Batman Vs. Thor: Who Would Win and Why?

Batman Vs. Thor: Who Would Win and Why?

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On one side we have DC Comics‘ Batman, Gotham’s Dark Knight, and on the other side is Marvel‘s Thor, the God of Thunder. Could Batman, a mere mortal, defeat Thor in a fight?

Despite being notoriously known for his preparations and defeating tough opponents, Batman would have a very slim chance of defeating Thor due to his divine powers.

Speaking of Batman vs. Thor, there‚Äôs still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers and abilities in more detail and see how the fight between Batman and Thor would play out.  

Batman Vs. Thor: Who Is Stronger?

Thor is a god, while Batman is just a human. However good Batman might be, Thor still has the advantage in this aspect. Thor has a lot of the same powers his father, Odin, has, but he is still significantly weaker than him. He is superhuman in most aspects (strength, durability, intelligence, longevity, etc.) but is not immortal, as one might think based on his divine attributes and heritage.

He is practically invulnerable, but he does age and, like all the other Asgardian gods, will eventually die; it’ll just take him longer than your average bear to do so. The thing with Thor is that he has access to a variety of unimaginable powers that stem from Asgard, the best-known being the powers of Mjolnir, the Stormbreaker and the Odin Force.

Thor can also use other forms of energy and blend with them, as he did with Power Cosmic. There’s also the forbidden Warrior’s Madness, which can turn Thor into an unstoppable beast, but also destroy his psyche, which is why it was banned by Odin. As for Batman, his powers are very limited when compared to Thor’s.


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Batman has some enhanced human attributes (strength, stamina, agility), he is extremely intelligent, but despite all of that – he is still human and has all the limitations of a human being.

He is heavily reliant on technology and is a great engineer, inventing and designing a lot of different utilities he uses in fights. This pretty much covers Batman’s basic powers and skills.

So, could Batman defeat Thor?

Batman vs Thor

We won’t say it’s impossible, but is highly unlikely. Just by comparing their basic powers, we can see that Thor is more powerful. Even without his additional powers – like Mjolnir and the other things we have mentioned – Thor could easily use his divine strength and defeat Batman in physical combat. Batman has fought physically strong opponents like Bane or Deathstroke, but he has never fought someone who actually had divine powers and was so much stronger than him.

You might compare Thor to Superman, but Batman has fought Superman only after weakening him with Kryptonite, so Superman wasn’t really using his full superhuman powers, as Thor would. If Thor would use his additional powers like Mjolnir or the Power Cosmic, Batman would have even less of a chance for defeating the God of Thunder.

Batman would have to rely on his intelligence and his technology. The first would enable him to prepare well enough with enough time, but in this situation – it seems that preparation would be useless. Namely, even if Batman could anticipate Thor’s arrival and had enough time to prepare, there is nothing in his arsenal that could defeat Thor. There is no gadget Batman has that could seriously harm the God of Thunder.


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Sure, he could use some of his vehicles to land a few blows, but Thor would easily recover from such hits and would hardly be seriously injured. The main issue is that Thor – unlike some other strong opponents Batman has fought – doesn’t have any obvious weakness; Thor doesn’t have his own Kryptonite and that is a serious issue for Batman, because there is no visible weakness to destroy.

Sure, the Warrior’s Madness is something that would ultimately weaken Thor enough for Batman to defeat him, but the issue is that Thor would probably destroy Batman in such a state before the Dark Knight could even get a chance for a shot at the Asgardian deity. The only thing he could do is survive long enough for Thor to be completely worn down by the Warrior’s Madness, but even that’s a long shot.

We could compare Thor to Darkseid, since Darkseid could probably defeat Thor, and Batman has defeated Darkseid, but there is a big difference between the two. Namely, Darkseid has a weakness – Radion – which Batman exploited, while Thor – as we’ve said – has no weakness in that sense.


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So, what could Batman do? Actually, very little. For the Dark Knight to actually defeat Thor, a lot of things would have to align for him to have a chance. He would have to have enough time to prepare and he would have to catch Thor off-guard. Also, Thor would have to be significantly weaker than usual and would have to be without his hammer or without access to additional powers.

Under such conditions, Batman might have a chance if he managed to utilise his technology and create something that could harm Thor. But all of this is very far-fetched and highly unlikely to happen, so the only thing Batman could do is hope to never cross paths with the God of Thunder.

There you have it, folks – Batman couldn’t defeat Thor in a fight. The God of Thunder is just too strong for the Dark Knight, who would not be able to exploit any of Thor’s weaknesses, simply because he has none in the traditional sense.

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