Criticisms Arise Ahead of ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Release for Being the Eighth Movie to Overlook a Significant Plot Hole in the MCU’

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The recent ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ trailer has been released, showcasing nods to comic storylines and numerous cameos set to appear in the movie.

The film follows Deadpool as he returns to his crime-fighting ways after being recruited by the TVA to prevent his reality from collapsing. Wade tries to convince Wolverine to join him, but judging by the trailer, Wolverine is hesitant. The movie will introduce Cassandra Nova as the main villain, and continue the Multiversal Theme of the MCU.

The movie supposedly occurs in the Void, a realm outside space and time introduced in the ‘Loki’ series. Among various references and Easter eggs, fans have noticed another recurring issue – this marks the eighth movie to overlook a glaring omission: the massive Celestial hand protruding from the planet.

Marvel has faced criticism for repeatedly ignoring the fate of the Celestial Tiamut, which was destroyed and trapped in the ocean in the 2021 film ‘Eternals.’ Despite its substantial presence, previous films have paid little attention to it, disappointing fans who feel this aspect of the franchise has been neglected. The only fleeting reference made by the studio was in ‘She-Hulk,’ but it failed to address the cause and solution to the problem.

There’s a good chance Deadpool will make a joke about this, as usual. However, there’s hope for Tiamut in the MCU, as rumors suggest that ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ and the upcoming ‘Thunderbolts’ will feature the hand prominently in their plots.

We’re not entirely convinced that this indicates Eternals will play a bigger role in the MCU. The latest unofficial update suggests that the standalone project meant to be ‘Eternals 2’ is undergoing changes.

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