Does M3GAN Have a Post-credits Scene? Explained


M3GAN came into theaters and displayed massive potential for another James Wan-led horror franchise. There, I said it – we want more of M3GAN! Now, when you say that, it usually means there’s something that hints at a potential sequel, right? So, does M3GAN have a post-credits scene?

M3GAN doesn’t have a post-credits scene, and all the action happens before the credits start rolling. Hence, you don’t need to sit in the theater awkwardly as the lights are already on unless you want to appreciate the names behind the film. That being said, there are hints of a potential sequel.

The hints actually come right at the end of the movie, which ends in the most obvious way you can expect, but still leaves room for a potential sequel. Seeing that reports about a possible sequel emerged even before the movie’s premiere and James Wan’s history of horror franchises, I think it’s safe to say we WILL get more M3GAN. Here’s what we know.

What is M3GAN about?

M3GAN is a new Blumhouse and Atomic Monster Production movie produced by Jason Blum and James Wan. Wan also worked on the story with Akela cooper, while Gerard Johnstone took the directing role.

The movie follows Gemma, a brilliant roboticist, who develops Model 3 Generative Android, aka M3GAN. It’s essentially an AI robot that serves as a life-long companion for any child. Gemma developed M3GAN for her niece, Cady, who recently lost both of her parents in a brutal car crash.

At first, M3GAN works precisely as it was planned – providing help, comfort, advice, and protection for the child. However, there would be no movie if things didn’t go south, right? It doesn’t take long for M3GAN to go off the rails, as her intricate learning programming works far too well.

When Gemma inadvertently gives M3GAN the command to protect cady both ‘mentally and physically,’ M3GAN starts taking it too seriously, killing everybody she sees as even the slightest threat to Cady. It becomes an all-out murder mayhem, making M3GAN somewhat of a modern Chucky. 

Does that mean she’s getting endless sequels like Chucky? That’s highly unlikely, but we could get at least one more! We’ll get to that in a minute.

The story of M3GAN is simple and silly, yet complex and deep, dealing with something as techno-horror-classic as a robot gone bad to something as challenging as loss, grief, and recovery from it. The mix of horror and comedy hit right on the mark, and I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy the movie if you haven’t seen it already.


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Does M3GAN have a post-credit scene?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe kind of got us used to movies having post-credits or mid-credits scenes that either give us another little snippet explaining the story or, more frequently – a hint at a potential sequel. 

That being said, it hardly ever works with horror films, but seeing that M3GAN wasn’t actually pure horror, one could see it work. So, does M3GAN have a post-credit scene?

Unfortunately, there is no mid-credits or post-credits scene in M3GAN, meaning that you don’t have to remain seated during the credits roll – you won’t miss any scenes if you just get up and go your way. 

However, I always encourage people to stay and at least pay some attention to the end credits and all the names rolling because there are tons of people that are involved in movies and are crucial for its development but never get the praise they deserve.

Now, there is no post-credits scene, but that doesn’t mean a sequel wasn’t teased in the movie itself. It was very much teased right at the end of the film. Here’s what happens.

How did M3GAN end?

[WARNING!] Heavy spoilers for M3GAN are ahead! If you don’t want to know how the movie ends, skip this subheading completely!

Near the end of the movie, M3GAN is completely off the rails, and Gemma takes her back to her lab to run tests to see if she can fix M3GAN and her programming. However, they get tricked, and M3GAN blows up the entire lab.

Everything leads back to Gemma’s house, where the creator tries to destroy its creation but is overpowered and beaten to a pulp by M3GAN. In the last second, Cady interferes, but to the viewer’s dismay, it seems for a moment that she’ll actually join forces with M3GAN, helping her end Gemma’s life.

Instead, Cady tricks M3GAN and uses a pair of gloves to control a robot named Bruce and rip M3GAN in half. Yes, M3GAN’s robotic body was dead – especially after Gemma stood up and destroyed its microchip, just to be sure. But was it really the end of M3GAN?

Well, not quite! As Gemma and Cady leave the house escorted by the police, we realize that M3GAN’s AI consciousness uploaded itself into Gemma’s smart home, with the home emitting a light, indicating there has been a change.

Will there be a M3GAN sequel?

The movie’s ending certainly left room for a potential sequel, as we learn that M3GAN’s robot body might have been destroyed, but the consciousness uploaded elsewhere. However, that doesn’t mean the sequel will ever come to fruition. It will highly depend on the movie’s box office numbers and overall success.

That being said, it seems that everything is pointing toward M3GAN getting a sequel in the future. There are several indicators for that. First, James Wan is known for horror franchises. The Conjuring has three sequels and several spin-offs that created the Conjuring Universe, much like Marvel made the MCU.


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Included within that universe, we have three sequels of Annabelle – another killer doll in James Wan’s resume. Not to mention Insidious – one of the most popular horror franchises ever. Pair that with M3GAN’s ambiguous ending, and a sequel is all but guaranteed, especially after positive early reviews and solid box office numbers throughout the first few days of screening.

Finally, the final thing making a sequel highly likely to happen is the fact that Universal Pictures announced they would like a sequel even before the movie premiered worldwide.

In November 2022, New York Times shared that Jason Blum and James Wan plan on merging Blumhouse Productions and Atomic Monster Productions soon, creating a massive ‘horror film factory.’

In the same report, they revealed that Universal was very pleased with how the film turned out and that they had already planned to make a sequel.

So, if you enjoyed M3GAN as much as I did, you really didn’t need a post-credits scene! M3GAN will almost certainly get a sequel, and I can’t wait to see what the horror geniuses have in store for us next!

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