35 Cutest Kawaii Anime Girls of All Time (Ranked)

35 Cutest Kawaii Anime Girls of all Time (Ranked)

The term “kawaii” (written either as かわいい or 可愛い) is a Japanese term that means ‘lovely’, ‘loveable’, ‘cute’, or ‘adorable’. The culture and the idea conveyed by this word go beyond the limits of the Japanese archipelago to extend to many countries, resulting in more or less in a deformation of use, a misunderstanding of Japanese culture and/or a cultural phenomenon. sometimes different from the reality in Japan.

The word kawaii is very widely used in Japan, with a different intonation for men and women. In this article, we are going to be dealing with the latter, as we bring you a list of the 35 cutest kawaii anime girls of all time.

35. Sheska

Franchise: Fullmetal Alchemist

Sheska is a former librarian of the First Division of the National Library of Central, she was fired because she spent most of her time reading the books there. Edward and Alphonse will come to see her to find out if Tim Marcoh’s research on the Philosopher’s Stone was in the First Division when it burned down. Much to their dismay, his research was there.

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But, thanks to Sheska, who is able to remember any book she has read at least once to the comma, they were able to get it. Later, she will enter Lieutenant-Colonel Hughes’ service to transcribe the criminal case files he needs (these having burned with the First Division). She will be deeply affected by Hughes’ murder.

34. Pony Tsunotori

Franchise: My Hero Academia

A 1-B student from the United States; she is a petite girl with antelope horns, a “wad” tail and horse legs complete with hooves. Her Quirk is called Horn Cannon, which gives her the power to throw and control multiple copies of her horns, using them to both attack and support her allies; at the moment, she can control at most two pairs of horns.

Pony is a shy girl. As a foreigner, she has virtually no language knowledge of Japanese. She turns out to be quite naive and innocent in her personality and learns nasty phrases from Neito Monoma without knowing what those words mean, as shown by Neito Pony asking nasty phrases to say to Class 1-A.

33. Rikka Takanashi

Franchise: Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!

A girl in the same class as Yūta. She went to live with her sister, who lives in the same building as Yūta, on the top floor. She has delusions, and she believes that her right eye is a demon eye. She always wears a medical eye patch and bandages on her arm, though she has no injuries, as she claims they are seals containing her powers.

Despite being very close to Yuta, she is wary of strangers and strikes a battle pose whenever she meets someone for the first time. She normally dresses in a mostly black gothic dress and black and pink heels. She is quite clumsy, often tripping up and forgetting things. The origin of her delusions came from Yuuta who she saw once when she was still the Dark Flame Master.

At this time Rikka was still mourning the death of her father and after seeing the boy it seemed like a great way of seeing life so she began to imitate him until she created her own fantastic identity, hoping to meet the boy in person. Her greatest fears are death, rejection, and memories of her tragic and melancholic past, and among his likes are: sweets, black magic, astrology, manga, anime, rain, animals, and the moon, she hates tomatoes so much that he says he’d rather die than eat them.

The implement or artifact that she uses as a weapon is an umbrella, although she is sometimes seen with a plastic Mauser C96 pistol, which although she is one of her possessions only appears once in the anime.

Her pet is a White/Gray Cat that she found in episode 2 while she was “Chased” by her older sister Touka. To this feline she assigned the name Chimera, referring to a mythological creature with a lion’s head, although Chimera is her pet and lives with Yuuta due to Touka’s allergy to felines.

32. Chelsea

Franchise: Akame ga Kill!

Chelsea worked under a cruel viceroy who made a sport of hunting people. Under this oppression, she began to become nihilistic until she found the Gaea Foundation, which had been put into storage because no suitable owner could be found.

With the help of the Teigu, she assassinated the Viceroy, who was replaced by a kind and competent man. Realizing that she had brought about change with her Teigu, she eventually joined the Revolutionary Army.

At an unknown time, she came under the care of Babara Oreburg and was assigned to fight for the Revolutionary Army against the Imperial Assassins, along with Babara and her other student Taeko.

Her time with Babara and Taeko was brief, as both were killed early on by Gozuki and Akame respectively, while Chelsea herself was captured by Gai’s debt collector when she impersonated him to help Taeko.

31. Chiho Sasaki

Franchise: The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

Chiho is a high school student who is Sadao’s friend and colleague at MgRonald, for whom she has feelings for him. Chiho is a normal petite teenager with a very plump figure, which is noted by several people and envied by other girls, especially Emi.

She can hear and understand Ente Isla’s language due to a communication spell that accidentally targeted her while it was intended for Emi, as the spell targeted those who were constantly thinking of Sadao. She later learns to use the Idea Link spell to allow her to alert others if she is still in danger.

30. Mirai Kuriyama

Franchise: Beyond the Boundary

She is a very shy girl who is educated in the same establishment as Akihito, she wants to end her life for some obscure reason. It turns out that, like Akihito, she also possesses a strange spiritual power.

Indeed, Mirai has the surprising ability to manipulate blood as he pleases, such as creating a blood sword, for example, a power that has been deemed particularly dangerous and harmful by the high authorities of the spirit world. Despite her ill will, she will gradually reject her decision for her feelings towards her friends and mainly Akihito.

29. Kinoko Komori

Franchise: My Hero Academia

A 1-B student; she wears her hair in a bob with a long fringe that covers her face leaving her mouth uncovered. Her Quirk is called Mushroom, and it allows her to emit spores from her body that can make different species of fungi grow everywhere, even on people, and including pathogenic fungi; the mushrooms detach within a couple of hours and are not harmful to the people they grew on. The heroine name she chose is Shemage.

28. Miyuki Takara

Franchise: LuckyStar

Miyuki, nicknamed Yuki-chan by Tsukasa, is a young girl from a wealthy family with pink hair and purple eyes. She is beautiful, intelligent, and polite. A class representative during her first year in high school, she soon became friends with Kagami.

Today in the same class as Konata and Tsukasa. Students go to Miyuki more often than to Nanako when they need help. She is described as a stereotype of a meganekko character.

27. Hikari Yagami

Franchise: Digimon

She is Tai’s little sister, and will join the DigiDestined later in the series as she was unable to join the Digital World earlier, as she was ill when going to summer camp. She appreciates her brother very much and always worries about others. Kari received the symbol of Light; she seems to be the only one with psychic powers. She is 8 years old in the first season, and 11 years old in the second season.

26. Silica

This is a 13 year old girl who is still experiencing her first VRMMORPG. She uses an uncommon skill, “Trainer” (or Beast Tamer), which allows the player to be assisted by a familiar during combat (this one can heal the player, for example).

She fights with a dagger in normal times, and becomes very close to Lisbeth. She always walks around with her healer dragon Pina, and this youthful appearance coupled with the dragon’s “plush” aspect has given Silica a reputation as a small group mascot, more present for looks than actual combat.

By getting lost in the Forest of the Lost of the 35th Tier with his familiar, the latter will be killed by a group of ape-like beasts while protecting his friend, just before Kirito appears and saves Silica from these monsters.

25. Goemon Hachisuka

Franchise: The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Goemon Hachisuka is a young ninja girl. She was a student of Kinoshita Hideyoshi, and after his death, swore allegiance to Yoshiharu. She is the leader of a group of militia loyal to her and ready to die for her. She has a childish voice and occasionally stammers, which is why she doesn’t like long speeches.

Due to its small stature, it is a good spy and is able to quickly and quietly penetrate protected premises. She is able to stand up for herself in battle and has saved Yoshiharu’s life more than once due to her super-fast reflexes.

24. Mio Akiyama

Franchise: K-On!

Mio is the shy girl from the light music club, the left-handed and bassist of the group (possible reference to Paul McCartney in his time in the Beatles, also left-handed and bassist of the group); her instrument is a Fender Jazz Bass 1962 Reissue. She was originally going to join the high school literature club, but she was forced to join the music club due to being forced by Ritsu (her childhood friend of hers).

Just like Yui, she hates having the strawberry removed from the cake. Mio always gets excellent grades and is the most responsible of the group, however, she suffers from real panic attacks when Ritsu tells her horror stories, when she is taken by surprise, or when Sawako wants to put a dress on her that makes her look very pretty on stage. Like Yui, her last name is based on a member of the Japanese techno-pop band P-Model, in this case, the bassist Katsuhiko Akiyama.

23. Rika Shinozaki / Lisbeth 

Franchise: Sword Art Online

Rika, also known as Lisbeth in Sword Art Online, is a great blacksmith who makes extremely rare weapons. She is also a fairly skilled player who fights with the help of the masses and gets very close to Silica.

Asuna is one of her friends. Unknowingly recommended by the latter, she meets Kirito when he decides to go to his shop on the 48th level, in order to have a new sword forged: their first meeting makes a bad impression on him when he questions the solidity of the weapon she offers him, and which he involuntarily breaks while trying to test it with his own.

Feeling challenged, she accompanies him in order to obtain very rare metal, essential for the creation of this new weapon, in a snowy and particularly cold place of the 55th level: by her own inconsistency, they all meet two temporarily trapped in the nest of a Dungeon Boss (X’rphan the White Wyrm) and spend the night there together, until Kirito (who has found what they were looking for in the nest) pulls them out using the Dragon Boss.

22. Shiro

Franchise: No Game No Life

Sora’s younger sister. She is 11 years old, a born genius. Her name means white. The name “blank space (『 』)” is a combination of her and her brother’s names: Sora space and/or empty and Shiro meaning white. Shiro is good at anything that involves calculation.

You could say she specializes in chess, since by means of calculations and the knowledge of all the possible moves she is able to choose the most appropriate moves to achieve her victory, although she usually feels frustrated when there is some difficulty, that is, when what she wants does not happen.

An example happens in Chapter 1, when Tet makes a move that is detrimental to himself, Shiro is puzzled since that move is not beneficial to Tet, thus breaking Shiro’s prediction and his possible future moves Besides, she is also good at the tactical genre and FPS genre, unlike her brother, she is an orphan and was adopted by Sora’s parents (who are supposed to have passed away before the start of the story).

21. Nejire Hado

Franchise: My Hero Academia

A third-year student and one of the three strongest students in the school (the Big 3); she took Ochaco and Tsuyu under her protection during the internships, taking the two with her to Pro Hero Ryukyu, of which Nejire is her assistant.

As a hero alias, she simply goes by the name of Nejire-chan. Her Quirk is called Wave and allows her to transform her life energy into shock waves (made yellow-gold in the cardboard), which for some reason move in a spiral motion, making them powerful, but relatively slow.

20. Mashiro Kuna

Franchise: Bleach

She looks like a little girl, and is very active. She has strange green hair and a fifties superhero costume. She is the most gifted of the group when it comes to controlling her inner Hollow, she can maintain it for about fifteen hours, and she is also the only one who has not needed intensive training to do so. to arrive.

She was lieutenant of the 9th Division under Kensei, whom she loved to annoy (Kensei’s men had to restrain him several times in order not to strangle him). She will attack members of the Special Division when she is transformed into Hollow like Kensei, and is immobilized by a Bakudo from Hachi. In the battle between the Vizards and Aizen accompanied by the Espadas, she knocks out Wonderweiss and kills the latter’s creature. Wonderwice will get up and attack him again.

Mashiro’s hollow mask will suddenly shatter during her fight and Kensei will step in to save her from a fatal blow from Wonderwice. It appears she accompanied Kensei on his return to Soul Society, boasting of being the 9th Division’s super lieutenant.

19. Yotsuba Nakano

Franchise: The Quintessential Quintuplets

The fourth squared sister wearing a green ribbon in the shape of rabbit ears. Always cheerful and friendly, she is also a good sportswoman, but her constantly dynamic personality can annoy others. She often gets 0s on school tests. His actions typically suggest either a complete lack of thought, or complex, subconscious plans far beyond anything other characters can imagine.

She is the only one to immediately accept Fūtarō as her tutor. She always supports and pays attention to others, especially her sisters and Futaro. She also has a bad habit of putting the needs of others before her own. She designates Fūtarō by calling him “Uesugi-san”.

18. Kobato Hasegawa

Franchise: Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai

Kodaka’s little sister, she is a big fan of a series called “Kuro no Necromancer”. So much, that she spends her time cosplaying one of the characters and speaks the same way as this one. She often fights with Maria who nicknames her Caca Vampire. Kobato is jealous of anyone who dares to call her big brother “Onii-chan”. She also hates Sena who goes crazy when she sees her. She joined the neighbors club too.

17. Uraraka Ochako

Franchise: My Hero Academia

A rather frank and lively girl, a 1-A student like Midoriya and Bakugo. Despite her usually sunny appearance and character, she is very determined to become a great heroine. She has a Quirk called Zero Gravity, which allows her to cancel the effect of gravitational force on whatever object she touches with the pads she has on the last joint of her fingers and can cancel the effect of her power at any time by touching each other.

16. Nagisa Shiota

Franchise: Assassination Classroom

Androgynous in appearance, Nagisa is a very intelligent student who tries to spot every weakness in Koro-sensei in order to find the best way to kill him. For this, he writes his observations in a notebook as the story progresses.

He is also one of the only students to have been close enough to kill him from the start of the series, using a “pseudo” suicide bombing and anti-sensei balls. During a mock assassination against Takaoka, his skills as an assassin come to the fore. Later, Koro-sensei, Lovro (Irina’s mentor), and Karasuma will find him a real gift for the assassination, which worries the latter.

15. Asuna


Franchise: Sword Art Online

Girl of good family from Kyoto, Asuna becomes through the game the companion (then the virtual wife) of Kirito, as well as the number two and a very important member of the Brotherhood of the Knights, a guild made up in its beginnings of around thirty players, before swelling its ranks and becoming the strongest recognized guild in Aincrad.

She is the only known Sword Art Online player to use her real name as a pseudonym. Due to her great beauty, she receives many invitations and proposals (including marriage proposals).

14. Taiga Asaka

Franchise: Toradora!

Taiga is also one of the main characters, a real miniature tornado who never lets himself be stepped on, hence his nickname “Pocket Tiger”. A real fury that is nonetheless cute, especially in the presence of Minori. Taiga can be called as “Tsundere”, but she is not one, it is only a state of mind that passes to her during her teenage crisis, we can see it by seeing that she is sensitive and that the only thing she can do to defend herself is violence.

13. Saiko Yonebayashi

Franchise: Tokyo Ghoul

Third Class CCG Inspector Saiko Yonebayashi is part of the Quinques squad. She is the mascot of the team to whom she transmits her good humor. She spends most of her time in front of video games and manga, during her mission hours. After Uriah’s promotion, as a squad mentor following Sasaki’s departure, she becomes a squad leader.

12. Shino Asada


Franchise: Sword Art Online

Deuteragonist of the Phantom Bullet arc, it is with her that Kirito meets in Gun Gale Online, and who introduces him to the game. At 16, Gun Gale Online’s best marksman, and darling of some players, she will first take Kirito for a girl because of her androgynous appearance in the game (the latter possessing the extremely rare M9000 type).

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During her childhood (when she was 11 years old), she personally witnessed a post heist and killed the robber with her own pistol, which made her unwillingly very fragile in real life, causing her post-traumatic stress each time she is confronted (whether concretely or by simple suggestion, with a dummy pistol or mimed with the hand) with a firearm.

11. Arale Norimaki

Franchise: Dragon Ball

Arale is a child-like robot created by Senbee Norimaki, a bachelor inventor who lives in the Penguin Village. Arale is indistinguishable from a real person, to the point of even suffering from myopia, and for this reason, Senbee manages to pass her off as her little sister and enroll her in the class of Miss Midori Yamabuki (of which the scientist is clearly in love with her).

Despite the appearance of her is that of a girl of about 6-7 years, Senbee, who had not asked himself how old her child might be, attributes her to 13 years at the time of enrolling her in school.

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As the principal of the school notes, Senbee could not have a sister of that age, as her parents died when she was just a boy, for this reason he is about to declare her as his illegitimate daughter, but he immediately takes back everything to be able to present himself to Midori as an older brother.

Later in time, as the lie becomes less and less credible, the story is invented (supported by a liar flashback) of having found it on the street.

10. Mei Chang

Franchise: Fullmetal Alchemist

Mei Chang comes from Xing and is accompanied by Xiao Mei, a female panda, who has never been able to grow and has remained miniature, who seems to copy her every move. Just like Lin Yao, she is one of the heirs of the Emperor of Xing (seventeenth crown princess exactly). When she arrives in the town of Youswell, it is Kayal who finds her exhausted.

Mei Chang seems very young, but that does not prevent him from mastering elixirology (the alchemy of the country of Xing which is mainly specialized in medicine). She is in search of eternal youth and thinks that Edward, who has been described to her as a very “great” alchemist, can help her. So she goes looking for him, thinking that Ed is a kind of prince charming.

9. Kanao Tsuyuri


Franchise: Demon Slayer

Not very talkative (practically silent), in spite of her indisputable capacities and her unfailing stoicism, she also does not seem to show any particular desire and would be unable to take even the most basic personal initiatives, such as deciding to feed herself without wait for someone to tell her when to eat, even and especially if she is hungry.

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This is a consequence of the difficult childhood she lived (before being sold and then taken in by her master and her older sister), and which earned her this psychological block that she compensates by flipping her individual decisions, until the end of their formal meeting (and rapprochement) during Tanjirō’s training, recovering with Zenitsu, Inosuke and their senpai Murata in their domain after a mission.

8. Homura Akemi

Franchise: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura is a Puella Magi who appears in Madoka’s dream and is subsequently transferred to her college. She is a very beautiful and reserved girl, who has extraordinary intellectual and physical capacities, which makes her popular despite her strange and distant personality.

Having seen many Puella Magi die in battle, she tries to protect the other girls from these contracts, especially Madoka.

Because of this, she is Mami’s rival, who on the contrary wants Madoka to become a Puella Magi in her turn. She has the ability to control time during a fight and uses many weapons but mainly grenades. Its color is purple.

7. Emma

Franchise: The Promised Neverland

The central character of The Promised Neverland. She has extraordinary physical and learning abilities. She is one of three children achieving a perfect score (300 points) in the daily exams. Following the “adoption” of Conny, another child from the orphanage, Emma notices that the little girl has forgotten her stuffed bunny and decides to bring it to her before she leaves.

Although it is forbidden, she will convince Norman to go to the place of his departure, beyond the portal of the orphanage. They then find out the truth.

6. Eri

How Old Is Eri in My Hero Academia (& When Is Her Birthday)?

Franchise: My Hero Academia

Eri’s Quirk enables her to restore the body of a living individual to a previous state, allowing her to physically rejuvenate her target, heal wounds and reverse physical changes. It has even shown the ability to rewind a person’s body to a point before it exists.

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The source of the power of their quirk is in the horn above her head, and the size of the horn determines the strength of her power. It’s also an accumulation-type Quirk, meaning that the energy it emits has to build up over a period of time before it can be used. Due to the mutation of her Quirk in her body, Eri’s blood is able to attack a person’s Quirk and stop its activation by reversing the target’s evolution before the point of the Quirk Phenomenon.

5. Riko

Franchise: Made in Abyss

Rico is an energetic 12-year-old who wants to emulate her mother, a legendary cavewoman named Lisa, who disappeared in the Abyss ten years ago. Rico is early in history a novice in training at the Bercello orphanage. As an apprentice, she has a red whistle.

Her eyes were damaged when her mother lifted her up from the Abyss when she was born. Thus, despite normal vision, she can only look at the surrounding world through special glasses, otherwise, she suffers from headaches.

4. Ram

Franchise: Re:Zero

A female oni with pink hair and eyes, and the older twin sister of Rem, she works with her as a servant at Roswaal mansion: however, she performs her chores and cooks less well than her sister, who is more competent and voluntary at work. She also has a colder and more distant personality than the latter.

Despite the prohibition of the existence of twins within their clan, the two sisters were exceptionally spared thanks to the talents of Ram, who revealed himself from an early age as a child prodigy: she, unfortunately, lost her powers after her horn had died. was cut off during an attack on their village by the Cult of the Witch, which weakened her and made her very dependent on her younger sister.

3. Yachiru Kusajishi

Franchise: Bleach

Yachiru Kusajishi is a child with pink hair. She was taken in by Zaraki during one of his massacres. Like Kenpachi, she doesn’t seem to have had to take an exam to become a lieutenant. She does not carry her sword at the waist but on the shoulder so as not to be embarrassed when she runs.

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Despite her age, Yachiru is very strong (she manages to lift Kenpachi) and runs fast, which does not prevent her from hanging onto Kenpachi’s shoulder very often. Kompeito, little star-shaped candies, are his favorite dish.

She has a habit of giving silly nicknames to those she meets: “Keni” for Kenpachi, “Ichi” for Ichigo, “Egg skull” for Ikkaku, “Makimaki” for Aramaki, “Grandpa” for the captain- General Yamamoto, the “Mummy” for Ganju when he was covered in bandages, “the Nunuche” and “Big boobs” for Orihime, “the Giant” for Chad and “Crayon Head” for Ishida.

2. Rem

Franchise: Re:Zero

An oni with blue hair and eyes (an allusion to the famous Japanese tale), and the younger twin sister of Ram, she works with Ram as a servant at Roswaal Manor: she performs her chores and cooks much better than her sister, who is less competent and willing to work.

She also has a warmer and more friendly personality than the latter. Unlike her elder, she still has her horn, which allows her to retain all of her powers.

1. Nezuko Kamado

Franchise: Demon Slayer

When Nezuko was turned into a demon, she displayed the ability to shrink herself at will, such as fitting into a small box or basket to hide from the sunlight when she was with Tanjiro during the day.

She can also enlarge into a larger form when fighting other devils. Nezuko can ignite her blood and turn it into flames. She can decide how deadly her blood is, and she can also heal the wounds it causes to others if necessary.

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However, these flames only work against other devil arts like Rui’s threads. Nezuko’s flames can also turn Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade from black to red, just as Yoriichi Tsugikuni turned his blade from black to red before the battle, adding to his blade’s effectiveness against devils. In addition, Tanjiro can perform the Fire God’s Dance even more effectively.

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