy.

32. Fear Street Trilogy (2021)

fear street.jpg

While the film mentioned before this one may be one of three different movies, the Fear Street Trilogy is a total of three different movies that all take place in the same neighborhood but in different timelines. The movies were released one after another on a weekly basis, as all three of them allow us to see the entire mystery surrounding a notorious town that has been plagued with violent killings for centuries.

All three of these movies are actually horror films, but they also have certain elements that make up serial killer movies, as they talk about different serial killers that went on killing sprees in the town during certain periods of its history. And the fact that all three of these films are interconnected in terms of the different events that happen in different timelines makes them very intriguing for fans of movies that have serial killers, slashers, and horror elements.

31. Spyder (2017)


There are a lot of Bollywood movies on this list, as India has been releasing a lot of different movies on Netflix because of how huge the market in India is. Of course, Spyder is only one of the many different Indian serial killer movies that we have on this list.

In Spyder, we follow the story of an intelligent officer that has been given the unenviable task of tracking down a psychotic terrorist that has been killing people and terrorizing Hyderabad. As such, the officer needs to use everything in his bag of tricks to take down this terrorist.

30. Irul (2021)


One of the most interesting Indian movies that we have on this list is Irul. This Bollywood film is more of a mystery thriller but also has elements that make it a film about a serial killer. And it is quite a thrilling ride for those who love the feeling of suspense that is often prevalent in serial killer movies.

Irul follows the story of a couple that ends up seeking shelter in a nearby home after their car breaks down. However, as they converse with the stranger that is inside this home, they begin to realize that there could be a killer hiding among them.

29. Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016)


Released internationally as Psycho Raman, this movie is actually an entertaining Indian neo-noir movie that has some of the elements that make up a great serial killer movie. Of course, like many different serial killer movies, it is also a psychological thriller that should put you on a suspenseful ride.

Raman Raghav 2.0 follows the story of a serial killer that is stalking a detective who has been investigating the murders he has been doing. As such, it puts us in the shoes of the serial killer instead of the detective, but we also get to see things from the side of this drug-addicted detective as well.

28. The Chase (2017)

the chase

The only South Korean film we have on this list is The Chase, which is one of the best Asian serial killer movies outside of India. Of course, we know that Koreans are great at delivering high-quality movies, as this was proven in this film.

In The Chase, a landlord realizes that a lot of people in his town end up dying mysteriously. As such, he ends up getting a visit from a detective who wants to solve a murder case that happened 30 years ago, as he might be connected to this cold case.

27. Forensic (2020)


Forensic is another entertaining Indian movie about a serial killer as we get to see a more scientific and methodical way of catching a murderer. In that regard, it departs from the other Indian movies as it incorporates more forensic elements into its storyline.


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The movie follows the story of an investigator that uses his forensic skills to discover a breakthrough in a series of different killings. As such, he teams up with another investigator, and they both uncover evidence that could finally lead them to the killer’s identity.

26. The Mansion (2017)


The Mansion is actually more of a comedy horror movie than it is a thriller about a serial killer. This film is also another international movie as it comes from France but actually takes place in Belgium.

Its storyline involves a group of students that spend the New Year at a remote estate found in Belgium. However, when they ended up getting high and wasted, it becomes a night of bloodshed due to the fact that there is a killer on the loose.

25. Changeling (2008)


Changeling is a sleeper movie starring Angelina Jolie as it might not be the most popular serial killer film but is incredibly intriguing due to its plot, which takes place during the time of the Great Depression. The film also has a bit of sci-fi in it, as the title might suggest.

The movie follows the story of Jolie’s character, who is a mom that arrives home to find that her son is gone. She spent five months looking for her son while praying in the process, as he was eventually found in Illinois even though they live in LA. However, when the boy arrived, she was surprised to see that he was not her son, as authorities were quick to dispute her claim. But she teams up with a clergyman in the hopes of finding the truth behind the case while exposing the corruption within the LA police.

24. Die Ontwaking (2015)


The only African film on this list is Die Ontwaking, which is a very entertaining serial killer movie that should provide the kind of suspense and thrill you are looking for in a film that isn’t based in America or Europe.

Die Ontwaking follows the story of a man who owns a gallery that sells African Masks and Art. He also happens to have a collection of tattoos that belong to beautiful young women. However, in the middle of it all, a young detective is on the trail of a serial killer.

23. Hush (2016)


While it is mainly a slasher movie, Hush belongs in this movie because it also involves a serial killer. It also doesn’t have the same kind of mystery that you usually see in serial killer movies, but it is very suspenseful in its own right, as it is full of some of the most thrilling moments you can see in a serial killer movie.

Hush follows the story of a masked attack that ends up attacking a deaf-mute writer who lives in the woods to follow a solitary life. As such, you would understand just how suspenseful this movie is as the character has to rely only on her sense of sight to understand where the attack is coming from. And she can’t even call for help the entire time.

22. The Invisible Guardian (2017)


The Invisible Guardian is the first movie of the Baztan Trilogy, as this Spanish-German movie follows the story of a police officer that has been trained in the ways of the FBI. She ends up returning to Navarra in the hopes of taking down a serial killer that’s on the loose. Of course, she also wants to confront her own troubled past as well.

This case involves the mystery of a 13-year-old girl whose corpse was found in the Baztan river, as the officer now has to confront her past to find the answers to this case. In doing so, she also has to mend her relationships with her sisters. And this is only the first part of a great trilogy of serial killer movies.

21. The Plagues of Breslau (2018)


The Plagues of Breslau is another European serial killer film as it is a polish movie. Of course, what makes this movie interesting is that it involves history as one of the themes behind the hunt for a serial killer on the loose.

In The Plagues of Breslau, a police officer is on a mission to hunt down a serial killer that has been killing people every single day at 6 in the evening. As such, she needs to research the 18th-century history of the city to understand more about the killer and why he does what he has been doing.

20. The Legacy of the Bones (2019)

legacy of bones

The Legacy of the Bones is the sequel to the Invisible Guardian and is the second movie of the Baztan Trilogy. This movie continues the story of Amaia Salazar, who returns to the Baztan Valley again. However, she has to solve a case that is now linked to her own family as things get more personal in this movie.

Of course, the problem here is that she now has to track down another serial killer just four months after giving birth. This complicates things because of how she has to balance her responsibilities as a mother with the fact that she is the best detective. Of course, she has to continue confronting her own inner demons in this storyline.

19. The Babysitter (2017)


The Babysitter is one of the first few horror-thriller movies that Netflix produced during the earlier days of the streaming giant’s history. This movie focuses on the story of Cole, who is attracted to his babysitter, Bee because she is attractive and fun. However, he ends up discovering that Bee is actually a murderer and a member of a Satanic cult.

As such, Cole has to spend the rest of the entire night avoiding the assassins that Bee sends his way as they want to make sure that their secret stays hidden. In that regard, the entire movie is a horror-thriller with a touch of comedy, as it is definitely a fun film that those who enjoy slashers and murder stories should be able to find entertaining. 

18. In the Cut (2003)

in the cut

In the Cut is one of the few thriller movies that we have on this list that is based on a novel. It is the adaptation of the novel of the same title by Susanna Moore. The entire storyline focuses on a group of women that try to navigate sex in a society that is quite patriarchal in nature. Of course, it has elements of sexism as well.


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The story follows the story of a writer and teacher who ends up getting intrigued by the word “disarticulated,” which ends up being used by a homicide detective upon describing what happened to a victim of a serial killer. As such, the writer becomes intrigued by the entire story of this detective and the case that he is working on, as there are a lot of elements of sex and murder in this movie.

17. The Forest of Love (2019)

forest of love

Japan is no stranger to serial killer movies, as The Forest of Love follows a premise that revolves around the killings of real-life serial killer Futoshi Matsunaga. In that regard, this is a movie that is based on real-life events that happened.

The Forest of Love follows the story of an older guy that seduces and abuses a small group of student filmmakers, which include a particularly young girl with very strict parents. These students would follow all of his orders even if he asked them to kill someone. In that regard, it is a movie that explores manipulation, abuse, and murder.

16. Manson Family Vacation (2015)

manson family.jpg

Despite the fact that it is obviously a low-budget film, Manson Family Vacation is a fascinating comedy-drama movie that is quite lighthearted in its approach, even though it includes murder as one of its themes. Of course, it is a lot more lighthearted than most of the other movies on this list.

Manson Family Vacation tells the story of two brothers, one of them is a family man while the other ends up becoming interested in Charles Manson, a real-life serial killer. Because they wanted to bond with one another, they ended up breaking into the mansion where the Tate and LaBianca murders happened, as they even attended a party where all of the attendees were people loyal to Charles Manson. As such, it is a dysfunctional comedy movie that may not exactly be about murder but includes a real-life serial killer as one of the people that it talks about.

15. The Stepfather (2009)


The Stepfather is a remake of the 1987 movie of the same title, as it follows a plot that is quite similar to the original one. And it is actually one of the most disturbing serial killer movies you can watch on Netflix.

In this movie, a serial killer loves hunting down widows and divorcees with children, as he often finds them in public places. His modus operandi includes being with them for six months before murdering the entire family and moving to another city. However, things begin to go wrong in his latest endeavor because the son of the woman he is currently dating catches up on his true movies.

14. Scream (1996)


Scream is a classic Wes Craven movie that became a cult favorite among different people that grew up during the 90s. It is mostly a slasher film that became so famous that it earned itself several sequels.

The movie follows the story of a young woman and her friends as she begins to receive weird phone calls a year after she loses her mother. These calls could be traced back to a crazy serial killer that is known to wear a white face mask that has become quite iconic today. And what makes the entire storyline weird is that the murderer asks the girl unusual questions regarding his unconventional approach as a serial killer.

13. The Good Nurse (2022)

good nurse.jpg

The Good Nurse is one of the newest movies on this list, as it was released only in September 2022. This movie is quite the thriller when it comes to how intriguing and full of suspense it is, as it follows a storyline that focuses on a series of murders that have been happening for sixteen years in different places all over the country.

In this movie, a nurse discovers that her colleague was found responsible for murdering countless patients across different states and in different hospitals. But, for some reason, he has never been charged with murder as she now has to get to the bottom of this entire case to make sure that no one would ever fall victim to him again.

12. Shutter Island (2010)

shutter island.jpg

One of the most intense serial killer and thriller movies that you will ever watch is Shutter Island, which is also a psychological thriller that can get you questioning your own sanity as well. Of course, the movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio in another stellar performance for one of the greatest actors of our generation.

With its dark and ominous tone, Shutter Island delivers a story that’s based on a US marshal who travels to a remote island to investigate the disappearance of a child murderer. However, they end up getting trapped on the island as well as the marshal ends up experiencing flashbacks to his tragic experiences in World War II. Of course, we aren’t going to spoil the movie, but we’re here to tell you that there are a lot of psychologically disturbing themes in this film.

11. Taking Lives (2004)

taking lives

Taking Lives is somewhat underrated because not a lot of people actually know about this film. But it is one of the best serial killer movies as it is a very suspenseful mystery crime thriller that should be on anyone’s radar. Of course, this is the second film involving Angelina Jolie that we have on this list.


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The movie focuses on the story of an FBI profiler who ends up working with the French-Canadian police to apprehend a serial killer that has been adopting the identity of every person they have killed. In that regard, it is an entertaining ride that may be somewhat predictable but will allow you to keep yourself focused on your screen because of how fun and suspenseful the story is.

10. The Clovehitch Killer (2018)


The Clovehitch killer is a movie that is inspired by the events surrounding the real-life serial killer known as the BTK Strangler. In that regard, it is one of the few serial killer movies on this list that are based on real-life events. And those who are quite interested in real-life serial killers should be able to find this one an entertaining and intriguing ride.

This movie follows the story of Tyler, who ends up discovering a series of different frightening photos found in his father’s possession. As such, this ends up tearing apart what he thought was a perfect family as he realizes that the man he looked up to throughout his entire life was responsible for the murders of 13 girls a decade ago. 

9. Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City (2019)

twin murders

Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City is another great serial killer film that comes from Spain, as we have a few of them on this list. The movie follows Unai, who is on the hunt for a new serial killer that has been making a name for themselves. And when he went back to work after a very long time away from the field, he discovered that there was a murderer that used the same modus operandi as the one he had caught two decades ago.

As such, he now has to make use of his detective skills once more to get to the bottom of this mysterious case. He also ends up reconnecting with the killer that he caught 20 years ago to learn more about the new killer that’s on the rise. As such, this is an entertaining ride for those who love crime films that focus on a hunt for a serial killer.

8. There’s Someone Inside Your House (2021)


There’s Some Inside Your House kind of gives away its plot with its title alone. Of course, it does revolve around a plot where there is literally someone who is inside a person’s house as this is a slasher movie that focuses on a young woman and her friends, who are all trying to survive a murderer that’s trying to reveal their deepest secrets to the entire Nebraska community.

The movie follows a young girl who has secrets of her own as she and her friends have to look for this mysterious killer who seems to know everything about them as if he was living in their house. In that regard, they have to work together to find a way to stop this killer from causing any more harm to the community while also keeping their own secrets intact.

7. Mrs. Serial Killer (2020)

mrs serial killer

Mrs. Serial Killer is the final one of the many Indian serial killer movies we have on this list. Of course, Bollywood has been quite active in producing serial killer movies that are quite high-quality in their own right. And this should be a good break from the many different western-based crime-thriller movies that you probably watch on a regular basis.

This movie focuses on Sona, whose former life involved her doctor husband, who was suspected of being a serial killer as he was rumored to have killed six unmarried young women. However, Sona knows that her husband is innocent because of the fact that the one who busted him was her ex. As such, this is a great movie to follow if you are looking for an entertaining serial movie film that’s about revenge and is full of violence and gore.

6. In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

shadow of the moon.jpg

In the Shadow of the Moon is one of the most interesting and unique films we have on this list because it is a combination of a lot of different genres, such as sci-fi, mystery, noir, and horror. In that regard, it is something that should fit the tastes of discerning movie watchers out there due to the fact that it basically has it all. Of course, the fact that it is on this list means that it also talks about a serial killer.

The movie follows the story of a protagonist who wants to be someone who is big in the world of law enforcement. One night, he finds a few bodies with hollow skulls, and a blue-hooded woman catches his attention and is seemingly the one who committed the crimes. Years later, he ends up becoming a detective, and the very same modus operandi that he encountered a long time ago still plagues the city. As such, he now has to find a way to solve this series of weird crimes.

5. Monster (2003)


Monster is an entertaining biographical film that is actually based on the true story of Aileen Wuornos, who some of you may be familiar with because she was a prostitute that became a serial killer. In that regard, this movie once again falls in the category of a movie that is based on a real-life serial killer.

As mentioned, the movie follows the story of Aileen, who meets Selby Wal and falls in love with her. However, Aileen ends up killing a man who tries to hurt her, and that is when she decides to quit her life as a prostitute. But after she returns to prostitution due to how hard life is, Selby begins to suspect that Aileen was the one responsible for the deaths of several more people, as the prostitute might have ended up enjoying the thrill of killing people after she killed for a man for the very first time.

4. Zodiac (2007)


One of the more mind-bending movies on this list is Zodiac, which is a serial killer movie that is based on the story of the Zodiac Killer, who was active for a period of 15 years from 1968 to 1983. It is also based on a novel by Robert Graysmith. Of course, those who have been following serial killer stories would know that the Zodiac Killer is one of the most famous killers of all time because his case is still unsolved to this day.

Zodiac loosely follows the actual case of the 70s as we follow detectives and reporters that try to find the truth behind the identity of the mysterious Zodiac Killer. However, because the killer has no patterns, motives, or trails, the people investigating him have become quite obsessed with him to the point that the entire movie creates a disturbing atmosphere that isn’t for the faint of heart.

3. Lost Girls (2020)

lost girls.jpg

Lost Girls is a very impactful film that is actually a Netflix Original, as this tells the chilling tale of one of the most famous serial killers of all time. Of course, we are talking about the Long Island Serial Killer, whose case is still unsolved up to this day and has become one of the most legendary killers of all time.


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The movie is told from the viewpoint of Mari Gilbert, who is a mother that was forced to come to terms with the disappearance of her daughter. Of course, her daughter was not the only one that disappeared, as more than ten bodies of women were discovered after a thorough search by law enforcers. And this is a very emotional movie because you get to see things from the viewpoint of a civilian instead of a law enforcer.

2. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile (2019)


Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is a movie that stars Zac Efron in his controversial role as the good-looking Ted Bundy, who is one of the most famous serial killers of all time. In that regard, the movie is actually a biopic of the story of the different killings that Bundy did during his entire lifetime, as we know for a fact that he is responsible for numerous murders during his run as a serial killer. And the movie is told from the viewpoint of Bundy’s longtime girlfriend, Liz Kendall, and the other women that were actually involved with this killer.

What makes this movie unique is the fact that it tends to merge documentary and drama in a way that is captivating but somewhat realistic. It makes you feel like it involved the actual women who were close to Ted Bundy. As such, this is the best movie when it comes to the way it delivers its true-life serial killer theme.

1. Seven (1995)


Seven stands as our favorite serial killer movie on Netflix because of how shockingly disturbing and somewhat psychological its approach is. It might not be based on a real-life serial killer, but it’s a movie that allows you to truly see what’s going on in the lives of the people who are investigating the killer and the killer himself.

Powered by a cast that includes Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and Gwyneth Paltrow, the movie revolves around a serial killer who kills people based on seven deadly sins. However, things become personal between him and the investigators, as the movie also showcases the domestic problems between him and his wife. It is certainly a gut-wrenching masterpiece that every fan of the serial killer genre in movies should watch.

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