What Is Nejire Hado’s Quirk in My Hero Academia?

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We know that there are a lot of powerful heroes in My Hero Academia, and some of them are actually quite young because they are still students at UA High School. In the school, the strongest students are known as the Big Three, and one of them is a bubbly teenager named Nejire Hado. As one of the Big Three, Nejire’s power and accomplishments are very impressive compared to the other students. So, what is Nejire’s Quirk?

Nejire’s Quirk is called Wave Motion, which allows her to convert her own vitality into spiral waves of energy that she can release from her body. This allows her to release powerful blasts that are strong enough to put down strong villains. She could also channel the waves through her feet to propel herself in the air.

The fact that Nejire’s Quirk is one of the most versatile in My Hero Academia is the reason why she is considered one of the three strongest students in UA High School. In that regard, there aren’t a lot of other students that are capable of matching her capabilities in a fight. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Nejire Hado’s Quirk in My Hero Academia.

What Is Nejire Hado’s Quirk In My Hero Academia?

In My Hero Academia, different characters, and heroes have Quirks and abilities that allow them to be unique in their own right. Of course, these gifts vary from one person to another, as other characters have Quirks that are stronger than others. The younger characters train their Quirks to become pro heroes in school-like institutions. And the best school for heroes is UA High School.

UA High is home to some of the strongest young heroes in the entire series, but the best of them are known as the Big Three. These are the three strongest students that were able to have so many achievements and accomplishments throughout their time in the school. And one of the members of the Big Three is Nejire Hado.

The Big 3

Nejire Hado was first introduced in the storyline at the same time as the other members of the Big Three. From the very start, she was always a very bubbly, cheerful, and cute person that constantly reigned as the top female student in UA High School, both in terms of her abilities and her appearance. Despite the fact that she may look quite cute and comes with a cheerful disposition in life, Nejire is actually quite strong due to her Quirk. So, what is Nejire Hado’s Quirk?

Wave Motion is the name of Nejire Hado’s Quirk. This ability works by converting Nejire’s own vitality into powerful waves of pure energy that she can channel from her body. In Japanese, the word “nejire” can be translated into words such as twist, distortion, or spiral in English. As such, Nejire’s own energy waves are released from her body in a spiral form.


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But the thing is that Nejire’s Quirk does have its own downsides. As mentioned, Wave Motion converts Nejire’s own vitality into spiral energy. That means that she uses a lot of her stamina whenever she uses her Quirk. As such, she had to work on improving her stamina to incredible levels so that she could sustain the continuous use of Wave Motion, which she often uses constantly whenever she is in a fight.

Due to her abilities, Nejire Hado’s own hero name is actually Nejire Chan, which is both a play on her name in the series and the fact that nejire actually means spiral or twist. And she often uses her abilities in a manner that allows her to be very versatile in any kind of situation.

Nejire Chan, of course, is one of the students that UA High School often sends out to work together with the pro heroes because of the fact that she is already in her third year and is one of the strongest students in the school. Her status as one of the Big Three means that she is indeed strong and has the abilities and experiences that not even some of the other pro heroes have. And that is why she was able to contribute a lot during some of the battles that the heroes had against the villains.

How Strong Is Nejire?

While we do know that Nejire’s Wave Motion Quirk allows her to convert vitality into spiral waves of energy, she is actually able to use these waves in a lot of different ways. That is why she is not only very powerful but is also incredibly versatile as well.

The most obvious use of Nejire’s Quirk is on the offensive end, as she can blast waves of energy that are powerful enough to hurt and injure villains. One of her ultimate moves is called Nejire Wave, which requires Nejire to increase her Wave Motion output to 30. She then releases the waves from both of her hands as the waves turn into powerful giant spiral waves that can take down two villains with gigantification at once.

wave motion

But Nejire’s most powerful move is called Nejire Flood. She has to increase her power output to 100 as she twists her hands in a spiral motion before releasing concentrated blasts from both her hands. The wave comes in a form of a downward spiral waterfall, and that’s why it is called Nejire Flood.

Nejire’s offensive powers are strong enough to be a threat to an injured Tomura Shigaraki, as she and Shoto Todoroki were about to finish the powerful villain off before Gigantomachia arrived. She also nearly put Spinner and Shigaraki out of commission before Dabi attacked her with his Blueflame Quirk.

Other than that, Nejire is also able to use her Quirk in a lot of different ways. The most common non-offense use of her Quirk is flight. Nejire can channel constant waves from her feet so that she can propel herself in the air and stay afloat. Her mastery of this ability allows her to move in the air as if it was second nature to her, as she no longer has to think or exert a lot of effort into flying and moving around in the sky.


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Her ability to fly makes Nejire one of the most versatile heroes in the series, as she can scout enemies from the air or tell whether or not there are still civilians that are in danger in nearby locations. This allowed her to participate in the Paranormal Liberation War arc as one of the heroes that evacuated the civilians of Jaku City.

Nejire could also use her Wave Motion abilities to carry different objects and propel them up in the air. She did this during the events of the Paranormal Liberation War. She used her Quirk to make some of the busses float to avoid the effects of Shigaraki’s Decay. Nejire also has the ability to bind villains in her waves so that they can stay immobile.

The fact that Nejire can use her Quirk in a wide variety of ways makes her one of the most versatile characters in My Hero Academia. It might be true that she isn’t the most powerful in terms of her offensive capabilities, as the waves aren’t entirely destructive and are actually quite slow, but she is still able to use her abilities in applications that make her effective as a hero in any kind of situation.

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