25 Best Shark Movies on Disney+ To Stream Right Now

25 Best Shark Movies on Disney to Stream Right Now

National Geographic started a trend when they created their program dedicated to sharks, called Shark Week. We almost consider it to be its own holiday celebrating these sea monsters. Although there have been some misconceptions about sharks, pulling in the viewers by creating a scary narrative around them. We can definitely say that you wouldn’t be unreasonable if you are afraid of sharks, but they are mostly non-aggressive creatures that can socialize with humans without hurting them. People are not something they would add to their diets, they eat fish and marine mammals. In fact, out of more than three hundred species of sharks, only a dozen have been recorded to have actually hurt humans. Now, let’s take a look at the 25 best shark movies currently on Disney+ to stream right now.

1. Journey To Shark Eden

journey to shark eden

This National Geographic documentary follows explorer and scientist Dr. Enric Sala, who is alongside his team, investigating the underwater world of remote islands near Tahiti. The remote South Pacific is filled with pristine coral reefs and sharks. One of the most important ideas of this exploration is to see if this area can be protected so its underwater life can stay untouched. Doctor Sala and his researchers face a lot of challenges along the way, like the really harsh waves, jagged reefs, and finally being stranded on a desert island.

2. Playing With Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story

playing with sharks

Valerie Taylor is a pioneer in underwater filming and shark research. Her love for sharks came after a spearfishing competition. She describes how in the 50s when the competition was held, there were only seven women and seven hundred men. Even with those odds, she says they held their own in the competition. Something had awakened in her after the championship, she said that she killed one shark in her career, and after that, she swore to learn more about them and how to protect them.

3. World’s Most Dangerous Shark

worlds most dangerous shark

The oceanic white-tip shark is one of the aggressive species of shark. If you would ever get stranded in the oceanic areas where they live, they would most likely attack the human, especially if it’s during a feeding frenzy. It is not an endangered species, but its fins are used for shark fin soup, so the population has been declining over the years. This documentary is led by the explorer Jaques Cousteau, and he claims that the white tip is more dangerous than the great white. Cousteau and his team of explorers are going to take a deep dive and see if this is really true.

4. Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth

shark beach chris hemsworth

If you love sharks, beaches, or the A-list actor Chris Hemsworth, or just one of those things, you will enjoy this documentary. The Australian actor takes an underwater tour led by all different kinds of shark species. His goal for this documentary is to see if humans can find a way of coexisting without destroying the underwater ecosystem. He interviews Valerie Taylor, the shark and filming pioneers we mentioned earlier. She was the first person to film the great white shark without entering a cage. Hemsworth did a really good job as an interviewer, leading us through the story, and it’s nice to see him interact with different personalities.


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5. Secrets of the Bull Shark

secrets of the bull shark

The bull shark is another one of the shark species that has attacked humans. There is a clear reason why these attacks happen, and it’s because they are generally quite aggressive species, hunting just about anything that comes their way. These opportunistic hunters swim in shallow waters, which is another reason for multiple human attacks. What’s even more interesting is that these sharks can swim in rivers as well and can be found in the Amazon and Mississippi rivers. This documentary follows a team of scientists, and Dr. Ryan Daly is going to use cutting-edge technology to track the bull sharks’ movements and behaviors.

6. Shark VS Whale

shark vs whale

Now we are going to take a look at a couple of „VS“ documentaries. The first one, Shark VS Whale, started when marine biologist Ryan Johnson saw something unusual while following the movements of Humpback whales. He saw a Great White shark attacking the whale and succeeding in it. Johnson is a scientist based in South Africa, and he is continuing his research to see what changed in the behavior of the whale and how its migrations play into it.

7. Shark VS Surfer

shark vs surfer

This next movie is going to try and answer the question, „Are we really in danger?“. It’s going to go over real-life encounters with sharks that didn’t end so well. The film is going to be asking surfers about their shark attack experiences so that we can understand why this is happening. Specifically, certain shark-infested beaches and how this intertwines with the current shift in the sharks’ migrations. Using some of the amazing footage from when the actual attacks happened, with victims themselves catching it happening on camera.

8. Killer Shark VS Killer Whale

killer shark vs killer whale

The great white shark and the killer whale are both apex predators, which means they are the top predators of their environments. Twenty-seven miles off of the San Francisco coast, two killer whales attacked a great white shark. This extraordinary incident happened in October 1977, and it was examined by marine biologists in this movie. Since the incident occurred at the Farallon Islands, the researchers have been wondering if something like this could happen again, and since there have been multiple attacks just like that one. What caused these two apex predators to clash like this, watch this documentary to find out.

9. Man VS Shark

man vs shark

In this documentary, we will see how a marine biologist clashes with one of the more aggressive species of sharks. This all has a specific purpose, to see how strong each shark species bite is against a body suit. This experiment will be executed by marine biologist Jeremiah Sullivan. Sulivan was the first person to create a suit designed to defend against shark bites. This was almost forty years ago when he invented the bodysuit protection, and now he is testing it out on a bigger and a bit more aggressive species like the hammerheads and tiger sharks.

10. Sharcano


Dr. Michaer Heithaus is a world-renowned shark scientist who is trying to uncover the reason behind sharks living near volcanoes. What is the reason for this? Why are some sharks attracted to underwater volcanoes? He is going to try and find a link between these two. Scientists have found hammerhead sharks swimming in the acidic waters around the Kavachi volcano, so what is it about volcanoes that attract these sharks?

11. Shark Gangs

shark gangs

Even though sharks are known to be solitary creatures and hunters, they do not normally travel in a group. Even though that is the case, scientists have shown that there are certain species that do travel in groups. In this documentary, they will investigate how this works and how do sharks benefit from it. One of the reasons for traveling in groups, it has been said that they do it to be more effective at hunting. There is more chance the prey will not survive an all-out attack.


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12. Rogue Shark

rogue shark

Scientists are trying to understand why a small patch of the Australian ocean is festering with shark attacks. In the calm water of Whitsundays, there have been reports of multiple shark attacks on humans. This is, of course, worrying, especially looking at how all of these cases happened roughly in the same spot. Now how is this happening, and what is causing it? Are there multiple sharks doing this, or is it just the same one patrolling that area?

13. 700 Sharks

700 sharks

In the Farakava Pass in French Polynesia, there is a large population of grey sharks that live in a pack. Seven hundred to be exact, and this number of subjects to observe make a perfect simulation to see how they would act in their natural habitat. How does the pack function together, and how do they hunt? Scientists have come together with special equipment going to observe the sharks’ behaviors. This is an unprecedented situation to study in this way, and it will be all done in the dark.

14. Shark Investigation: The Paige Winter Story

shark investigation

Paige Winter is a young girl who lost her leg in a shark attack, and after this experience changed her life, it also changed her perspective on wildlife. In this documentary, she is trying to learn as much as she can about sharks and why they are so important to their ecosystem. Another one of her brave decisions is to go back to the ocean and go look for sharks with a team of researchers to have an encounter with them. Hopefully, this would help her heal in a way, directly facing the situation, but will she be okay going back to her trauma?

15. What The Shark

what the shark

This documentary takes a literal deep dive into sharks that live very eight thousand feet underwater. The harsh environment of the abyss is quite hostile toward its inhabitants. So it’s even more impressive that these sharks have been surviving in the deep parts of the ocean, considering the cruel setting they are living in. Especially when thinking about their prey, which is very little to no prey. How do they survive, and for how long? All of this is revealed in this interesting documentary.

16. Finding Nemo

finding nemo

This one is a little bit of a switch compared to the overwhelming amount of documentaries about this topic. We are, of course, talking about the Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo, and even if it doesn’t exclusively focus on sharks, they are definitely one of the main characters in the movie. In the search for Nemo, Dory and Merlin encounter a scary great white shark who almost devours them.

17. Most Wanted Sharks

most wanted sharks

Another documentary featuring Jeremiah Sullivan, marine biologist and also shark suit inventor. This time around, we are going to take a look at some of the all-star species of sharks. Sullivan has come close to one of the largest sharks that could surpass even the great white. This and a whole lot more to explore with Sullivans’ stories throughout his amazing career.

18. Cannibal Sharks

cannibal sharks
Cannibal Sharks

This documentary takes a look at the cannibalistic behaviors that sharks have toward each other. Some would think that doesn’t happen that often, but they would be wrong. We follow a couple of different stories, one is set in Australia, where fishermen reported to have caught many shark heads or what’s left of them. While investigating, they found out that the only way to explain this was if the sharks did it to each other.


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19. Great Shark Chow Down

great shark chow down

We are taking a look at the five greatest shark-feeding events. All of this is with the guidance of a team of researchers and cinematographers to comment on these events. They will cover everything from the feeding that we already mentioned with the seven hundred sharks to three hundred and two hundred feedings that will be shown and analyzed.

20. Big Sharks Rule

Big Sharks Rule 1

We are going to travel to South Africa for this documentary, where the climate for our apex predators is perfect. Ocean spreading across miles, where all the greats live. The great white, the tiger shark, the bull shark, the ragged-tooth shark, and the whale shark. All of them live in these same areas, and what’s even more impressive is that you can have a chance to see them in action, so check this one out as well.

21. Sharks of the Lost Island

sharks of lost island

A team of explorers and marine biologist Dr. Enric Sala are exploring the remote Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific. These untouched ecosystems are potentially going to reveal new information on our favorite predators. This remote island will be the center of this research and this documentary, so take a look because it’s streaming on Disney+ right now.

22. Sharks of the Bermuda Triangle

sharks od the bermuda triangle

Dr. Austing Gallagher is a marine biologist whose one of main interest lies with sharks. In this movie, we will go to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, where planes, boats, and people have gone missing. Everybody is aware of this phenomenon, but what we are going to be looking at in this film is going to be sharks that are living in these areas. Specifically, dr. Gallagher is interested to see if there’s and breeding grounds for the species tiger shark.

23. World’s Biggest Tiger Shark

worlds biggest tiger shark

Continuing on the topic of the tiger shark. We have a film that was made by Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Andy Casagrande and marine biologist Kori Garza. They go together on a journey to investigate new and interesting behavior exhibited by tiger sharks.


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24. Finding Dory

finding dory

Finding Dory is the sequel to our already-mentioned counterpart – Finding Nemo. In this movie, our main character gets lost, and this time it’s Dory. Will she come back, and will Merlin and Nemo find her and bring her back home?

25. World’s Biggest Great White

biggest great white

This final documentary, to conclude our list, for now, was released in 2019. That same year three great white sharks were spotted in Hawaii. They are very rarely found there, and one of them is suspected to be a deep blue shark, which is one of the largest ever sharks recorded on camera. Who is this mysterious great white, and how did it migrate all the way to Hawaii?

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