Doctor Fate vs. Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

fate vs superman

There are a lot of different powerful comic book characters in the DC universe, but two of the most prominent names in the history of DC are Doctor Fate and Superman. While they are not entirely similar in terms of their powers and abilities, they are both members of the Justice League and are quite popular among fans in their own right. But who between Doctor Fate and Superman will win in a fight?

Doctor Fate is going to win a fight against Superman. While Superman is stronger and faster, Doctor Fate has more powers and abilities at his disposal and is basically invulnerable and immortal. On top of that, Fate is a master of magic, which is one of Superman’s biggest weaknesses.

The fact that Doctor Fate is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the history of the DC universe means that he is basically a walking Superman weakness. As such, Fate is going to win a fight against the Man of Steel himself, even though we know that Superman is almost unbeatable. Now, for you to understand why Doctor Fate can beat Superman, let’s look at this fight in a more detailed way.


While not a lot of people know this, Doctor Fate is actually a very strong entity due to the fact that he was meant to be an agent of Order in the universe. As such, he possesses not only magical powers and abilities but super strength as well, considering that he needs to be strong in certain situations when his magic won’t work. And one of the most surprising facts about him is that he has strength that is on par with Superman and Martian Manhunter.


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The greatest thing about Superman is his strength because he has always relied on his strength more than he ever did on his other combat-oriented abilities. Superman is so strong that, at his peak, he has the strength to level mountains or probably even move planets. He can even destroy smaller planets with a single punch due to how immensely strong he is. And there aren’t a lot of DC characters that could match Superman’s strength.


Even though Doctor Fate is described to have a strength level that’s on par with what Superman possesses, the fact is that Superman’s strength feats are nearly unmatched in DC. And Superman can only grow stronger when exposed to yellow sun.

Fate 0, Superman 1

Powers and Abilities

Doctor Fate, as an agent of Order, possesses a lot of different magical powers and abilities. His magic is at a level close to that of a god’s, and that means that he is often considered one of the greatest magical entities in the entire DC universe. He possesses enough magic to combat the incredibly powerful agents of Chaos like Klarion because he is basically magic personified. Fate can even use telepathic and telekinetic abilities. On top of that, Fate has powers over time and space as well.


Superman is one of the most gifted superheroes in DC due to the fact that he possesses a lot of different powers and abilities. On top of his extremely powerful physical abilities, Superman has the ability to fly at incredible speeds that are nearly on par with Flash’s running speed. He can also shoot heat lasers from his eyes and blast his opponents with a breath of cold air that can instantly freeze. Superman also has heightened senses that allow him to see and hear things in the smallest detail possible.

While Superman is gifted when it comes to his powers and abilities, Doctor Fate simply has a lot more powers at his disposal. The fact that Superman is weak to magic is what sways this round to Doctor Fate’s side.

Fate 1, Superman 1


While there aren’t a lot of accounts regarding Doctor Fate’s intelligence, the fact that he is an agent of Order means that his knowledge about the world and all of the inner workings happening throughout the universe is almost unparalleled. In that regard, his intelligence is at a cosmic level, despite the fact that he hasn’t displayed anything close to scientific in terms of the things that he knows.

Doctor Fate Big

Superman may not be as smart as Batman when it comes to strategies, but he has always been a genius in terms of his intellectual capabilities. He isn’t some brute that only relies on his strength as he is quite intelligent due to the fact that Kryptonians are simply a lot smarter than human beings. On top of that, Superman is also quite intelligent in a scientific way because he knows his way around machines.

Superman may be a genius, but it is going to be incredibly difficult for him to match Doctor Fate’s cosmic-level intelligence and knowledge. As such, the agent of Order takes this round again.

Fate 2, Superman 1


Another aspect about Doctor Fate that not a lot of people know is that he is almost invulnerable, as conventional weapons don’t work on him. In fact, he is capable of withstanding attacks from some of the strongest and most powerful entities in the universe due to his invulnerability. Doctor Fate is also immortal as he can exist for thousands of years as long as the helmet has a host body that it can control.

fate vs wotan

One of Superman’s greatest assets is his durability, and that’s why he is called the Man of Steel. He is capable of withstanding almost any attack and weapon imaginable as he is capable of withstanding blows from Darkseid and Doomsday, who are both just as strong or even stronger than Superman. Superman can only be damaged by attacks from entities stronger than him, anything Kryptonite-related, or magic.


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The fact that Doctor Fate is invulnerable and immortal allows him to take this round again. Of course, Superman’s weakness to magic also means that Doctor Fate has an instant advantage over the Man of Steel.

Fate 3, Superman 1

Combat Skills

Even though Doctor Fate relies mostly on his magical powers and abilities, he is also a capable combatant that has basic knowledge of certain martial arts. That means that he can hold his own in a straight-up fight, although he rarely has to do so because he can defeat almost all of his opponents without relying on his physical abilities and combat skills. Still, he is no slouch in a battle.

Superman may have started out as a brawler, but he has since improved as a fighter. He still mostly brawls his way through his fights, but he is knowledgeable in a lot of different martial arts. Superman is still way below Wonder Woman and Batman when it comes to his hand-to-hand combat skills, but that doesn’t take away the fact that he is not a mindless brawler with no knowledge of the martial arts.

superman batman

Doctor Fate is no slouch in hand-to-hand combat but he was never a fighter. Meanwhile, even though Superman was never the most skilled combatant, he has almost always been a close-combat fighter.

Fate 3, Superman 2

Doctor Fate vs. Superman: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Even though Superman may have the advantage over Doctor Fate with his superior physical abilities and combat skills, everything else imaginable goes to the agent of Order’s side. Doctor Fate is just too powerful for Superman to handle, as he has a lot of different powers and abilities to use at his disposal. Of course, the fact that Superman is weak to magic is already a factor that could easily allow Doctor Fate to win against the Man of Steel in a fight.

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