Darth Vader vs. Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

vader vs supes

There are a lot of different fictional universes that are popular among different fans of fiction, and two of the most popular universes are Star Wars and DC. Two of the most popular characters of these universes are Darth Vader, a major antagonist in Star Wars, and Superman, who we know is one of the poster boys of DC and is one of the most notable comic book characters of all time. So, who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Superman?

Superman is a lot stronger than Darth Vader and would win a fight against him. While Vader may be powerful and almost unstoppable in his own fictional universe, there is nothing that he can do to hurt Superman, much less kill him. Meanwhile, Superman is better than Vader in almost every important aspect of a fight.

Even though Darth Vader is as popular as he is, we don’t see any way for him actually to come out victorious in a fight against Superman. That’s because Superman is one of the most overpowered comic book heroes of all time and is planetary in terms of his strength. So, with that said, let’s look at this fictional fight in greater detail to understand why the Man of Steel takes the cake.

Physical Attributes

Darth Vader was a being that was more machine than a man because cybernetic parts replaced his limbs. As such, he was a lot stronger than any other human being and was capable of feats of strength that most of the Jedi or Sith couldn’t accomplish. Despite his strength, Vader wasn’t the most mobile Force user in Star Wars due to the limitations of his cybernetic legs. On top of that, he was also limited by the life-support suit that he wore so that the injuries he had suffered in the past wouldn’t kill him.


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Superman is what you would call a perfect being regarding his physical attributes because he is a lot stronger and faster than almost any comic book superhero. He can move an entire planet with his strength and is said to be able to lift billions of tons. Superman can also move at speeds that rival the speed of light, as he can keep up with the Flash’s own speed despite being a bit slower. But what makes him even more awesome is the fact that conventional weapons can’t hurt him, and the only things that can hurt him are exposure to Kryptonite, magic, and attacks that are stronger than him.


There is no planet where Darth Vader’s physical capabilities can even come close to a fraction of Superman’s strength, speed, and durability. Superman completely outclasses Vader, who might not even be able to lift a car or move faster than an Olympic runner.

Vader 0, Supes 1

Powers and Abilities

Darth Vader was one of the most gifted users of the Force in the history of Star Wars and was supposed to be the greatest of all of the Jedi and Sith before he lost his limbs and suffered life-threatening injuries. Nevertheless, he was still much stronger than most Jedi and Sith, as he could use the Force in devastating ways that allowed him to crush entire rooms with thought and lift boulders with a wave of his hand. He could also choke people using the Force, regardless of where he might be, as long as he could see the person.

force choke

Superman is one of the characters with a complete array of powers and abilities that a superhero needs regularly. He is capable of unassisted flight and can fly at speeds that are faster than what the fastest jets are capable of reaching. His most dangerous power is his ability to blast heat vision from his eyes, and the temperature of his heat vision is enough to instantly evaporate entire bodies of water. Superman also has additional powers, such as super-breath, X-ray vision, and enhanced senses.

As strong as the Force may be, it doesn’t hold a candle to what Superman can do. The Force may be capable of hurting Superman because it is something that’s akin to magic in the sense that it is supernatural. However, not even Vader’s Force powers could compete with Superman’s own offensive arsenal.

Vader 0, Supes 2


Darth Vader is equipped with the standard weapon that the Jedi and Sith use, and we are talking about the lightsaber. There’s nothing special about Vader’s lightsaber, as it is just as strong as any other lightsaber in Star Wars. However, the lightsaber is capable of reaching incredible temperatures that allow it to instantly slice through steel and rock without any effort. That means that lightsabers are so powerful that they can effortlessly kill any Star Wars character with a single strike.


The thing about Superman is that he isn’t known to use any weapon because his body is already a dangerous weapon. Superman also doesn’t kill, meaning using weapons goes against his nature as a superhero. However, there have been incarnations of Superman that have used weapons, such as a sword or even a Yellow Lantern ring. Still, the standard version of the Man of Steel is already a weapon on his own.


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Even though Superman doesn’t use weapons, his body is already a strong enough weapon that can overwhelm Vader’s lightsaber. And because Superman can walk on the sun, which is hotter than a lightsaber, it is possible that a lightsaber isn’t capable of hurting him.

Vader 0, Supes 3


Darth Vader was an intelligent Force user and commander trained in military tactics and strategy. During his time as a Jedi General serving the Republic during the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker was known for his bold strategies and unorthodox tactics. He was a gifted commander who could see things that others couldn’t see and was willing to gamble on tactics with high risks but rewards.

Like all Kryptonians, Superman was born far more intelligent than the standard human. His intelligence is more objective than subjective, as his brain is biologically capable of processing information faster than a regular person’s brain. On top of that, his brain can also handle more information than the human brain. As such, Superman was never just a brute because he was also quite intelligent.

supermn 1

Scientifically speaking, Superman is actually more intelligent than Darth Vader, whose intelligence comes from his military training and background. But while Superman may not be as smart as Vader in military tactics and strategies, he is certainly innately more intelligent due to his more powerful brain.

Vader 0, Supes 4

Fighting Abilities

Trained in the Jedi arts, Darth Vader was one of the most skilled armed combatants in the Jedi Order and was a feared enforcer during the era of the Empire. While he did lose a step due to his cybernetic limbs, he was still a force to be reckoned with because there weren’t many combatants that could match his skill as a lightsaber duelist. In that regard, he had fighting abilities that ranked at the top when compared to other Jedi or Sith.


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Superman is often seen as a brute who only knows how to punch his way out of a fight, but he became a capable fighter after combat training from Batman and Wonder Woman. While he isn’t at the level of his Justice League teammates regarding his combat expertise, Superman became a skilled fighter that could go toe-to-toe with some of the greatest fighters in the DC universe. That means he isn’t just a regular brutish brawler but a skilled fighter.

superman darkseid

Of course, Darth Vader is the better-armed combatant due to his lightsaber training. Still, Superman is arguably better than him in unarmed combat, even if we were to take away his superhuman strength. That’s why we can’t give this round to any of them.

Vader 0, Supes 4

Darth Vader vs. Superman: Who Wins?

The fact of the matter is that Superman is on an entirely different level compared to Darth Vader because he is a planet-level fictional character as opposed to the Imperial enforcer, whose threat level doesn’t even reach the level of a city. Of course, while there’s a good chance that the Force can affect Superman, we just can’t see how Vader will last a single second with a man that is much faster than a speeding bullet and can punch entire mountains to dust. This is why Superman should be able to easily defeat Darth Vader in a fight.

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