‘Citadel’: Who Is Nadia Sinh’s Father? Rahi Gambhir Explained

Citadel main cast Mason Nadia Dahlia and Rahi Gambhir

Despite being brave and seemingly indestructible, Nadia Sinh has a weak spot for her “terrorist” of a father, and many fans can’t understand why. From the Citadel script, Nadia’s father was supposed to be an international terrorist and a known enemy of Citadel. However, when Rahi Gambhir was introduced in the show, he didn’t look anything close to the fearsome villain he was supposed to be. So, who really is Nadia Sinh’s father in Citadel, and, Can Rahi Gambhir be trusted?

Nadia Sinh reached out to Rahi when she needed someone to help her care for her unborn baby, despite having the option of enlisting Mason Kane’s help. Rahi Gambhir cared for Asha for eight years after Nadia lost her memories during the mission in Italy. Rahi Gambhir is a caring father and now grandfather, meaning his reputation as a terrorist might be a misconception.

The first season of Citadel ended before fans could see the worst of the alleged terrorist, which leaves more questions than answers about Rahi. The most disturbing question is whether Rahi died when Davik and Manticore’s other agents came for Asha. With Asha and Nadia safe together, it is time to look at who Rahi really is and what role he might play in the upcoming spinoffs.

Who is Rahi Gambhir in Citadel?

Paul Bazely as Rahi Gambhir in Citadel

Rahi Gambhir is Nadia Sinh’s father, which means he was in a relationship with her mother, who was a Citadel director.

Many people, including Citadel agents like Carter, consider Rahi, an international terrorist who cannot be trusted.

Unlike everyone, Nadia loves Rahi and even trusts him with her daughter instead of all her agents and friends in Citadel, including Mason.

It is not clear when and why Rahi was branded a terrorist, but he didn’t do anything in the first season of the show to suggest that he is dangerous.

It is still unclear why he never tried to find Nadia for the eight years that she was in Valencia after she lost her memories.

Since the first season only had a few glimpses of Rahi Gambhir, the details about his history and personality are scanty, making it difficult to judge his actions.


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The character is portrayed by the English actor Paul Bazely, famous for his role as Salaman in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Bazely was born in London to Indian parents and is therefore fluent in English and Hindi, making him a great fit for the upcoming India-based international spinoff of the show.

His performance in Citadel was received positively by most fans despite the poorly written script.

He portrayed Rahi as a level-minded caring father, able to help his daughter in the darkest of times.

His character doesn’t seem to be affected by the widespread opinion of him as a dangerous terrorist.

Is Nadia Sinh’s father dead in Citadel?

Rahi and Nadia in Citadel

The Manticore henchman Davik Silje attacked Rahi while trying to kidnap Nadia and Mason’s daughter Asha, but details of the encounter were not revealed.

There is a high possibility that he did his best to protect Asha since he raised her as his own daughter, but the first season didn’t reveal whether he survived or not.

There is also the possibility that Rahi was working with Manticore since he was a known terrorist, just like Dahlia, so they might have struck a deal.


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Dahlia also knew that Asha was Mason Kane’s daughter, which made her the grandmother. With Rahi being her grandpa, Dahlia and Rahi are practically family.

There is, therefore, the possibility that Dahlia spared Rahi’s life because she wouldn’t want to kill a member of her already small family.

However, all these theories are our speculations based on our analysis of Dahlia and Rahi’s character arcs in the first season of Citadel.

The first season doesn’t detail Rahi and Dahlia’s relationship, which means the two might be allies or enemies.

Did Rahi work with Manticore to destroy Citadel?

Dahlia and Rahi in Citadel

There is no direct confirmation from the first season of Citadel that Rahi Gambhir helped Dahlia destroy Citadel.

Despite Carter accusing Nadia of conspiring with Rahi to bring down Citadel, there is no evidence that Rahi had a hand in the attack.

Nadia, therefore, seems to have been framed for the betrayal and destruction of Citadel.

Rahi could also be innocent because the attack on Citadel nearly killed Nadia, and Rahi is unlikely to have sanctioned a mission to kill his own daughter.

Both Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh nearly died when Manticore blew up the train in Italy, which means Asha could have been rendered a total orphan.

The loving father and grandfather in Rahi revealed in the show’s first season doesn’t look like the type of person that would orphan his granddaughter for any reason.

Therefore, despite rumors that Rahi is an international terrorist associated with Manticore, there is a possibility that he is a good person framed for the crimes.

More about who Rahi really is and his relationship with Citadel remains to be seen in the future seasons of Citadel.

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