Minecraft: Can Mobs Spawn on Stairs?

mobs spawning stairs

Minecraft is home to tons of unique animals and creatures, ranging from fluffy friends to aggressive antagonists and even a few that are somewhere in between. Keeping hostile mobs from spawning in your Minecraft home can be pretty easy with the right methods, but many fans still wonder if mobs can spawn on stairs in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Mobs cannot spawn on partial blocks in Minecraft, which include stairs placed upright.
  • However, they will be able to spawn on upside-down stairs with low lighting conditions, similar to a full block.
  • Mobs may also spawn on upright stairs with low lighting conditions in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition or as a result of a known bug on Xbox.

Mobs cannot spawn on Stairs

Building your Minecraft survival base is one of the most exciting yet challenging aspects of Minecraft for many players, from sourcing the right materials to finding the perfect trimmings for the style that you’d like. However, a massively important factor is ensuring that your Minecraft home is designed in a way that prevents aggressive mobs from spawning.

There are quite a few ways to find out where mobs will spawn in Minecraft, most of which involve sufficient levels of light. But players can easily find themselves spending hours trying to find amazing spots for lanterns and other light sources, and many fans have come up with other ways to prevent mobs from showing up.

Certain items are less likely to spawn mobs in Minecraft, but there are some items that have a rather complex relationship with spawning mobs. We have discussed some of these in the past, such as mobs spawning on carpet or angry Minecraft creatures appearing on transparent blocks such as glass, but another more complicated block surrounded by confusion is the common set of stairs.

stairs minecraft

Stairs are used for countless purposes in Minecraft, over and above, providing an easy means of travel with a touch of color and style. Plenty of players love using sets of stairs for trimming and decorations around their homes, such as roofs, intricate archways, custom furniture, and much more – especially considering that stairs can be placed right side up and upside down to create different appearances.


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Many players also love using simple stone or cobblestone stairs while exploring Minecraft’s dark and spooky underground caves, which are already home to tons of mobs as is. The wide use of stairs in Minecraft has led many players to wonder if stairs are really as safe as many have believed.

Generally speaking, mobs should not be able to spawn on staircases – in theory. According to images and stats provided by the Minecraft Wiki, stairs are categorized as “partial blocks” alongside blocks like slabs, dirt paths, and farmland, which are said to be relatively safe concerning where aggressive mobs can spawn in the game.

Minecraft mobs preview

However, this does not necessarily mean that it’s impossible for hostile mobs to spawn on stairs, no matter the context. There are a handful of instances where you may find dangerous creatures popping up on the stairs around your Minecraft survival base – which can often lead to some seriously frightening gameplay experiences!

It’s best to know exactly how mobs can spawn on stairs in order to be prepared, as it’s still pretty easy to use stairs around your Minecraft home without the risk of mobs spawning. Irrespective of the reason behind mobs spawning on stairs in Minecraft, the best method of prevention is always the use of light sources – such as torches, lanterns, Glowstone blocks, and much more.

Stairs Placement (Right Side Up vs. Upside Down)

The main reason for mobs spawning on stair blocks in Minecraft is due to the way that stairs are placed, and this reason extends to all versions and forms of Minecraft. While stairs are considered to be partial blocks in Minecraft, this generally only applies when the stair block is placed right side up.

minecraft stair

When stairs are facing the right side up with the flat base facing down, mobs will not be able to spawn. This is because the mob will have to spawn in half of an air block (since the other half would be the top of the stairs), which is not possible in Minecraft vanilla.

If the stairs block is placed upside down with the flat base facing upwards, however, things are completely different. Since mobs can spawn on any non-transparent block if their “feet” are in a full block of air (with light levels 7 or below), an upside-down stair block would provide appropriate spawning conditions.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

The next reason for mobs spawning on stairs in Minecraft is far less common, but this has been the case for quite a few players using the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition in particular. According to a few Minecraft fans, hostile mobs may spawn on stairs (upright stairs, which is considered to be impossible) in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, seen below thanks to a Minecraft player on Reddit.

mob on stair roof

While this is not a universal issue for all players using Minecraft Windows 10, there have been more than a handful of fans who experienced it. Skeletons seem to be the most common, but other aggressive mobs, such as zombies, have also been seen, and they spawn similar to mobs spawning on full blocks – appearing in low light hours or during the night.

Minecraft Bugs (Xbox)

Although this is rare compared to other causes, mobs may spawn on stairs due to known bugs. Mojang has reported a bug involving mobs spawning on partial or even transparent blocks during low-light hours or at night, as seen below.

minecraft mobs spawn bug

This bug is nothing new, and it was originally resolved quite a long time ago. However, it seems the bug has been reintroduced to Minecraft along with Minecraft’s version 1.15 Bee update. If you think you are experiencing this bug, it’s always best to report it – hopefully, the devs or other players can provide the relative fix or at least a temporary workaround.

Which Mobs Can Spawn on Stairs in Minecraft?

In theory, any aggressive mob that can spawn on a full opaque block with light levels below 7 will be able to spawn on stairs under the above conditions – particularly if the stair block is placed upside down. For this reason, it’s always best to either avoid using upside-down stairs or ensure that all upside-down stair blocks are near a good light source.

Other reasons for angry mobs spawning on stairs are trickier to specify, such as the use of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition or as a result of various bugs. Since these causes are not usual or planned from the Minecraft developers’ end, it’s impossible to say which mobs can or cannot spawn – still; odds are these mobs won’t be friendly!

Making sure that your Minecraft survival base is free from hostile mobs can be fairly straightforward, but a minor oversight can lead to some really problematic situations in-game. Although mobs cannot technically spawn on stairs in Minecraft, there are still some cases where it’s actually quite likely to occur – it’s always best to make sure that your Minecraft survival base is as well-lit as possible, just in case!

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