Every Version of Mark Grayson in the ‘Invincible’ Multiverse Explained

Every Version of Mark Grayson in the 'Invincible'

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We’re diving into the fascinating world of Mark Grayson, a.k.a Invincible, across the multiverse. If you’re a fan of the ‘Invincible‘ series, you know that Mark isn’t just your average superhero – he’s got countless alternate versions, each with their own unique twists and turns. Let’s explore every version of Mark Grayson and see just how different one character can be in the vast and wild world of comics.

How Many Versions of Mark Grayson Are There?

There are over 20 distinct versions of Mark Grayson in the ‘Invincible’ multiverse. Each one brings something different to the table, whether it’s a twist in personality, a change in allegiance, or a completely unique storyline. From heroic to villainous, these versions show just how diverse a single character’s narrative can be across different universes.

Exploring every version of Mark in Invincible comics

In the ‘Invincible’ comics, the alternate versions of Mark Grayson are as diverse as they are intriguing. Each version represents a unique take on the character, shaped by different circumstances and choices. From different dimensions to varying moral compasses, these Marks offer a fascinating glimpse into the ‘what ifs’ of the superhero world. Let’s dive into each version and see how they stand out in their own right.

Alternate Mark 1

In a universe where he’s closely acquainted with Rex Splode, Alternate Mark 1 shows his ruthless side. He becomes a significant threat during the Invincible War, injuring heroes like Bulletproof and Monster Girl. His showdown with Rex Splode ends dramatically, with Rex sacrificing himself to stop Mark’s villainous rampage.

Alternate Mark 2

This version of Mark engages in a fierce battle with heroes like Kurr Dragon and Mighty Man II. His strength is evident as he takes down multiple adversaries, but his reign of terror is cut short by Savage Dragon, who ultimately kills him. This Mark’s story ends with a grim twist as he’s transformed into a Reanimen, a reanimated soldier.


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Alternate Mark 3

Alternate Mark 3’s story is dark, marked by the killing of his dimension’s Atom Eve. He’s a formidable opponent for mainstream Atom Eve and other heroes, laying waste to Paris before getting stranded in another dimension. His actions show a chilling disregard for life, making him one of the more menacing Marks.

Alternate Mark 4

This version faces a tragic beginning, having killed his mother and witnessing his father destroy their childhood home. During the Invincible War, he confronts Oliver Grayson, challenging him to prove his worth as a hero. His journey ends in Sydney, where he joins other surviving Marks, sharing a twisted satisfaction in seeing his childhood home again.

Alternate Mark 5

Distinguished by his mustache, Mark 5 meets a quick end at the hands of a female superhero. His story doesn’t end there, though; he is later converted into a Reanimen, continuing his existence in a twisted new form.

Alternate Mark 6

Mark 6’s narrative is a collision of familiar and new. He battles the Cyberforce and faces the mainstream Mark and Atom Eve, critically injuring Eve in the process. His story ends at the hands of the mainstream Mark, in a bloody but decisive conclusion.

Alternate Mark 7

In this universe, Mark 7 takes a dark path, killing his father and donning a costume reminiscent of Omni-Man. His battles with heroes like Shadowhawk and Madman highlight his power, but his life ends at the hands of Madman’s unique weapon – a deadly Yo-Yo. Like some of his counterparts, he is later transformed into a Reanimen.

Alternate Mark 8

Mark 8’s story is marked by irony and a cruel twist of fate. Known for wearing Viltrumite attire, he ironically ends up killing and then fighting Spawn, a character he had previously defeated in his own dimension. His journey through destruction leads him to an alternate dimension, where he participates in a grim survival scenario, ultimately meeting a violent end at the hands of his fellow Marks.


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Alternate Mark 9

This version of Mark Grayson stands out for his choice of attire, wearing Bulletproof’s rejected costume. His arrival is delayed, and his fate is sealed in the White Room, where he’s strangled by militarized Reanimen. His body, too mutilated for conversion, marks a grim end to his story.

Alternate Mark 10

In a brutal encounter, Mark 10 faces off against Sara Pezzini. Though he inflicts severe injuries on her, she ultimately emerges victorious, ending his story in a violent confrontation that highlights the inherent dangers these heroes face.

Alternate Mark 11

Known for his veiny head, Mark 11’s narrative is a tragic homage to Anakin Skywalker’s story in ‘Star Wars.’ After enduring imprisonment in a Viltrumite prison, he embarks on a path of vengeance, laying waste to Moscow before being stranded in an alternate dimension with other surviving Marks.

Alternate Mark 12

Mark 12’s tale is one of dominance and demise. He easily overpowers the Guardians of the Globe, displaying a terrifying level of strength. However, his victory is short-lived as he is taken into the Shadowverse by Darkwing, where he meets his end in a final, fatal battle.

Alternate Mark 13

Alternate Mark 13, donning Flaxan attire, makes a bold move by attacking the Pentagon. However, his campaign is short-lived as he’s taken down by Brit and Donald Ferguson, with Cecil Stedman also playing a role in his defeat. Markedly, this version of Mark is not converted into a Reanimen due to the extent of his injuries, marking a definitive end to his story.

Alternate Mark 14 (Mohawk Mark)

Mohawk Mark’s journey is a tale of realization and conquest. After growing close to Atom Eve, a series of events leads him to understand his difference from humans. He turns his back on protecting Earth, instead seeking to rule it. His path of destruction sees him becoming emperor of the Viltrumites, leading to a reign marked by tyranny and resistance. This version of Mark Grayson represents a stark deviation from the hero’s usual persona.

Alternate Mark 15

In this reality, Mark 15’s story is marked by irony. Without a Tech Jacket in his dimension, he ironically faces and is ultimately defeated by Zack Thompson (Tech Jacket) in the mainstream dimension. This unexpected power dynamic highlights the unpredictability of the multiverse.

Alternate Mark 16 (Sinister Mark)

Sinister Mark’s backstory is filled with tragedy and malevolence. His descent into darkness, marked by his mother’s death and a general evil disposition in his dimension, leads him to become a notoriously cruel figure. His journey involves cannibalism, empire-building, and a participation in the Invincible War. His story is a grim reminder of how circumstances can shape a character into something entirely sinister.


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Alternate Mark 17

Alternate Mark Seventeen’s story unfolds in the backdrop of London, where he engages in a fierce battle with Jackstaff, even setting Big Ben on fire. His combat prowess is evident, but like many of his counterparts, his journey ends when he’s stranded in an alternate dimension. This version of Mark showcases the global impact these alternate versions have had in their respective dimensions.

Alternate Mark 18

Mark 18’s narrative is short but intense. He bears a striking resemblance to Mark 10, but meets a gruesome end in a battle with Pitt. The manner of his death, with Pitt brutally killing him mid-air, speaks to the harsh realities these versions of Mark face in their respective universes.

Alternate Mark 19

The story of Mark 19 is intriguing due to its subtleties. His appearance, similar yet distinct from Mark 2, suggests a different narrative path. His actions lead to devastation in Tokyo, but like many of his counterparts, his journey ends when he becomes stranded in another dimension. The existence of Mark 19 adds another layer to the complex tapestry of Mark Grayson’s alternate versions.


The Reani-Marks are a group of Mark Graysons who, after falling in battle, were transformed into Reanimen. This transformation raises questions about the fate and number of Alternate Marks in the Invincible War, suggesting that more than twenty might have participated. The existence of the Reani-Marks adds a haunting aspect to the story, as these versions of Mark continue to exist in a twisted, reanimated form.

Other Alternate Marks

In addition to those who fought in the Invincible War, there are other alternate versions of Mark Grayson mentioned throughout the series. These include a Mark who helps his father conquer Earth, one who is killed by the Mauler Twins, another who survives for fifteen years in a harsh alternate dimension, and one who turns evil after a personal tragedy. These Marks further illustrate the diverse narratives possible in the ‘Invincible’ multiverse, each with its own set of circumstances and outcomes.

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