Why Does Makima Want Pochita in Chainsaw Man? Explained

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The world of Chainsaw Man features tons of amazing characters and unique, potentially villainous devils. But Makima and Pochita both taking center stage in their own ways. Makima made it clear that she wanted full control over Denji, although she’s far more interested in the Chainsaw Devil. Leaving many anime fans wondering why Makima wants Pochita in Chainsaw Man.

Makima wanted Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, due to his unique ability to erase devils from existence in the Chainsaw Man universe. She wanted to harness Pochita’s power in the hopes of creating a better world. However, Makima also wanted to be with Pochita and live as a happy family, being the Chainsaw Devil’s number one fan.

While Makima does appear to give Denji a good life, depending on one’s perspective, there is a range of reasons as to why she chose Denji and not another devil-harboring human. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the relationship between Denji and Makima, as well as why Makima wants to get her hands on the Chainsaw Devil so badly.

Why Does Makima Want Pochita in Chainsaw Man?

As the entire Chainsaw Man storyline progresses, it becomes abundantly clear that there are countless characters who want to get their hands on Denji’s hybrid heart, which harbors a believed-to-be-dead Pochita. Pochita took the role of Denji’s heart after saving him from certain death, but it was confirmed that Pochita can still make subconscious communications with Denji in some cases.

pochita denji heart

This means that Pochita is alive and could potentially leave Denji’s body under specific circumstances. Makima has given Denji everything he needs to live (apart from love) such as money, a home, a job, and even the chance to go on vacations with her. But, he is always treated as a pet, and Makima does hold a lot of control over Denji’s life.


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However, it becomes very clear that Makima is not too interested in Denji, despite Denji’s love interest in Makima. Her primary interest is the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita, leading many Chainsaw Man fans to believe that Makima is actually evil – but, although twisted, Makima isn’t evil at all.

“Your necessary evil… is just an excuse to justify your own crimes. Those excuses are unnecessary to society. The truly necessary evils are always kept collared and controlled by the state…I want to use Chainsaw Man… to create a better world.”

Makima actually believes that there are some necessary evils in the world, but many that are perceived as necessary are actually avoidable. She believes that the Chainsaw Devil is the key to altering the world in ways that will be beneficial to everyone.

Pochita’s Secret Power

The main reason behind so many devils in the Chainsaw Man universe wanting Denji’s hybrid heart and Pochita is due to Pochita’s unique and irresistible power. While Pochita is certainly tough as nails with a brutish true form (adorned by multiple chainsaws and even intestines for a scarf), his secondary power is far more powerful.

chainsaw devil

In Chainsaw Man chapter 84, Kishibe actually asks Makima why she wants Denji’s heart when he finally gets a moment alone with her. Makima then explains that the Chainsaw Devil has a really fascinating background, which most people don’t know, and that there is a deeper reason why the Chainsaw Devil is feared by pretty much every devil in the Chainsaw Man world.

“And there’s another reason that he is the devil that devils fear most. The devils that Chainsaw Man eats… Their names are erased from existence. You can’t perceive it, that’s only natural. You see, names that have been eaten are apparently erased from the past, the present, and even individuals’ memories.”

Pochita actually has the ability to completely erase devils from existence, although he is capable of completely destroying some of the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man as well. Pochita’s power had already erased some of mankind’s darkest and most grim moments, making this power incredibly valuable – for bad or for good, depending on who wields it.

In fact, things like World War II, nuclear weaponry, and even volcanic eruptions that caused catastrophic damage to civilizations were all erased by Pochita. These things were a reality in the past, and Pochita did not undo the actual occurrences related to these concepts, but these things are no longer remembered by humanity as a result of Pochita’s powers.

chainsaw man episode 1 ending explained who is makima

Makima seems to be the only one who remembers the concepts erased after Pochita ate the relevant devil, believed to be a result of her Control Devil power. However, even she has a hard time maintaining these memories and they continue to slip from her mind with each passing day.

The devils in Chainsaw Man respond to Pochita’s ability in various ways, some with anger and others using more cowardly tactics to evade being erased. The Chainsaw Devil actually became a marked target by many devils for this reason, while others either try to run and escape and some devils choose to worship Pochita in the hopes of being spared.


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Kishibe does struggle to understand why Makima wants the Chainsaw Devil so badly, even in light of these special abilities. In the same chapter, he asks Makima to elaborate on what she would do with such powers under her belt, and she responds with the following statement.

“I want to use Chainsaw Man to create a better world. Take, for example… Death. War. Hunger. There are many things in this world that humanity would be happier without. With Chainsaw Man’s power, I’ll blot them all out.”

That being said, even Makima admitted that there was only a chance she would successfully get a hold of the Chainsaw Devil and that she was alright with failing – as long as she was eaten by the Chainsaw Devil instead. Makima said that she would see it as an honor to be eaten by Pochita as she was one of the devils who worshipped him, claiming to be the Chainsaw Devil’s number one fan.

Family & Love Interests

Such a statement was pretty ironic considering Denji managed to defeat Makima by consuming her – since this did not break the protective contract she had. It raises questions as to whether Makima was aware of the contract loophole and actually knew that Denji would end up consuming her. Especially since she was brought back in the form of a little girl that quickly joined Denji and Pochita’s family unit.

Being the Control Devil, Makima is incapable of developing a happy family and deep, loving, or meaningful relationships with others. This is something Pochita actually tells Denji, a massive motive as to why Denji is devoted to caring for her reincarnation with as much love as possible.

That being said, many fans believe that Makima was actually in love with Pochita as well, wanting to take the place of his partner. Considering the drastic difference in how Makima treats Denji (who obviously adores her) versus Pochita, it’s quite easy to say that she wanted more.

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It’s possible that Makima always wanted to be with Pochita forever, living a happy and fulfilling life with him. But, it’s still unclear if this is completely romantic since her yearning was always for a family – which is oddly what she ended up getting with Denji and Pochita after she was defeated.

That’s all there is to know about why Makima wanted Pochita in Chainsaw Man, with quotes thanks to the Chainsaw Man Wiki and Double Lasers. Makima may have had some rather questionable behavior and motives, topped with a sinister plan to take Pochita from Denji, but she didn’t get the chance. Still, with Makima being reincarnated in the form of a young girl, fans don’t know if it’s truly the end of Makima’s plan just yet.

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