Carnage vs. Avengers: Who Can Carnage Beat?

Carnage vs Avengers: Who Can Carnage Beat?

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Alongside Venom, Carnage is one of the most powerful among the Symbiotes. Unlike Venom, he has been a homicidal maniac and a villain since his debut, which makes it only natural for him to clash with different heroes, including individual members of the Avengers.

In order to analyze how Carnage would fare against these characters, we have decided to do a comparison of Caranage’s powers in relation to the powers of some of the most famous Avengers.

Carnage can defeat Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Shang-Shi, and he would lose to Thor, Hulk, and Doctor Strange.

Carnage vs. Captain America

Captain America Living Legend Vol 1 1 Textless edited

Carnage is a ruthless version of Venom without moral inhibitions and although he might not be much more powerful than Venom, he is certainly more dangerous. While Captain America is a formidable foe and a skilled fighter, Carnage would be able to defeat him, if not slaughter him completely. We’ll leave that to your imagination.

Captain America might put up a good fight, but in the end, he wouldn’t be able to harm Carnage in any way, as the sheer force doesn’t work here, not really. Carnage would simply endure the hits, wait for an opening and then beat the shit out of Captain America. He would probably eat him later, but that’s another story altogether.

Carnage vs. Thor

Now, Thor is an opponent that Carnage would like. Carnage likes a challenge and he would certainly derive a lot of pleasure from fighting an Asgardian god. Sadly for him, Thor would trash him like a piece of paper. There is absolutely nothing Carnage can offer that would seriously injure Thor, and just like Venom, Carnage would lose this one.

Thor, even in his base form, would have absolutely no trouble dealing with Carnage. Sure, Carnage might be able to land a few punches, but he wouldn’t be able to harm Thor, not really. Some stronger iterations of the God of Thunder would probably obliterate Carnage in a matter of seconds.

Carnage vs. Iron Man

Iron Man

Just as it was the case with Venom, Carnage fighting Iron Man would be a very interesting match-up, one that Carnage would ultimately win, we think. He is far more ruthless than Venom and he would probably trash Iron Man’s suit before Iron Man could even land a serious blow.

Iron Man’s suit could exploit some of Carnage’s weaknesses, but we know that Carnage is much more immune to fire and sound than Venom.

Ultimately, Iron Man could come up with a suit to fight and defeat Carnage, but since we’re only determining whether Carnage could beat Iron Man, we have to give this point to the crimson Symbiote, as he would certainly be able to beat Tony Stark.

Carnage vs. Hulk


The Green Goliath is one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, just like Thor. His powers are practically limitless and there are only a few characters that he cannot beat. Sadly for him, Carnage is not among them. Just like Hulk would be able to defeat Venom, he could easily defeat Carnage in direct combat, simply because he is so powerful.

Carnage has absolutely nothing that could harm the Hulk and we doubt that he would even be able to merge with him. The Hulk would trash Carnage around, ultimately exhausting him and leaving him unable to fight anymore. This is why this point goes to the Hulk.

Carnage vs. Black Panther

Black Panther A Nation Under Our Feet header

A shame for Black Panther that Vibranium is not that useful against Symbiotes, right? And while Black Panther definitely is a skilled fighter and a great superhero, his powers and abilities aren’t all that useful against Carnage. It would certainly be an amazing fight, but Black Panther’s suit doesn’t have anything that could permanently harm Carnage.

Carnage is certainly not the dominant victor here, but he could defeat Black Panther and that is enough for us to give him a point here, however weak that point might be. Carnage would probably do his best to kill and eat Black Panther, but we don’t think he’d be able to do it.

Carnage vs. Spider-Man

Spider Man FI

We have already established that, from an objective point of view, Spider-Man is weaker than the Symbiotes he has fought. He would lose to Venom, and he would also lose to Carnage, despite being the more successful guy in the comics; that is, of course, due to the fact that he is the hero in the story. Spider-Man is a great guy, but his powers are weaker in comparison to Carnage’s.

This article doesn’t strive to give a detailed analysis, so this short paragraph is enough for us to award this point to Carnage. Plus, the history of these two characters shows that Spider-Man had a lot of problems fighting Carnage and that he often needed Venom’s help to win.

Carnage vs. Doctor Strange

dr strange comics background 4 scaled

Would Carnage be able to do anything against Stephen Strange? Not much, really. The Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme is extremely powerful and his magic is able to do wonders, regardless of the circumstances. So, what could Carnage be able to do? Practically nothing, as Strange would certainly find a way to counter his attacks before they’d hit the target.

Strange is just too skilled and too powerful for Carnage, and Carnage’s powers and abilities, however lethal they might be, are useless against Strange’s magic. This is why we give this point to Stephen Strange, leaving Carnage in the same position as we left Venom when we compared him to Doctor Strange.

Carnage vs. Black Widow

Black Widow Widows Sting Marvel Comic

Honestly, this was a no-brainer that went in favor of Carnage. Namely, Carnage would absolutely trash Black Widow in any form of battle, simply because he is too brutal for her to handle. Sure, Natasha is a skilled fighter, she is a skilled acrobat as well and she even has some slight superpowers, but that is not nearly enough for her to take on the mania that is Carnage.

Sure, she might use some weapons that could exploit Carnage’s weaknesses, but Carnage’s been more immune to them than Venom from the very start, which means that even such weapons wouldn’t help her out much.

Carnage would deal with Natasha with relative ease and we really didn’t have to think too much to give this point to Carnage.

Carnage vs. Hawkeye


As it was the case with Venom, this is one of the more intriguing match-ups on this list, although not as interesting as it was with Venom. Why? Simply because Carnage is more immune to the weaknesses the Symbiotes have and Hawkeye couldn’t really exploit them equally.

This one is similar to the above-written comparison to Black Widow, as Hawkeye is a character very similar to Natasha, albeit he has no superpowers at all, unless you consider his eyesight as one.

So, we know that Hawkeye is such a great shot that he would easily find a way to harm Carnage from a distance. He would also use a variety of different and interesting arrows, which would make his job easier, although there is a catch. Namely, even if he were to fire a supersonic arrow filled with napalm, Carnage wouldn’t get that much damage, as he is simply more immune to fire and sound than Venom.

This is why the difference between Carnage and Hawkeye is much bigger than the one between Venom and Hawkeye. Sure, Hawkeye would find a way to defeat Carnage, eventually, but only if Carnage wouldn’t eat him first.

Carnage vs. Ant-Man


This is another interesting comparison, as Ant-Man would certainly pose a challenge for Carnage, but we’re certain that Carnage would be able to win in the end. Ant-Man has a plethora of interesting moves he could use in battle, with the size-changing being the most prominent one, but that wouldn’t be enough.

Carnage might have some trouble dealing with giant Ant-Man or miniature Ant-Man, but Carnage is a Symbiote and that means that he himself functions on a sub-atomic level.

Carnage might struggle initially to find Ant-Man or find a way to approach him, but once he would do it, he would probably trash Ant-Man around and simply eat him like an insect.

Carnage vs. Snag-Chi

Shang ChiH

Finally, a battle between Carnage and Shang-Chi would certainly be an interesting one, but we don’t have any dilemmas as to the winner – it would be Carnage. Without the Ten Rings, Carnage would simply beat the crap out of Shang-Chi, whose skills wouldn’t be useful against Cletus, and eat him.

With the Rings, Shang-Chi might have an edge, but we don’t think that the Rings are powerful enough for them to give Shang-Chi such a large advantage.

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