Conflicting Reports: Who’s Behind Kamala Khan’s Death & Transformation into a Mutant in the Comics?

Ms. Marvel

When the MCU began in 2008 with ‘Iron Man,’ nobody foresaw it becoming the colossal, beloved, and highly lucrative cinematic universe it is today. Traditionally, comic books were the main reference point for anything related to superheroes.

However, as movies and TV shows gained more popularity than the comics themselves, live-action adaptations began to significantly influence comic books. Some stories were even rewritten, drawing criticism from older fans and comic enthusiasts.

One notable example of the MCU’s impact on comics is Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel. Originally, she gained her powers as an Inhuman after exposure to Terrigen Mist. However, her Disney+ show introduced a new storyline, revealing her powers to be the result of genetic mutation, overshadowing her Inhuman origin.

Kamala Khan is one of six confirmed mutants in the MCU, but her inclusion sparked significant backlash among fans. The outcry grew louder when she was killed off in last year’s ‘Spider-Man’ #26 by the villain Emissary and then resurrected, once again as a mutant. Fans protested that the MCU should not heavily influence the source material, especially since recent MCU productions have diverged from traditional comic storylines, often taking only loose inspiration from them.

The situation becomes even more controversial, as it was Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige who reportedly ordered Kamala’s death and transformation into a mutant. Ziglar recounted a story from Wells during an episode of the Amazing Spider Talk podcast, where Wells revealed Feige’s involvement in the decision to kill off Kamala and subsequently reintroduce her as a mutant.

[Wells] had told me months before the plan, which was, [Kevin] Feige was like, ‘Hey, I don’t do this very often but, can you please do this to make things in line with Marvel because we have some stuff we want to do with Kamala. So [Wells] was like, ‘Fuck, I’m the guy that drew the short straw? People are going to be very mad that I have to kill Ms. Marvel.

People were furious… and it’s true that Feige apparently has big plans for Kamala. A ‘Young Avengers’ movie is in the works, an initiative Kamala began in ‘The Marvels.’ Plus, Iman Vellani expressed interest in joining the X-Men. However, before you accept that Feige influenced the comics so heavily, a Marvel spokesperson outright denied any such thing happened.

The choice to turn Kamala into a mutant was labeled as an editorial decision, made prior to the events of ‘Amazing Spider-Man #26.’ Marvel Studios refuted Feige’s involvement, asserting it was solely an editorial decision. Kamala’s mutant storyline will carry on in the ‘X-Men’ line’s 2024 relaunch, “From the Ashes.”

I believe there might be some truth to both sides of the story. What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below!

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