Chainsaw Man: Here’s Why & When Denji Ate Makima

Did Denji Eat Makima in Chainsaw Man? (& Why?)

The ending of Chainsaw Man was as thrilling and as disturbing as you’d expect, with Power and Makima dying, and Denji becoming a new role in the story in relation to the newly-reincarnated Control Devil. Now, while we’re waiting for the recently-premiered second part of the series to develop Denji’s story further, we wanted to go back to the original ending to explain what exactly happened to Makima. Did Denji eat her or not? Why did her story end as it did? You’ll find all of this and more in our article.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Denji ate Makima in Chapter 96, titled “This Kind of Taste.”
  • After managing to defeat her, Denji indeed does eat Makita’s remains in his apartment; this is not unusual in the world of Chainsaw Man
  • Now, while he could not forgive her for all the atrocities she had committed, he said that he still loved her and wanted to share the burden of their atrocities with her, which is why he ate her as an act of love rather than revenge.

Does Denji eat Makima at the end of Chainsaw Man?

In the final confrontation between Makima and Denji in the concluding chapters of Part 1 of the manga, Makima initiates the battle by covering her injured hand over Denji’s mouth. She proceeds to manipulate the members of public security, levitating them with chains attached to their chests. Denji, in an attempt to break free, decapitates Makima. However, Makima’s head reattaches to her body as she retaliates against Denji.

The intense battle involves Denji trying to strike Makima, who skillfully evades his attacks. Despite inflicting wounds on Makima, she quickly regenerates. The conflict intensifies with Makima delivering a series of punches to Denji’s chest, leading to a final blow. Denji manages to sever Makima’s head, but she retaliates, pushing him back and initiating the process of reattaching her head.

96 5 DenjicutsMakima

In the intense battle’s culmination, as Makima’s head reattaches, she strategically strikes one of Denji’s arms, causing his right arm to detach. Denji retaliates with a chainsaw emerging from his leg, cutting Makima in half. However, Makima swiftly regenerates and inflicts severe damage on Denji, punching through his torso. As Denji’s arms are ripped off, Makima holds his wounded form, pulling Pochita from his body.

She taunts Denji, asserting that he lost to her even without using weapons. Makima questions how she could regain Chainsaw Man, expressing dissatisfaction with Denji’s actions. Despite Denji spitting blood on her face, Makima continues to assert that Chainsaw Man was chosen despite his shortcomings. She proceeds to rip Pochita completely out of Denji’s chest, leaving him motionless and defeated as Makima departs.


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In a surprising turn of events, Denji, now wearing an oversized public safety uniform, approaches the injured Makima. Seizing the opportunity, he takes a chainsaw and cuts her chest, leaving her confused and shocked. As blood spurts from her chest, Makima drops to her knees while Denji stands victorious over her. Denji declares that Makima has finally let her guard down and vows to reclaim Pochita.

Bending down to pick up Pochita, Denji reveals that the dangerous act has depleted all the blood Power granted through their contract. Makima, bleeding from her mouth and nose, questions how Denji is still alive. Denji explains that he was fighting with Pochita the entire time, and his vague memory recalls Pochita’s ability to stand up. As Makima continues to bleed, Denji discloses that the chainsaw he used was made from Power’s blood, and he let it go wild inside her.

With Makima weakened, Denji happily notes the arrival of Kishibe’s van. Apologizing to Makima, Denji directs the chainsaw at her. Later, in his apartment, Denji reflects on Kishibe’s words, expressing hunger and pulling a small box from the fridge. The fridge is filled with various locked boxes, and Denji admits that despite everything, he still loved Makima.

96 16 DenjisMeal

He starts cooking, chopping an onion and frying the pieces, saying he can’t forgive Makima after she killed everyone. He says that’s why he would share the burden of his sins with her and wonders how he would do that. He plays around with the idea of ​​latching onto her with a bomb and committing a double suicide before countering that the attacks did not affect her.

Still, He says that fact made him realize how he can fight and become one with her. Denji finishes preparing his meal, consisting of a small bowl of white rice, miso soup, and a side dish of meat and fried onions with ginger. Denji performs the traditional Japanese Itadakimasu before taking a sip of miso soup and realizing it was pretty good.

He bites into the ginger-fried meat and onions and says it is good. He begins to eat the rice, realizing what he tasted was what Makima tasted like.


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Why does Denji eat Makima?

In a conversation with Kishibe, Denji reveals that he consumed Makima entirely, and she did not revive—neither in his stomach nor in the toilet. When questioned about how he killed her, Denji clarifies that his intention was not to harm Makima. He emphasizes that when he ate Makima and became one with her, it wasn’t an attack but an act of love.

Kishibe, intrigued, suggests that Denji might have accidentally found a way around their contract. He questions Denji about how he managed to attack Makima without her detecting him. Denji explains that he realized Makima only senses people through their sense of smell and not their face. Taking a risk, Denji bet that throughout their time together, Makima only perceived the chainsaw man and never truly noticed him.

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