Does Chishiya Die in Alice in Borderland Season 2 or Is He Alive?


Shuntarō Chishiya is one of the most popular characters in Alice In Borderland, and it is easy to see why he is as popular as he is despite the fact that he does have a somewhat cold personality that got Arisu into trouble in the first season. However, in season 2, Chishiya underwent massive character development due to the solo storyline that he got. Nevertheless, he wasn’t there in the final two games of the Borderlands. So, does Chishiya die in Alice In Borderland season 2?

Chishiya survived the events of season 2 of Alice In Borderland. However, he was shot and fatally wounded by Niragi when he took a bullet that was meant for Usagi. Still, he managed to hold on to his life up to the end of the game and was able to make a choice to return to the real world.

The fact that Chishiya survived two gunshot wounds was surprising, considering that it did look like he was dying. Of course, he might have died had Arisu and Usagi taken more time to finish the Queen of Hearts game. Chishiya was lucky enough that his friends were able to clear the final Face card game in time. That said, let’s look at what happened to Chishiya.

What Happened To Chishiya In Alice In Borderland?

Ever since the first season of Alice In Borderland, Chishiya has been one of the most important characters in Arisu’s journey. After all, he is quite possibly the most logical and analytical of all of the players other than Arisu. And that is why he was able to clear a lot of games without even looking at them as life-and-death situations, as he simply saw them in ways that are incredibly logical and perceptive.

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It is Chishiya’s logical approach that allowed him to survive the events of season 1 to get to season 2, where he was seen together with Arisu and the others in their attempt to stay alive from the onslaught of the terrifying King of Spades. Still, he remained cool and calm the entire time despite the fact that he got separated from the others.

After Chishiya got separated from Arisu and the rest of the main characters, he started his own journey of character development. This journey allowed him to meet new people and see familiar faces, all while he was doing his best to finish the different Face card games that he played. In fact, he stayed calm and collected during the dangerous Jack of Hearts game and was able to play into the emotions of Kuzuryu during the King of Diamonds game, which was supposed to be a logical and analytical game.


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It was the King of Diamonds game that was particularly life-changing for Chishiya because it allowed him to see things from a different perspective. He played Kuzuryu’s bluff after he realized that the King of Diamonds game was created for Kuzuryu to see how much life was worth without being the one to determine the worth of a life. That was when he dared Kuzuryu to kill him by choosing 100 during the King of Diamonds game, and this was the instance that allowed the King of Diamonds to stay true to his convictions back in the real world by choosing to save Chishiya and sacrificing himself.

In that regard, when only two Face cards were left, Arisu and Chishiya met up in the middle of the city. Chishiya wanted to have a private moment with Arisu because he wanted to say something that, in his own words, he had never told anyone before. But before they could talk, Chishiya was shot by Niragi, who wanted to settle things with Arisu before he died, as it was clear that the villainous former member of the Beach was dying due to the wounds he sustained back in the Ten of Hearts game.

Usagi appeared to make things more interesting to Niragi because, at that point, he had already tried to rape Usagi twice but failed in both instances. In that regard, instead of trying to kill Arisu, Niragi aimed his gun at Usagi and was about to shoot her. There was indeed a gunshot sound heard as both Arisu and Niragi shot their guns.

But instead of Usagi getting shot by Niragi, it was Chishiya who stepped in to take the bullet from the villain. At that point, he had already taken two shots from Niragi. But the first shot wasn’t enough to keep him down because he was still able to step between Usagi and Niragi’s bullet.

Does Chishiya Die In Season 2?

While it may be true that Chishiya was shot by Niragi after he stepped in to take the bullet that was supposed to be for Usagi, the thing is that Chishiya didn’t die from both of the gunshot wounds he sustained at the hands of Niragi. After he was shot by Niragi, Chishiya was too weak to even stand up, as it was clear that he was dying. However, he didn’t die from both gunshot wounds.

Chishiya was still conscious enough to tell Arisu his flaws as a person, as the only reason why he saved Usagi was that he wanted to do something out of character. It was his experiences in the Borderlands that allowed him to change as a person, and both Kuzuryu and Arisu were two of the people that made him rethink the value of life and whether or not he wanted to continue living in the real world. He seemingly passed out after that.

When the King of Spades game commenced, Arisu and Usagi had the wherewithal to hide the injured Chishiya and even Niragi by the cars so that they wouldn’t become easy targets for the King of Spades. Arisu and Usagi reunited with Kuina and Ann. Kuina asked him if Chishiya was okay, to which Arisu replied that he was, as it was clear that he was lying about Chishiya’s condition.


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At that point, we don’t know whether or not Chishiya had survived his gunshot wounds because he was visibly absent during the events of the King of Spades and the Queen of Hearts games. However, when Arisu and Usagi cleared the Queen of Hearts game, Chishiya was one of the survivors that were given a chance to either stay in the Borderlands as permanent residence or return to the real world. Chishiya, while clearly dying from the fatal gunshot wounds he sustained, decided to decline the invitation to stay in the Borderlands.

Back in the real world, Chishiya was shown as one of the victims of the meteorite strike that killed and injured a lot of people in Shibuya. He was seen in the hospital, just beside Niragi’s bed, as both of them survived the events of the Borderlands but weren’t able to recall what happened there. 

With all that said, Chishiya survived season 2 of Alice In Borderland even though he took a fatal gunshot that was supposed to be for Usagi. Thankfully for Chishiya, Arisu and Usagi cleared the Queen of Hearts game before he died from his gunshot wounds, as he was still conscious enough to make the decision to return to the real world.

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