Can Moon Knight Fly? & 9 Other Things You Didn’t Know


Moon Knight is becoming one of the more popular Marvel characters today because of the Moon Knight series that has been lauded for its powerful performances. That said, while Marvel fans have been introduced to Moon Knight, there are some things that haven’t been revealed about the character and his abilities. As such, we are here to look at some of the things that not a lot of fans know about Moon Knight’s abilities.

1. Is Moon Knight Able To Fly?


One of the things that you have noticed is the fact that Moon Knight has a cape. History would tell you that caped superheroes are more than likely capable of flight. But how true is that when it comes to Moon Knight? Is Moon Knight actually able to fly?


How Strong Is Moon Knight? Powers and Abilities Explained

Unfortunately, Moon Knight doesn’t have the power of flight. The cape that he wears, however, allows him to glide through the air whenever he is jumping, and that allows him some sort of midair mobility. There is also the fact that Marc Spector himself is actually capable of flying a plane, which is the next big thing when it comes to flight. As such, if you give Moon Knight a plane, he should be able to fly it.

2. Is Moon Knight Resistant To Damage?

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If you look at Moon Knight’s suit, it doesn’t seem like it is capable of supreme protection, considering that it looks like it is more ornamental than it is practical. That’s because the suit doesn’t look like it’s thick or padded enough to provide the sort of protection that an ordinary human needs.

But while Moon Knight’s suit doesn’t look as sturdy as Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits, it does afford him supreme protection against all sorts of damage. The ceremonial armor of Khonshu provides him resistance to damage, and that’s why Moon Knight can keep on going no matter how many times he gets hit. On top of that, the armor also has healing abilities.

3. Can Moon Knight Read Minds?

Comic Book Superheroes That Can Read Minds

We all know that Marc Spector suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID), and that means that he has a lot of different personalities. But none of those personalities are capable of reading minds. In fact, Moon Knight doesn’t have any kind of mental or telepathic abilities.

However, what we do know is that Moon Knight is resistant to telepathy and other similar types of abilities. That’s because his DID gets in the way whenever someone tries to use their telepathic powers against him. This means that it is almost impossible for anyone to read Moon Knight’s mind.

4. Is Moon Knight Capable Of Transforming Into Other Characters?

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Again, Moon Knight has multiple personalities that can surface at any given moment, depending on the situation. However, these personalities are already set and are not changing. That means that Moon Knight isn’t capable of transforming into other characters.

However, one of the versions of Moon Knight actually has a personality that can mimic the personality of other Marvel characters. While that personality doesn’t necessarily transform into those characters, he is still capable of mimicking the way they talk, walk, and act. That’s probably the closest we can get to Moon Knight transforming into other characters.

5. Is Moon Knight Worthy?

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There have been a few characters that have shown to be worthy enough to wield Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. As we all know, Mjolnir has an enchantment that will only allow those who are worthy to wield it and use Thor’s powers. And we’ve seen likes of Captain America using Mjolnir because he is worthy.

However, in one of the latest versions of Moon Knight, he was able to use Mjolnir. But that doesn’t mean that he is worthy. The only reason why Moon Knight is able to control Mjolnir is the fact that Khonshu’s powers allow him dominion over moons and things that are created from moons. Considering that Mjolnir is made of Uru metal, which originates from moons, Khonshu has dominion over it, and that means that Moon Knight could use it as well.

6. Are All Moon Knight Personalities Great Fighters?

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Of course, Moon Knight’s different personalities can assume the body depending on what the situation calls for. And the fighting capabilities of Moon Knight depend on which personality is in control over the body, as we’ve seen in the Moon Knight series. But are all of the personalities great fighters?


Is Moon Knight a Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain, or Vigilante?

We all know that Marc Spector is probably the greatest fighter out of all of Moon Knight’s personalities because he is an experienced mercenary. Nevertheless, not all of them are great fighters. Still, Jake Lockley is considered to be the most dangerous out of all of the personalities because he doesn’t have a moral compass. That means that he is severe enough to the point that he is so brutal when it comes to handling his opponents, even though he may not be as great of a fighter as Marc is.

7. How Does Khonshu Affect Moon Knight’s Brain?

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One of the most amazing things about Khonshu is that he is a powerful entity that can be considered a god for all intents and purposes. He is so powerful that simply interacting with Marc Spector changes the character’s overall mental chemistry to a point where his brain is said to be rebuilt as a weapon of a god.

What that means is that Marc Spector’s brain allows him to quickly change between personalities, depending on what Moon Knight needs. This ability has allowed him to interact with the world in different ways. For example, Mr. Knight is the personality that Moon Knight uses whenever he needs a public face that he could use to interact with the police or the media.

8. Can Moon Knight Use The Powers Of Other Characters?

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Going back to the Moon Knight story where he was able to control Mjolnir, we also saw him wielding the powers of other Marvel characters. This includes the powers of Iron Fist and Doctor Strange, among others. But does that mean that Moon Knight actually has the ability to steal and use the powers of other characters?

That incarnation of Moon Knight is still the same Moon Knight, but he was able to steal and control the powers of other Marvel characters through the use of Egyptian ankh artifacts. As such, he was only able to control those powers temporarily as they eventually returned to the Avengers. This allowed the Avengers to defeat Moon Knight, who had dominion over the planet when Khonshu ordered him to do so.

9. Does Moon Knight Have Super Strength?

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We all know that Moon Knight’s fighting capabilities are great because of Marc Spector’s background as a mercenary. It also isn’t a secret that he is a very durable character that can withstand almost any attacks thrown at him. But what about his strength? Does Moon Knight have super strength?

Marc Spector himself doesn’t have super strength because he is just a normal human being. He does have amazing physical capabilities that allow him to lift up to 450 pounds, but he doesn’t have any super-strength. But when he is in the Moon Knight suit and is under the full light of the moon, he is capable of lifting up to 2 tons.

10. Is Moon Knight Immortal?

Moon Knight Immortal

We did talk about Moon Knight’s suit in brief and how it has the kind of durability that can allow Moon Knight to absorb a ton of damage. On top of that, we also talked about the fact that the suit also has great healing abilities that allow Moon Knight to heal his injuries on the spot. But does that make him immortal?


Can Moon Knight Die, or Is He Immortal?

Technically speaking, Moon Knight isn’t immortal because he could still die whenever he takes enough damage. However, his healing factor is so powerful that he could easily recover on the spot, similar to what Wolverine and Deadpool can do. On top of that, while he can still die, Khonshu can bring him back to life whenever he pleases, as he has done so three times already, according to the comics.

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