Does Killua Like Gon in Hunter X Hunter? (& Has Romantic Feelings Toward Him)


Killua and Gon are the protagonists of the series Hunter x Hunter, first meeting during the Hunter Exam to become legitimate hunters, their friendship grows deeper with each episode and the fans are wondering if Killua likes Gon and if he has romantic feelings toward him.

Killua does not have romantic feelings toward Gon, they are more than ordinary friends and they care deeply for each other but their relationship can only be regarded as brotherly.

The rest of the article will cover the relationship between Killua and Gon and why fans assume that Killua has romantic feelings toward Gon despite them being canonical friends. These false ships play a big role in creating a toxic environment and sullying the name of the community.

Does Killua like Gon?

Killua likes Gon, he likes him as a friend, Gon was the first friend he ever had and he cherishes him, he likes to spend time with him because he considers him a good friend. Gon was willing to do whatever it takes to get his friend back, and Killua was more than happy to learn that he had a friend.

Killua and Gon have shown people what it means to care for a brother or a friend, they have been through so many things together and despite what happens, they never stop protecting each other from harm.

Killua often plays the role of a bigger brother and Gon is the playful little brother who doesn’t understand most things but wants to be helpful to everyone around him. Both of them make a perfect team.


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Why do people think Killua likes Gon?

Shy Killua

While there haven’t been any signs of canonical love, you can’t blame people for thinking that Killua has romantic feelings toward Gon, they are clearly more than just ordinary friends.

They have been together for more than 2 years now and have gone through so many life-risking situations, risking their own lives to protect one another, most people would call them a couple already.

When someone cares so much for another person it’s not difficult to assume that they might have feelings of love toward that person, it doesn’t have to be sexual in any way, but the pure feelings of wanting to be in each other’s life give a false idea of love to people.

We have seen Gon going out with older ladies but it’s quite clear that he doesn’t feel anything toward them, he certainly has more feelings toward Killua. And Killua clearly knows more about that stuff than Gon, it is clear that he has an interest in women but the idea of him being gay isn’t off the table, perhaps he’s bisexual?


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Killua is a killing machine and an expert in combat but when it comes to being with people, he’s a socially inept introvert, the idea of romance makes him blush like a little girl, and the only other time he blushes is when he’s receiving compliments from Gon, which might be because he’s lived a solitary life.

He’s willing to put everything on the line if it means Gon is happy, which is the definition of love. Killua is grateful to have met Gon, he cherishes him more than anything in his life, and he’s a completely different person when he isn’t around Gon. It can be argued that he feels as if he owes Gon his life, perhaps that is why he does everything in his power to keep a smile on his face.

He sees Gon as the complete opposite of him, Gon is uppity, optimistic, and someone who inspires others to be better, while he himself is pessimistic. He understands how cruel the world can be and he wants to protect Gon from that world.

Fans also assume that Killua was jealous when Gon decided to take Palm on a date, he followed them around the entire date but let’s be honest, he was only trying to make sure that nothing goes wrong on their date and maybe Palm doesn’t actually make a move on innocent Gon.

I can see why people would assume that Killua has feelings for Gon, both of them have strong feelings toward each other, and even though everything is purely platonic, some fans will always fantasize about these two in a romantic way and nobody have the power to change that.


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Why Killua and Gon ship is bad?

When fans ship platonic characters, it creates a divide between those who want to see them end up together and those who want things to remain the same, and these people take things too far when they try to cancel each other on Twitter.

Things like these sully the reputation of a community, which is why MHA has the worst fanbase of all time, of course, it also creates controversies that don’t end just with character ships.

There is hardly any romance that is worth talking about in Hunter x Hunter, except, of course, we are talking about Hisoka fantasizing about taking on stronger opponents and getting turned on by kids.

In the modern-shounen genre, something like this is quite common, wherever there is a group of friends, some fans can’t help but fantasize about them being together. And lately, this has been getting out of hand which is why most anime communities are always divided.

Most groups on Facebook and communities on Reddit have a rule that everybody is entitled to their ships and no one should hate each other but things always end badly.

It’s nothing new for a bunch of fans to fantasize about male characters having feelings for one another, lots of anime communities have these sorts of people. While the minority of fans feel this way about these characters, the majority of the audience considers this wrong, mainly because there have never been hints of these male characters seeing each other in a romantic way.

People often misinterpreted the brotherly bond between characters and consider them a proper ship even though there haven’t been any signs of canonical love.

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