Does Todoroki Like Deku? Will They Become Friends or More?

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In My Hero Academia, one of the characters we know is important to the storyline due to his relationship with Endeavor is Shoto Todoroki, who is one of the three main characters among the students of UA High School. Considering that he is one of the main characters and is actually Izuku Midoriya’s classmate, we know that he is vital to Deku’s storyline and is one of his most important allies. But what is their relationship? Does Todoroki actually like Deku?

Shoto Todoroki and Izuku “Deku” Midoriya are simply friends and allies. They used to be rivals during the early part of the storyline but eventually became great teammates when they worked together under Endeavor in his hero agency. This is why Deku treats him as a dear ally and friend.

The thing about anime is that a lot of different characters are often shipped together by fans that want to see attractive male characters being in a relationship. My Hero Academia wasn’t spared from that fate as we know that fans want to see Shoto Todoroki with Deku. Nevertheless, they are simply friends and are not going to be in a relationship with one another in the near future.

Does Todoroki Like Deku?

We know that there are a lot of important characters in the entire My Hero Academia storyline, especially because Izuku “Deku” Midoriya is in an entire classroom full of students who all became his allies and friends. But there are only a select few characters among his classmates that are quite close to Deku and are able to keep up with his power. One such character is Shoto Todoroki, who possesses the powers of fire and ice.

Shoto’s storyline in My Hero Academia is important due to how he is the son of Endeavor, who is currently ranked number one in the hero rankings in Japan. There’s also the fact that their stories are related to Dabi, who was secretly Toya Todoroki the entire time. And Deku’s personality of wanting to help the people around him is what allowed him to get involved in this entire storyline.

Izuku vs Shoto

Then again, we know that Todoroki was never someone who showcased his need to be with other people or make friends with his classmates. This was born out of the fact that he was raised in isolation and was the product of his father’s abuses when he was still young. In that regard, he never had any real friends or relationships before he joined UA High School. But does he actually like Deku?


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It was never confirmed that Shoto Todoroki is gay or bisexual. In fact, his sexuality was never hinted at all because of the fact that making friends or forming relationships with people were the least of his priorities. As such, it is unlikely that Shoto likes Deku in a romantic way but it is more than possible that he likes him in a way that is platonic and brotherly in nature.

Of course, on Deku’s part, he likes Shoto Todoroki enough that he is willing to sacrifice himself and interfere in the fight against Dabi during the Paranormal Liberation War arc. That’s because he sees Todoroki not only as a classmate but as a dear friend. At first, they were rivals during the Sports Festival Arc but ended up working together under Endeavor’s hero agency at one point in the storyline. As such, Deku sees him as a friend and ally due to the fact that they went through a lot of things together in their lives.

Then again, Shoto is not one to show his feelings or become vocal about them. He’s more of an aloof person. But he does respect Deku’s strength and ability to keep on fighting, especially when he wants to protect his friends. As such, he also sees Midoriya as a friend that he respects as they went through a lot of things together and because Deku was never shy about his desire to protect everyone around him.

Will Todoroki Get Together With Deku?

Of course, while we do know that Todoroki likes Deku in a manner that’s not sexual or romantic, that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering whether or not they will be in a relationship in the future. This is quite common in the world of anime because fans want to see their favorite male or female characters getting together with other attractive characters of the same sex. So, will Todoroki and Deku get together in the future?


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It is unlikely that Todoroki and Deku will ever get together in the future because there was nothing hinted about the possibility of them being gay or bisexual. In fact, it is possible that they are simply going to stay close friends and will eventually become the allies and friends that All Might and Endeavor never were.

We would like to stress the fact that Todoroki is the son of Endeavor and Midoriya is the successor of All Might. It was that relationship with their predecessors that made Todoroki see Deku as his rival as we know that Endeavor tried his best to surpass All Might his entire life. But we already know that they are now friends that are unlikely to get together due to how platonic their relationship is.

It was also hinted that Deku will end up with Ochaco Uraraka, who is confirmed to be in love with him. That is why Midoriya will most likely enter into a relationship with Uraraka in the future, especially when they get older.

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As for Todoroki, we don’t know for sure what kind of person he likes or whether or not he is someone who is romantically or sexually interested in another person. It is possible that, in the future, he would focus more on his family matters and on helping his parents and siblings with the different things that they are going through regarding Toya. As such, we might not even see Shoto getting together with another person anytime in the future.

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