10 Best Shows Like Netflix’s ‘Bodies’

Best Shows Like Netflix's 'Bodies'

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After I was swept away by Netflix’s ‘Bodies’, with its masterful blend of crime, history, and science fiction, I knew I couldn’t be the only one craving more. So, I’ve set out to curate a list of shows like ‘Bodies’ for all of you who are yearning for another gripping tale that intertwines timelines and unveils mysteries. The allure of such storytelling is simply undeniable. Trust me, if you loved ‘Bodies’ as much as I did, you’re in for a treat with these recommendations. Let’s dive into a world of suspense and drama that resonates with the captivating essence of ‘Bodies.’

1. ‘True Detective’

True Detective

‘True Detective,’ with its anthology format, presents distinct crime stories each season, yet a constant remains: the intricate narrative that delves deep into the psyches of its characters. The series resembles ‘Bodies’ in weaving a central mystery with layers of character-driven drama. Each season of ‘True Detective’ pulls viewers into a murky world, unraveling dark secrets and hidden pains like ‘Bodies’ does across its varied timelines.

Moreover, the ambiance in ‘True Detective’ is pivotal in setting the mood. The surroundings, be it the haunting Louisiana landscapes or the industrial backdrop of California, become intrinsic to the story. This enveloping atmosphere mirrors ‘Bodies” ability to transport viewers to distinct periods, each with its unique setting and challenges.

2. ‘Dark’


‘Dark’ stands out as a narrative marvel in the realm of time-traveling dramas. Its storyline, spanning multiple generations within a small German town, shares thematic parallels with ‘Bodies.’ Both series challenge the viewers to piece together a complex puzzle that spans various timelines, making every revelation a significant piece of a larger mosaic.

The interconnectedness of the characters in ‘Dark,’ set against the backdrop of mysterious disappearances and a looming nuclear plant, is a testament to the show’s narrative depth. Much like ‘Bodies,’ this multi-generational tale of secrets underscores the idea that actions in one timeline can have profound repercussions in another.

3. ‘Broadchurch’


Set in a quiet British coastal town, ‘Broadchurch’ unravels the aftermath of a tragic incident, exploring its ripple effects on the community. The show’s intricate examination of a single crime and its implications bears similarities to ‘Bodies’ multi-timeline investigation. While ‘Bodies’ presents a central mystery across eras, ‘Broadchurch’ delves into its central event’s emotional and societal impacts.


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The series also excels in character development. The detectives, the victim’s family, and the townsfolk are portrayed with depth and nuance. This careful characterization, combined with the unraveling mystery, evokes the same emotional intensity and investigative drive found in ‘Bodies.’

4. ‘The Sinner’

The Sinner

‘The Sinner’ is a series that delves not just into the ‘who’ or ‘how’ of a crime but deeply into the ‘why.’ Each season introduces a new crime and peels the layers behind it back. This approach mirrors ‘Bodies’ intricate weaving of stories across timelines, emphasizing understanding over mere resolution.

Furthermore, ‘The Sinner’ intertwines its central mystery with the personal stories of the detectives and protagonists. This duality of narrative, exploring the crime’s depths and impact on those involved, shares thematic resonance with the multi-layered storytelling technique employed in ‘Bodies.’

5. ‘Life on Mars’

Life on Mars

‘Life on Mars’ offers a unique blend of crime drama infused with science fiction elements. At its core is a detective who suddenly finds himself in the 1970s, grappling with the ambiguity of his situation while solving crimes in a bygone era. This juxtaposition of a modern mindset with the past draws parallels with ‘Bodies,’ where characters across timelines investigate a singular mystery.

The series does more than just play with time; it delves deep into societal norms of the 1970s, contrasting them against present-day expectations. This rich, layered narrative, combined with its central mystery, makes ‘Life on Mars’ a compelling counterpart to ‘Bodies,’ as both challenge conventions and play with the concept of time.


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6. ‘Twin Peaks’

Twin Peaks

‘Twin Peaks’ is an enigmatic blend of crime, drama, and supernatural elements, set in a seemingly tranquil town with myriad secrets beneath its surface. Like ‘Bodies,’ it draws viewers into a multi-layered mystery, where the apparent simplicity of an event—here, the murder of Laura Palmer—belies the intricate web of narratives it spawns.

The show’s atmospheric setting and its eccentric characters add depth to the central investigation. As ‘Bodies’ transports viewers across eras to untangle its central mystery, ‘Twin Peaks’ uses surreal, dreamlike sequences and cryptic clues to guide viewers through intrigue and suspense.

7. ‘The Haunting of Hill House’

The Haunting of Hill House

While ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ is primarily a supernatural horror series, its strength lies in its intricate storytelling. Much like ‘Bodies,’ it employs non-linear narratives, delving deep into the past to provide context for the present. The show intertwines the lives of the Crain family members, gradually revealing the traumas they’ve endured in the haunted Hill House.

The mansion, with its ghostly inhabitants and malevolent aura, becomes a central character, shaping the fates of those who enter. This layered exploration of a location and its impact across time mirrors ‘Bodies” approach to unfolding its mystery across different timelines.


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8. ‘Fargo’


Inspired by the Coen Brothers’ film, the ‘Fargo’ series is an anthology of crime stories set in the American Midwest. Each season introduces a new set of characters and crimes but consistently maintains a darkly comedic tone. Like ‘Bodies,’ ‘Fargo’ intertwines multiple narratives, drawing connections between seemingly disparate events and characters.

The expansive snowy landscapes, quirky characters, and intricate plots contribute to the show’s distinctive atmosphere. The methodical unraveling of each crime, against the backdrop of moral dilemmas and unexpected twists, is reminiscent of the narrative depth and complexity in ‘Bodies.’

9. ‘Luther’


‘Luther’ offers a deep dive into the psyche of its titular character, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, as he battles personal demons and confronts London’s most heinous criminals. The series, like ‘Bodies,’ positions its central character at the heart of a web of mysteries, with each case shedding light on Luther’s complex personality.

While ‘Bodies’ traverses different timelines to solve its central mystery, ‘Luther’ delves into the depths of its protagonist’s mind, juxtaposing his brilliant investigative skills with his tumultuous personal life. The gritty portrayal of crime and the blurred lines between right and wrong make ‘Luther’ a compelling counterpart to ‘Bodies.’

10. ‘Stranger Things’

Stranger Things

‘Stranger Things’ combines supernatural horror elements with 1980s nostalgia, creating a unique blend of adventure, friendship, and mystery. At its core, the story revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a boy and the appearance of a strange girl with supernatural abilities. While ‘Bodies’ challenges viewers with its time-spanning narrative, ‘Stranger Things’ presents an alternate dimension, the Upside Down, which influences events in the real world.


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The series captures the essence of its era while introducing otherworldly elements, resulting in a narrative that is both familiar and fantastical. This blend of the everyday with the extraordinary and the quest to uncover hidden truths resonate with the thematic undertones of ‘Bodies.’

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