Fans Rally Behind Wookieepedia Amid Star Wars Theory Controversy

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If you’re a Star Wars fan who’s been offline for the past two weeks, you’ve missed quite a bit of drama. The controversy escalated in the fandom following the release of episode 4 of ‘The Acolyte.’

Even before its release, ‘The Acolyte’ was highly controversial. Part of the fandom reacted negatively to its female-led premise, and statements from the cast and crew only added fuel to the fire.

In short, Episode 4 featured a cameo by Ki-Adi-Mundi, a character from ‘The Phantom Menace.’ According to some unofficial sources (at this stage), Mundi shouldn’t have even been born during the events of ‘The Acolyte,’ and his species doesn’t typically live long enough for him to be alive during the High Republic era.

Following the episode’s release and the significant backlash over this potential “canon-breaking” event, Wookieepedia editors removed Mundi’s age and birthdate from his page. This action was noticed by Star Wars Theory, a prominent Star Wars YouTuber, during his live watch party of Episode 4.

Star Wars Theory urged his fans to “fix Wookieepedia,” which exacerbated the situation. Wookieepedia reported alleged vandalism and received death threats directed at staff members from individuals claiming to be sent by him.

While online threats are sadly common, ranging from memes to serious issues, Wookieepedia didn’t present evidence of these incidents occurring or that Star Wars Theory explicitly encouraged such behavior. Consequently, Star Wars Theory threatened to escalate the dispute further.

Niatoos Dadbeh stated in his video that he is prepared to pursue legal action against the site for defamation. The site claimed he was responsible for sending fans to engage in negative actions and that his fanbase was issuing death threats.

In an expected twist, Dadbeh himself began receiving death threats and provided ample evidence of this.

The situation has become chaotic, with both factions of fans going to extremes in their support.

Following these events, the hashtag #WeStandWithWookieepedia began trending as fans showed strong support for the site.

Regardless of where you stand, it’s reassuring to see that amidst the polarization surrounding ‘The Acolyte’ and the concept of canon, the majority of the fandom condemns online harassment.

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