Who Is Lady Nagant? My Hero Academia’s Next Arc Villain Explained

lady nagant

The Paranormal Liberation War arc has just ended in the storyline of My Hero Academia, and that means that we are now transitioning to the new arc, which is the Tartarus Escapees arc. While we know that All For One still has something to do with this storyline, there is a character that would serve as one of the main enemies that the heroes are going to have to face. That character is Lady Nagant, who will be introduced as one of the more important characters of this storyline. So, who is Lady Nagant in My Hero Academia?

Kaina Tsutsumi, known by her alias of Lady Nagant, is one of the primary antagonists of the Tartarus Escapees arc. She used to be a pro hero but ended up becoming a villain when she was disillusioned by the Public Safety Commission. Lady Nagant killed the president of the Public Safety Commission and was imprisoned.

The best thing about Lady Nagant is that she isn’t an evil character for the sake of evil as there are reasons why she became a villain and a criminal. In a sense, she gives a level of depth to villains because of how her story was able to reveal that not even the heroes are as good as the public sees them. Now, with that said, let’s look at who Lady Nagant is to get to know her story.

Who Is Lady Nagant In My Hero Academia?

We know that the intense Paranormal Liberation War arc is now over, and the pro heroes have lost a lot of good allies in that battle. However, we also know that the villains have lost a lot of their own men as well. Still, the villains succeeded because Tomura Shigaraki woke up stronger than ever and was able to escape the pro heroes.

In that regard, All For One is now looking to take advantage of the tough situation for the pro heroes, whose morale and numbers have been depleted by the Paranormal Liberation War. Of course, we know that All For One’s true body is still in the maximum-security prison for villains called Tartarus, as he is now looking to order his Nomus to break into Tartarus and allow him to escape his prison.

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Of course, the protagonists of the storyline are going to get involved in the Tartarus Escapees arc. While we do know that All For One is still the main enemy of the entire anime, what we also know is that this arc will have new characters that will be introduced into the storyline. One such character is Lady Nagant. So, who is Lady Nagant in My Hero Academia?

Lady Nagant, known by her real name of Kaina Tsutsumi, is one of the villains that are incarcerated in Tartarus and will serve as one of the primary antagonists of the Tartarus Escapees arc. While she may be a villain that’s incarcerated in Tartarus, we know that she used to be a pro hero. And her story from hero to villain is one of the most interesting fall from grace in the entire My Hero Academia narrative.

When she was still young, Kaina was recruited in person by the president of the Hero Public Safety Commission due to her abilities. She was a great sniper because of her Quirk, and this allowed her to excel as a specialist in the world of heroes. While she kept a public face as a pro hero that fans could idolize, her true role was that of a personal assassin for the president of the Public Safety Commission.

Lady Nagant was utilized as an assassin that took down villains that were deemed too dangerous before they could actually do something dangerous. In that regard, she killed villains from a distance and even before these villains actually did something worthy of their deaths. Kaina was seen as a necessary evil for the Public Safety Commission during her time as a hero but the things that she did as an assassin started getting to her because her mental state had become affected.


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The last straw was when the president of the Public Safety Commission told her to kill corrupt fellow heroes, as Kaina wondered whether or not this was necessary. She became disillusioned by the hero world because she knew that heroes were just as capable of committing murderous deeds, especially with the things that she was doing as a murderer. Lady Nagant had become tired of trying to put on a nice public face even though she knew that she was a murderer in secret.

In that regard, the president of the Public Safety Commission threatened her to obey his orders, and that was what led her to kill him. After murdering the president of the public safety commission, Lady Nagant was imprisoned in Tartarus. The new president changed the details behind her incarceration so that she wouldn’t be given the death penalty, as executing a former hero would change the way the public would see pro heroes.

During the Tartarus Escapees arc, she was one of the villains that escaped their incarceration due to the distraction that All For One provided. And it is through this arc that we would see the story behind the villain.

In a sense, due to the fact that she had a troubled past that forced her to kill the president of the Public Safety Commission, she isn’t evil for the sake of evil. Instead, she is a lot like Stain in the sense that she knows that hero society has its flaws. Of course, Lady Nagant is aware of the flaws and corruption within the hero society because she was someone who worked closely with the corrupt people within the organization.

What Are Lady Nagant’s Powers And Abilities?

Even without her Quirk, Lady Nagant’s combat abilities are already exceptional, as she was recognized by All For One for her incredible abilities. In fact, someone like Hawks, who is second only to Endeavor in the pro hero ranks, is afraid of her. As such, she is a skilled combatant and specialist that was able to train her abilities hard enough to reach their peak. She is also incredibly durable as she was able to survive being exploded during the final part of her life.

On top of the fact that she is a great combatant, Kaina is also an exceptional sniper, as not even Snipe, a pro hero that has a Quirk that improves his long-ranged attacks, cannot hope to compete with Lady Nagant’s long-ranged prowess. And the thing about her sniping skills is that they are products of her training and discipline, considering that these are raw abilities instead of abilities that were produced by her Quirk.

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Even without a visible scope, Lady Nagant is able to snipe someone up to three kilometers away, as her eyesight is great enough to allow her to become an excellent long-ranged sniper. And she could snipe regardless of the conditions of the environment.

Kaina’s Quirk is called Rifle, which allows her to create a rifle from her right elbow. She could also use the same Quirk to create all types of bullets that she could use for a wide variety of situations. As such, her Quirk doesn’t even allow her to improve her sniping range but she is the best long-ranged fighter in the entire country.


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On top of her Rifle Quirk, she also has the Air Walk Quirk, which allows her to levitate in mid-air. However, this Quirk was something that was given to her by All For One, as this was her reward for going after Deku herself. 

However, All For One also gave Lady Nagant a self-destruct Quirk that allowed him to explode her remotely. This was his contingency plan in case she would ever reveal his secrets to the pro heroes.

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