Classroom of the Elite: Chapter To Read After Season 3 of the Anime

Classroom of the Elite: Which Chapter to Read after Season 3 of the Anime?

Yōkoso jitsuryoku shijō shugi no kyōshitsu e, abbreviated Youzitsu and best known as Classroom of the Elite, is a Japanese light novel series written by Shōgo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. The series was adapted into an anime in 2017. A second season aired in 2022, with a third one premiering in early 2024 and ending in March 2024 after 13 episodes. Now, with the anime taking a break before it comes back, fans might want to know where in the light novel series they should continue, and this article will reveal that to you.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The third season of Classroom of the Elite premiered on January 3, 2024, and ended on March 27, 2024, after a total of 13 episodes.
  • The third season of the series started off with Volume 8 of the light novel series and ended with the adaptation of Volume 11.5, which means that it concluded the 1st Year Saga.
  • The fourth season of the series, when confirmed, will thus begin the adaptation of the 2nd Year Saga, which is the official narrative sequel to the original Classroom of the Elite series.

Which chapters and volumes does Season 3 of Classroom of the Elite cover?

The long-awaited third season of the popular Classroom of the Elite anime series finally premiered on January 3, 2024, and was slated to have 13 episodes, which would cover the original Classroom of the Elite light novel series, that covered the first year of the students’ adventures in the Advanced Nurturing High School. The final, 13th episode aired on March 27, 2024, and thus concluded the season as a whole. As we know, the season started off with Volume 8 of the light novel series and ended with Volume 11.5, i.e., it covered the following volumes and chapters:

8May 25, 2018978-4-04-069861-8May 27, 2021 (Digital)
June 22, 2021 (Physical)
Chapter 1: Horikita Manabu’s Soliloquy
Chapter 2: A New Special Exam: Mixed Training Camp
Chapter 3: Human Nature Put to the Test
Chapter 4: A Premonition of Defeat
Chapter 5: The First Half of the Girls’ Battle: Ichinose Honami
Chapter 6: Ubiquitous Things
Chapter 7: What Is Lost, What Isn’t
Chapter 8: The Second Half of the Girls’ Battle: Horikita Suzune
Chapter 9: Blind Spot
9September 25, 2018978-4-04-065157-6August 26, 2021 (Digital)
September 28, 2021 (Physical)
Chapter 1: Ichinose Honami’s Soliloquy
Chapter 2: The Student Council President’s Inclination
Chapter 3: Changing Relationships
Chapter 4: Unchanging Intent
Chapter 5: Ichinose’s Secret, Kamuro’s Secret
Chapter 6: Rumors Running Rampant
Chapter 7: Ambiguous Things
Chapter 8: All the Tricks
Chapter 9: Return
10January 25, 2019978-4-04-065506-2February 17, 2022 (Digital)
March 15, 2022 (Physical)
Chapter 1: Hirata Yousuke’s Soliloquy
Chapter 2: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 3: In-Class Voting
Chapter 4: The Difficulty of Saving
Chapter 5: Older Brother and Younger Sister
Chapter 6: Good and Evil
Chapter 7: Other Classes’ Ideas
Chapter 8: The Expelled Students
11May 25, 2019978-4-04-065739-4April 7, 2022 (Digital)
May 10, 2022 (Physical)
Chapter 1: Sakayanagi Arisu’s Soliloquy
Chapter 2: The Teachers’ Battle
Chapter 3: The Final Battle of The First Year
Chapter 4: Opponents
Chapter 5: What the Class is Lacking
Chapter 6: Good and Evil
Chapter 7: A Man’s Tears
Chapter 8: Ayanokouji VS. Sakayanagi
Chapter 9: Class B VS. Class D
Chapter 10: The Line Between Winner and Loser
11.5September 25, 2019978-4-04-064007-5May 12, 2022 (Digital)
June 28, 2022 (Physical)
Chapter 1: A Girl Peering at Herself in the Mirror
Chapter 2: Graduation Ceremony
Chapter 3: Hiyori Date
Chapter 4: Lost Lamb
Chapter 5: From Older Brother to Younger Sister
Chapter 6: Matsushita’s Suspicions
Chapter 7: Adolescence About to Begin

And this actually confirms that the 1st Year Arc was fully adapted in this season, which makes our job a bit easier.


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Where to continue with the light novel after Season 3?

Having said all of this, it is quite clear where you should continue with the light novel after you watch the final episode of the third season. With the original light novel over, you should simply start with the first volume of the Classroom of the Elite: Year 2 light novel series and continue reading until the most recently published volume; as of the time of writing, it is Volume 7, with Volume 8 coming in late March (digital)/early April (printed). In Japan, the most recent volume is Volume 11, which means that the second-year saga might be nearing its end as well.

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