15 Best Superhero Moms (Marvel and DC)

Best Superhero Moms

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Being a superhero is extremely hard and challenging. Almost as hard as being a mother, am I right? Well, what if you had to do both? That’s exactly what the amazing superheroes from this list have done. Some took the supermom role and embraced it fully. Others gave up on it, while some never even wanted it in the first place.

Nevertheless, every mother is a hero, and all of these superheroes were mothers, in one way or another. Without further ado, here’s the ultimate, ranked list of the best superhero moms in history, including both Marvel and DC super mamas. Enjoy!

15. Carol Danvers

moms carol danvers

Believe it or not, Carol Danvers was a mommy at one point. However, it’s a highly unknown storyline because it was, well, kind of icky. And after it, Marvel just started pretending like it never happened, but we know. Oh, we know.

So, from Avengers #197-200, there was a storyline where Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, got mysteriously pregnant and gave birth in a matter of weeks, maybe even days. And after the child was born, it grew at an incredibly fast pace. As it turned out, it was an ancient alien who forcefully impregnated Carol Danvers to help him be reborn.

He succeeded but was defeated and never talked about again. The storyline remained etched in history, though, known as the Rape of Ms. Marvel. Horrible or not, Carol Danvers is a mom, despite not actually being a mom. Still, she’s an awesome, super-powerful character, and it’d be silly not to have her on the list.

14. Tigra

moms tigra

Tigra, aka Greer Nelson, was only a street-level crime fighter known as the Cat. However, after a while, she met the Cat People – a mysterious, powerful group of individuals that turned Greer into Tigra – a powerful human-cat hybrid.

At one point, Tigra thought she was making love to Hank Pym, and she got pregnant, but as it turns out, it was a Skrull posing as Hank Pym who fathered her child. The little cat-human boy, William, was alive and healthy and had similar abilities as his mother. He also grew and mentally matured much faster than a normal child.

Tigra never abandoned him but was afraid that her lifestyle might endanger William, so she gave the baby to the Cat People to look after him.

13. Donna Troy

moms donna

Donna Troy, aka the original Wonder Girl, is an incredibly powerful character from DC Comics and one of the most important founding members of the highly-popular Teen Titans. Donna married a guy named Terry Long, who had a daughter, Jennifer, from before, so Donna naturally became her stepmother. The two bonded, and soon, Donna and Terry had another child, Robert.

However, that’s when things became tragic – as with practically every member of the Teen Titans. Donna and Terry started arguing and had a divorce, in which Terry gained full custody over their kids due to Donna living such a dangerous life. And then, just like that, Terry has a brutal car accident, and he passes away tragically, along with both of their children.

Donna wasn’t a mother for long but was a good mother nonetheless, and it was quite shocking and tragic to read the comic where this all played out.

12. Mystique

moms mystique

I know this is a list of the “best” superhero moms ever, but I couldn’t leave Mystique out of it. Sure, she’s a crappy mom and not always a hero – more often, we see her as a villain – but she’s a crucial member of the X-Men with several children.

Mystique is the mother of Nightcrawler, who she abandoned soon after he was born, but later found herself on the same team with him. She also gave away her other kid, Graydon Creed, as soon as she realized he wasn’t a mutant. But then, she became the adoptive mother to Rogue, cared for her deeply, and always did what she believed was the best for Rogue, not herself.


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11. Power Girl

moms power girl

Okay, this one is a bit… odd, to say the least. However, Power Girl is an incredibly powerful character, and usually one with his morals, so she deserved a spot on this list despite her pregnancy and motherhood being a bit… odd.

So, Power Girl’s backstory usually goes that she’s from Krypton and came to Earth in a pod, similar to Superman. However, there was this time after Crisis on Infinite Earths where the writers changed it, and Kara was actually Atlantean. To be precise, she was supposed to be the descendant of Arion, a powerful Atlantean sorcerer.

In fact, her grandfather was the one who magically made her pregnant, and Power Girl gave birth to Equinox, who was the son of Kara and her grandfather. That means that Arion was both the father and great-grandfather to Equinox. You can see why DC just decided to forget about that particular storyline completely.

10. Jessica Jones

moms jessica jones

Jessica Jones is a highly complex character that one wouldn’t really call mommy-material. She has deep trauma and alcohol abuse issues, but she is undoubtedly one of the coolest New York-based Marvel characters ever.

After becoming a superhero and working as a PI, Jones met Luke Cage, and the two fell in love and had a child. Unlike many other entries on this list, having a daughter changed Jessica for the better. She was quite caring and started taking fewer risks to take care of her daughter. 

Dani was named after Daniel Rand, aka Iron Fist, and grew up surrounded by superheroes. She is destined to do great things when she grows up.

9. Clea

moms clea

Clea is, believe it or not, Stephen Strange’s baby mama. She is the niece of Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension, and the main antagonist of the first Doctor Strange MCU movie. People seem to forget that, in the comics, Clea and Strange got married, and she became the ruler of the Dark Dimension.

Not only that, but Clea gave birth to Sofia Strange, a beautiful baby girl that appeared only in Epic Anthology #1 – a series that never took off. Sofia Strange is living in New Orleans, training to become a sorceress while remaining hidden there on Earth from Dormammu.

Seeing that Charlize Theron appeared as Clea in the post-credit scene of Doctor Strange 2, it’s possible that we’ll finally see a romance blossom for MCU Stephen. Who knows? Maybe Strange becomes a Strange daddy soon.

8. Batwoman

moms batwoman

In the main DC universe, Kate Kane is Batman’s cousin who helps him fight crime off the streets of Gotham City. However, when she first appeared in the comics – even in the main continuity – she was actually a rich socialite that started fighting crime to make Batman fall for her. It didn’t work out, but Batwoman from another reality had much more success.

On Earth-154, Batman and Batwoman married and had Bruce Wayne Jr. When he grew a little, he started doing missions as Batman Jr. and met Clark Kent Jr., who started doing missions as Superman Jr., and they became the Super Sons. Yup that happened, and Kate Kane was the happy mother behind it all.


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7. Catwoman

moms catwoman

Batwoman was a mother in another reality. However, Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, was actually a mom in the main DC universe. The whole thing started with Catwoman #53, where Selina was left pregnant after a one-night stand with a guy named Slam Bradley Jr.

After she gave birth, Catwoman tried being a mother, but combining her line of work with motherhood was challenging, to say the least, let alone how dangerous it was. So, a heartbroken Kyle took the baby and called Bruce Wayne to help her put Helena, her baby daughter, up for adoption.

It was a sad, heartbreaking moment for Catwoman, but we’re left to believe that Helena ended up in a nice family, despite the fact that we never heard about her again after the 19-issue storyline.

6. Wonder Woman

moms hippolyta

Believe it or not, the original Wonder Woman of Earth-Two is one of the most powerful heroes on Earth and also a baby mama! The original stories had Wonder Woman marry Steve Trevor, the guy that Chris Pine portrayed in the Wonder Woman DCEU movies. His mother was actually a hero and a very important figure for the Amazonians. 

Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, was named after her. On the other hand, Steve and Diana had a daughter who they named after Wonder Woman’s mother, Hippolyta. She went on to become a hero herself and join Infinity Inc., donning the moniker Fury (not Nick Fury, just Fury). 

It’s a three generations-worth of superhero moms, as Fury also had a child later in the comics.

5. Scarlet Witch

moms scarlet witch

I wouldn’t really call Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, the best mom, but she was certainly a devoted mother and one of the most powerful characters on this list, which grants her such a high spot on the list. 

Her kids, Tommy and Billy, were artificially created by Wanda altering reality, so when they were wiped from existence, it sent her down an insane spiral that threatened the existence of the entire world, potentially even the universe – kind of what happened in the MCU.

In the end, Tommy and Billy were resurrected in the comics and became young superheroes of their own, leaving Wanda a proud Witch. I mean, mom.


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4. Freyja

moms freyja 1

We all know Freyja/Frigga as Thor’s mother from the MCU. However, in the comics, she was so much more. Freyja was insanely powerful, and although she had numerous biological children, she was actually Thor’s stepmother. Still, she loved both him and Loki as if they were her biological sons, Baldur, Hermod, and Tyr. She also had two daughters, Laussa and Angela.

Freyja was kind, loving, wise, and powerful, always protecting her children and guiding them down the right path. She was even a mother figure to Jane Foster after she obtained Mjolnir and became Mighty Thor. Freyja is one of the best superhero moms ever, making her moniker All-Mother, alongside Odin, the All-Father, so much more powerful.

3. Aunt May

moms aunt may

One doesn’t need to be a biological mother to be a great mother, and one doesn’t need superpowers to be a hero. Aunt May was Peter Parker’s adoptive mother his entire life. She took care of him, raised him as her own boy, and turned him into a smart, kind, loving, generous man that we all love and adore.

She might not have biological children of her own, but Aunt May is the prime example of what a mother is and how you raise a child to be a good person with manners and love in his heart. I even loved the younger, cooler version of Aunt May from the MCU, and it broke my heart when… Well, you know.

2. Sue Storm

moms sue storm

Of course, a list of the best superhero moms would be incomplete without Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman. The Fantastic Four are considered to be Marvel’s first family, and it was only amplified when Sue and Reed Richards ended up together.

The couple had two children, the former being Franklin Richards, who many consider to be the most powerful character in the Marvel universe. Sue and Reed are lovely parents, especially having a boy whose powers are unlike anyone had ever seen and a girl who was rumored to be smarter than her father by the age of three – and Reed is known as the smartest man on Earth.

Talk about supermoms! She’d be number one on my list, but I just couldn’t resist… I couldn’t.

1. Loki

moms loki

Tada! Believe it or not, our dear, beloved Loki is actually a baby mama! Well, not really a baby, and not really a mama, but something like that. So, there was this situation where Loki had a bet with a Frost Giant, Hrimthur, who was riding a huge stallion.

To win the bet, Loki had to move him away from work, so he turned into a beautiful female horse and seduced Hrimthur’s stallion into moving away from her and humping him. Or, her. Whatever.

Anyways, Loki won the bet, but it resulted in pregnancy, and after a while, Loki gave birth to Sleipner. Sleipner was an unfathomably powerful and speedy horse with eight legs, and he became Odin’s number one horse.

So, yeah, Loki is the mother of Odin’s eight-legged horse. That happened. It’s so ridiculous that I just had to put it at number one – Loki is a baby horse mama!

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