Did Nejire Hado Die in My Hero Academia?

nejire injured

One of the characters that we know are important to My Hero Academia is Nejire Hado, who is one of the Big Three of UA High School and is a member of the strongest trio of students in that institution. In that regard, she was one of the students that took part in the raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front’s bases but was mostly one of the heroes that worked to get civilians to safety. However, she found herself in the fight against the League of Villains during the final stages of the arc, as she was attacked by Dabi. So, did Nejire Hado die in My Hero Academia?

Nejire Hado is alive. Despite getting hit by Dabi’s Blueflame Quirk in episode 12 of season 6 of My Hero Academia, Nejire Hado survived the attack and continued fighting the League of Villains and the high-end Nomus that arrived. However, her hair was shorter after the arc after it got burned by Dabi.

As strong as Dabi’s flames may be, Nejire was lucky to have survived his attack because she wasn’t too close to him when he fired his flames at her. In that regard, she is still alive but ended up getting injured after Dabi’s attack. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened to Nejire Hado in the latest episode of My Hero Academia.

What Happened To Nejire Hado In My Hero Academia?

Ever since she was introduced several seasons ago, Nejire Hado has been one of the most popular female characters in My Hero Academia, especially because of her adorable appearance, cheerful personality, and powerful Quirk. It is the fact that she has a powerful Quirk and strong abilities that allowed her to become one of the Big Three of UA High School. That means that she is one of the strongest students in the entire school and is ranked somewhere behind Mirio Togata.

Of course, due to the fact that she is one of the Big Three, she was consistently working with pro-heroes in their efforts against different villains that threatened the peace of the nation. That is the reason why she took part in the fight against the Paranormal Liberation Front during the Paranormal Liberation War arc, which focuses on the ambush attack by the pro heroes on the said army of villains after receiving intel from Hawks.


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While the other pro heroes focused on attacking the Paranormal Liberation Front on the frontlines, the UA students mostly supported them away from where the action was. Nejire, as one of the Big Three, was one of the students that actively worked together with the pro heroes in that mission. However, due to the nature of her Quirk, which allows her to fly and quickly move from one place to another, Nejire mostly helped out in the evacuation efforts so that the civilians would be safe from any possible danger coming from the attack on the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Nejire, of course, was a key character when Tomura Shigaraki destroyed Jaku General Hospital with a wave of Decay, which spread all the way to the city. In that regard, her ability to fly and use her Wave Motion Quirk to make other people fly as well allowed her to become very useful in keeping civilians safe from the effects of Decay.

But when Gigantomachia made his way to Shigaraki while carrying the League of Villains on his back, Nejire and Tenya Ida had to go to the site of the battle against Shigaraki to assist the pro heroes that were there. And she appeared at just the right time because she assisted in attacking Shigaraki right before Gigantomachia showed up, as the powerful villain was knocked unconscious when Nejire and Shoto Todoroki attempted to finish him off.

However, after Dabi revealed himself to be Toya Todoroki all along, a fight between the League of Villains and the heroes began. Of course, Endeavor was frozen by the revelation that his eldest son had been alive all along. Meanwhile, Best Jeanist arrived to immobilize Gigantomachia and the League of Villains with his threads. 

Spinner tried to wake Shigaraki up while they were still bound by Best Jeanist’s threads. Knowing that the members of the League of Villains, except for Dabi, were left wide open, Nejire attempted to attack Spinner and Shigaraki so that she could prevent the powerful villain from waking up to give orders to Gigantomachia.

wave motion

As she was about to use a powerful blast of Wave Motion on Shigaraki, Nejire was burned by Dabi’s Blueflame Quirk, as the man formerly known as Toya was able to break himself free from Best Jeanist’s threads due to the nature of his Quirk. Dabi laughed as he told Endeavor that another young hero was once again burned due to his faults.

Did Nejire Die?

While it was indeed clear that Nejire Hado was burned by Dabi’s Quirk as she fell from the sky, Tenya Ida was there to catch her. She was clearly unconscious after the powerful flames hit her. But did Nejire die?

Even though Nejire was burned by Blueflame and was left unconscious after the attack, she did not die from it. Dabi’s flames were not strong enough to kill her, as she wasn’t close enough to the flaming villain when she was hit by his Blueflame. Of course, she was left with a few burns after the attack.


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But even after she was left unconscious after getting burned by Dabi, Nejire eventually returned to action when Mirio Togata appeared on the scenes to help the heroes out after he had regained the use of his Permeation Quirk. The arrival of her close friend allowed her to regain her stamina and motivation to fight even though she was badly injured by Dabi. In fact, Nejire’s efforts were crucial in holding back the high-end Nomus that arrived to try to save Shigaraki from Best Jeanist’s Quirk.

nejire and mirio

In the manga, the effects of Dabi’s attacks on Nejire were evident. She was able to make a full recovery from her injuries but had to cut her hair shorter because it got burned from Dabi’s Blueflame Quirk. But the good news is that there were no permanent injuries that prevented her from making a full recovery.

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