Boruto: What Is the Meaning Behind Rasengan: “Uzuhiko”? Explained!

Boruto: What Is the Meaning Behind Rasengan: "Uzuhiko"? Explained!

We know that the Rasengan is one of the most famous techniques used in the Naruto franchise, and it has also been present in Boruto, which makes sense. But, while the Rasengan we know was developed in Naruto, Boruto has improved on the original technique, and the final panel of Chapter 2 of the Boruto -TWO BLUE VORTEX- manga revealed that Boruto Uzumaki can now use something called Rasengan: “Uzuhiko.” In this article, we are going to explain what this new technique is.

Rasengan: “Uzuhiko” is a yet-to-be-revealed variation of the original Rasengan that was foreshadowed in the final panel of Chapter 2 of the Boruto -TWO BLUE VORTEX- manga, with Chapter 3 promising to reveal more information about this technique. What we know so far is that the user of this technique gathers chakra around their hand rather than around their palm, as is usual with the regular Rasengan. Nothing else has been revealed, but it can be assumed that it is an improved version of the Rasengan that is much more powerful. Boruto developed it sometime during the time skip, most probably while training with Sasuke Uchiha.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss Boruto’s relationship with his new Rasengan: “Uzuhiko” technique, a new technique that was introduced in Chapter 2 of the Boruto -TWO BLUE VORTEX- manga. The article will contain all the relevant information you need to know and the answers to questions that might trouble you about this topic. You’ll find out how and when he learned it and who taught it to him. If you’re not fully up-to-date with the Boruto -TWO BLUE VORTEX- manga, this article will contain some spoilers.

Rasengan: “Uzuhiko” is a new technique whose powers and abilities have yet to be revealed

After a short break and an in-universe time skip, Boruto is finally back with the sequel Boruto -TWO BLUE VORTEX- manga, whose second chapter has been published recently and has revealed some new characters and some new details about some old characters in the series.

In the first chapter of the series, alongside our well-known protagonists, we saw that Code also came back, and he brought some creatures with him this time. Konoha had to prepare for a battle because the creatures appeared to be fearsome and dangerous.

But to everyone’s surprise, before Sarada and Kawaki arrived, Boruto Uzumaki, exiled for a while, faced Code and his monsters, promising to spare the villain’s life if he fled. Of course, Code did not do that, and a fight ensued before Sarada and Kawaki could intervene.

Sarada Uchiha soon arrived and startled everyone watching the combat, including two nearby shinobi, by killing several Claw Grimes with one potent assault. One questioned whether she was really just a genin with such great ability, while the other was simply amazed and said little. But, a tragedy soon occurred.

A Claw Grime attempted to approach Sarada from behind as she was responding to the other man by saying that her rank was completely irrelevant. When Soegi saw this, he called her name, but Sarada couldn’t respond quickly.

As a result, Soegi leaped between the two of them and took the attack on himself, thus giving his life to her. To everyone’s amazement, Soegi began to transform into a tree a moment later. In a flash, he had fully transformed into a tree, with only a portion of his body visible from inside the tree’s body. As far as is known, Soegi passed away during the assault.


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So, what happened later? Well, the situation soon escalated, and Kawaki arrived, but Boruto was unfazed by that, and he went to challenge Code, while powering up his hand with a new power that the chapter revealed to be Rasengan: “Uzuhiko.” Nothing else was revealed, and we assume that Chapter 3 will reveal more information, so allow us to tell you what we have, and we will start by summing up what the Rasengan is.

The Rasengan is an A-rank technique and is, thus, considered to be exceptionally complex. The Yondaime Hokage invented this technique, and he had to train for three whole years before he finally mastered it. As the Rasengan requires exceptionally good control of one’s chakra, very few characters have been able to master the Rasengan in the series.

Specifically, the Rasengan has only been mastered by seven people (more on that below) in the canon. The Rasengan is a special technique because you don’t need finger signs to create the Rasengan. Additionally, once created, the Rasengan multiplies its power without the need to continue adding chakra.

The “normal” Rasengan is itself an incomplete technique. Minato Namikaze had planned to use the Rasengan to push and combine both the power of normal and nature chakra to the maximum. However, he could only do this with normal chakra, as he could not combine the two types of chakra with each other. Rasengan means something like “spiral ball.” In Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles, the Rasengan is called a “power strike” or “power punch.” Apparently, Minato Namikaze took inspiration for the Rasengan from Bijuu Dama.

And that is what you need to know. There are four stages to learning it, but we won’t flood this article with this information as it is not directly related; you can read our other related articles on Rasengan for more information. Still, we did bring you a short introduction so that you refresh your memory and so that you can anticipate, based on what we are going to write below, what the new Rasengan: “Uzuhiko” could actually be. And now, let us continue to that part.

So, based on what we’ve said about the Rasengan, what could the Rasengan: “Uzuhiko” be? Well, the only thing we saw is that it is powered up by gathering chakra around the arm and not the palm, as we’ve seen in Naruto. The color and the effects are still unknown, but we assume that Boruto will produce a much more powerful version of the original Rasengan and that it could have a special effect of sorts that could significantly influence the fight ahead.


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How did Boruto learn it? Well, since the Rasengan: “Uzuhiko” is a new technique, we don’t know much about it, but we do know that Boruto spent the time skip training with Sasuke, so we can assume that Boruto and Sasuke refined the original Rasengan and, by doing that, came up with a way of improving it, and that is probably how the Rasengan: “Uzuhiko” was created.

As we’ve said, Chapter 3 is bound to reveal more information, so we’ll have to wait a bit for a more detailed overview, but this is what we know about it at this moment.

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