Can Wonder Woman Fly? 10 Interesting Facts About Princess Diana You Need to Know!

Can Wonder Woman Fly? 10 Interesting Facts About Wonder Woman You Need to Know!

Wonder Woman is known as one of DC Comics’ most powerful superheroes ever. She was trained by the Amazons and she also possesses some divine powers, along with specific magical artifacts like the Lasso of Truth. Wonder Woman was granted passage out of Themyscira and into “Man’s World” when she had to accompany U.S. pilot Steve Trevor back to his home. Deciding to stay in “Man’s World”, Wonder Woman took on the civilian name Diana Prince, while secretly working as a superheroine and a member of the Justice League. Powerful as she is, Wonder Woman is a pillar of DC Comics and one of the most important female superheroes ever.

All of these facts make Wonder Woman quite an interesting character and we have decided to focus on that aspect in our article of the day. In today’s article, we are going to bring you 10 interesting facts you need to know about DC Comic’s Amazon princess. Enjoy!

1. Can Wonder Woman fly?

Wonder Woman Flying

The history of Wonder Woman’s flight abilities is a rather long one and although the canon has, indeed, changed over the years, the current iteration of the character has the ability to fly, as was confirmed by DC Comics’ official website. But, as we said it, this wasn’t always the case.

The pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths iteration of the character wasn’t able to fly. Although she had a lot of special powers, the flight wasn’t one of them at that point in time and Wonder Woman had to rely on the use of her Invisible Jet if she wanted to roam the skies. She did imitate flying, though, by riding air current, but that was – for the most part – just fancy jumping if you ask us. When compared to Superman or Green Lantern, she could do absolutely nothing. This is also what happened in the recent Wonder Woman 1984 movie, in case you were wondering (no, she did not fly).

Still, after Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman was given the power of flight by Hermes, the Greek god of speed and commerce, as well as the herald of the Olympian gods. After receiving the power from him, Wonder Woman was able to fly and she has kept the power until today, although it isn’t one of her commonly used powers.

2. Can Wonder Woman die of natural causes?


Natural death is death caused by ageing or some natural illness. Humans regularly die of natural causes and this is an inevitable truth that none of us can avoid. But, do these same rules apply to gods and demigods? Well, generally – they do not, but the latter category does tend to be more human-like than the former. So, what about Wonder Woman? Can she die of natural causes? The answer to this question depends on the very nature of the Amazon’s existence and we are going to analyze it in this section.

The original iteration of the character, which was a clay figure that became alive thanks to Zeus and was perceived as a demigoddess could die of natural causes. Demigods in Greek mythology were, basically, superpowered humans, but they were much more human-like than one would expect. They aged quite slowly and lived longer, but they weren’t immortal (just nigh immortal), unless the gods explicitly gave them that trait. Seeing how Wonder Woman was originally a demigoddess at best, she could die of natural causes, even old age, but she could have lived for so long that it would seem as if she were immortal.

Now, some modern iterations portray Wonder Woman as being a goddess and the daughter of Zeus. Since gods are immortal and don’t die of natural causes, this would mean that Wonder Woman couldn’t really die of natural causes, as it was in the first case. Now, the implications of this are multiple, but the fact is that the goddess Wonder Woman can live forever. Does that mean that she cannot be killed? Well, we are going to explore that in the following section!

3. Can Wonder Woman be killed?

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Just like she’s vulnerable to bullets (see #10), Wonder Woman is vulnerable to blades and similar weapons, be they of human or cosmic origin. As far as the reasons are concerned, they are the same as the reasons for her being vulnerable to gunshot wounds (again, see #10). This means that Wonder Woman can, indeed, be killed.

Wonder Woman does wear an armor all the time, but her armor is pretty revealing, which can cause significant problems for her. She might not be killed by a blade, but she can be badly injured or even poisoned if there is a toxin on the blade. How common was this? Well, common enough to have become a standard canon related to Wonder Woman and her abilities. There is also an infamous scene where Darkseid’s uncle, Steppenwolf, pierces through Diana’s chest with his weapon. Certainly, she would eventually hear herself, but like with bullets – it all depends on the type and severity of the wound itself.

Another aspect that makes her exceptionally killable is her vulnerability to poisons. Namely, while coming up with a plan to defeat Wonder Woman, he analyzed her basic biology and concluded that the best way to defeat her would be to poison her. This is something that wouldn’t work on Flash or Superman, because they could just run or fly so fast that the poison would disappear before even activating, but Wonder Woman was never that fast.

Also, her human side remains vulnerable and open to different types of attacks, including Scarecrow’s toxin, which is a poison. Wonder Woman’s not immune to poisons and her skin can be penetrated by ordinary human-made weapons, which gives the attacker multiple ways of getting the poison into her bloodstream. Knowing how her body works, we just don’t see a way – except for an antidote of course – how she would avoid succumbing to the effects of the poison. All of this proves that she can, indeed, be killed.

4. Can Wonder Woman talk to animals?

Jumpa Prime Earth 002

We all know that Aquaman can talk to fish, but that really isn’t surprising, as he is an aquatic-themed superhero and he lives in the ocean as the ruler of Atlantis, so it’s only natural for him to be able to communicate with the inhabitants of his realm. But, can Wonder Woman talk to animals?

In case you did not know it, Wonder Woman can, in fact, communicate with animals and that is certainly one of the more awesome powers she possesses, but also one of the most underrated ones. Wonder Woman was given the power to communicate with all kinds of animals by Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunt and wild animals. She doesn’t really use it that often, which is sad, but whenever she does, it’s epic.

The comics have shown us that she was able to communicate with different kinds of animals, including dinosaurs, mythical creatures and even a kaijū in one comic book story. The awesome thing here is that Wonder Woman doesn’t just communicate with these animals, she also cares for them and befriends them. Oh, she also has a pet kangaroo, and if that isn’t awesome, we don’t know what is!

5. Can Wonder Woman make things invisible?

We know you got this one from Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 movie, but we’ll be honest and admit that the scene where Diana makes a jet invisible confused us probably as much as it did you. We decided to see what the comic books say about this power, so here’s what we have for you.

Now, the movie states that Zeus made Diana’s home, Themyscira, invisible and that she has tried to learn how he did it, succeeding only once when making a cup invisible. She then proceeds to make a sphere of sorts and uses it to create the Invisible Jet. Now, the Jet’s origins have varied throughout the history of the comic books, with different origins (from the weird one that it was Pegasus morphed into a jet by Athena, to more plausible ones that included advanced, sometimes even alien technology), but none of the origin stories included Wonder Woman using… whatever that was… to make it invisible.

Sure, Themyscira was invisible, but Zeus did it so the warriors would be hidden from Ares. It was a mythological issue and it should be treated as such. Why Patty Jenkins opted for this completely original origin for the Invisible Jet is beyond us, but it didn’t just look ridiculous, it looked outright stupid, if you ask us. Luckily enough, Wonder Woman 1984 it not canon and the movie itself was such a disappointment that we don’t want to waste time talking about it.

To conclude, there is absolutely no firm evidence suggesting that Wonder Woman can make things invisible, so it’s probably just a ridiculous movie thing.

6. Can Wonder Woman go back to Themyscira?

wonder woman1984 themyscira

The two movies, as well as the whole idea of the DCEU, suggested that Diana, after having left her home during World War I, couldn’t really return to Themyscira, even if she wanted to. Now, the movies never really explained the reasons behind it so we explored the comics to see whether that concept has any truth to it or is it just something the movie made up, just as it did with some other concepts (see above).

Now, the truth is that Diana not being able to return to Themyscira after leaving it is not an original concept and it could be seen in the comic books. It was her home, but the island is so well-hidden that upon leaving it, one forgets where it actually was and cannot go back. This seems to be a defensive concept of sorts, as Themyscira was created as a paradise that had to be protected at all costs. Or, at least, that’s what Zeus wanted us to think.

Now, Gregg Rucka’s recent run on Wonder Woman does confirm that the Amazon princess is unable to return to her home island and although we managed to see a whole mythological idea behind this concept that involves an old tree, Ares-as-a-snake and Diana’s blood. DC Comics did explain to us the reasons behind this and although it isn’t fully impossible for Diana to return, it is very difficult for her to do so.

7. Can Wonder Woman get pregnant?

Lyta Fury Wonder Woman 2

This question probably comes from the fact that in her original genesis, Wonder Woman was a figure of clay that has been given life by Zeus, which would certainly explain why people wondered whether such a creation could be pregnant from a purely biological point of view.

Yet, the original version of Wonder Woman could not only be pregnant, she also had a daughter with Steve Trevor, called Hippolyta (“Lyta”) Trevor. This was the first iteration of the character, who would also grow up to become the superheroine Fury. Fury was never a major player in the DC Comics lore, but her role isn’t really insignificant for Wonder Woman’s fictional history.

Crisis on Infinite Earths retconned Fury’s origins and she wasn’t Diana’s daughter anymore, but that didn’t really influence the fact that Diana remained capable of being pregnant. This was confirmed during the New 52, where Fury reappeared as the daughter of the Earth-2 version of Wonder Woman and Steppenwolf. There are also some other Elseworlds stories (such as Kingdom Come, for example), where Wonder Woman had biological children, so we can really confirm that she can become pregnant and have children.

8. Can Wonder Woman lift Thor’s hammer?

Wonder Woman Thor Hammer Mjolnir

Well, there is Thor in the DC Comics universe, but he is such a minor character that most people don’t really know he exists. On the other hand, Marvel’s Thor is a major superhero with an important place in the history of comic books and his hammer, Mjolnir, is one of the most important comic book objects ever. The story of Mjolnir and the worthiness criteria has been explored here on Fiction Horizon, so we won’t be going there in this article.

What interests us today is whether Wonder Woman could lift Thor’s hammer. Yes, we know it’s a completely different comic book universe, but DC and Marvel have crossed over on several occasions, and the fact that these two aren’t from the same fictional universe doesn’t really stop us from discussing any topics here.

Now, if you’d ask us, we’d say that Wonder Woman would definitely be worthy, i.e., she would be able to lift Thor’s hammer without a problem. She is powerful enough, she cares for the people around here, she is one of the good guys and she doesn’t hesitate to do what is necessary to protect the ones she cares about. From the Hammer’s perspective, this would certainly be enough and we’re of the opinion that Wonder Woman would have no problems in lifting the Hammer.

Luckily for us, a 1996 crossover event, DC versus Marvel Comics, gave us the answer to this question and we can officially confirm that Wonder Women is able to lift Thor’s hammer, as was evidenced in the latter comic book. After Thor lost Mjolnir during his fight with Shazam, Wonder Woman found the hammer and after reading the inscription, she lifted it without any problems, which confirmed that Mjolnir deemed her worthy.

9. Can Wonder Woman ride lightning?


Now, this isn’t really something you’d talk about in the context of a superheroine like Wonder Woman, but we guess it is a legitimate question due to Wonder Woman’s inherent connection with Zeus, the ruler of Olympus and the Greek god of thunder (amongst other things, of course).

Now, the pre-New 52 version of Wonder Woman wasn’t that closely related to Zeus. He did give her life, but she was actually a clay figure transformed into a living being, rather than being an actual offspring of Zeus. In that context, she did not have the ability to manipulate lightning, as there was actually no real need for that, nor would it have been plausible for her to have such powers. Her original powers were listed in the description of her as being “beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Hermes”.

Now, when DC Comics relaunched its slate of stories during the New 52 event, Diana’s origins were changed and she became an actual daughter of Zeus, which meant that she inherited some of his powers. Zeus gave her the bracelets as to control her powers, but once he freed her from these chains, she gained the power of lightning manipulation, a power she obviously inherited from her father. Whether she could actually ride lightning is a mystery, as we cannot really use the movies as a reference, but she can definitely manipulate it.

10. Can bullets kill Wonder Woman?

wonder woman bullets bracelets

Wonder Woman is a demigoddess. She has regenerative abilities and is nigh immortal. She is also extremely fast and can deflect or defend herself against most types of weapons. So, she’s like Superman, right? She cannot be harmed by bullets? You might think so, but you would actually be wrong to consider that as a fact.

As the comic books demonstrated on several occasions, Wonder Woman is more than vulnerable to gunshot wounds – she can even be killed by them! Namely, due to the fact that she is a demigoddess, Wonder Woman has two sides – a human side and a divine side.

Her divine side gives her all those amazing powers, but her body is human and it has practically all the weaknesses of a normal human body. Therefore, it can be penetrated by bullets. The good thing here is that Wonder Woman can use her other abilities to deflect bullets, and she usually does, but there have been examples (as illustrated above) where she was wounded by a bullet.

So, what happens then? Well, due to her regenerative abilities, Wonder Woman would eventually heal herself, but her healing factor is not nearly as quick as Wolverine’s or Deadpool’s, as depicted in the Marvel Universe.

So, if it’s just a flesh wound or a shot that missed all the vital organs, Wonder Woman wouldn’t have any major problems as her healing factor would kick in and do its thing. On the other hand, if the bullet would hit a vital organ and cause internal bleeding, she would need medical attention just like regular humans, since her healing factor is not that fast. Without medical assistance, Wonder Woman could even die from a bullet wound that hit her vital organs. (On a side note, this fact wasn’t always respected by the authors in every story.)

And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we helped solve this dilemma for you. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!

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