Frieren: 5 Facts To Know about the Holy Emblem

Frieren: 5 Facts to Know About the Holy Emblem

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has perfectly combined Japanese fiction’s artistry with Western fiction’s tropes to create a wonderful fantasy work that is extremely popular worldwide, and for a good reason. Although the story builds on Western fantasy tropes, it gives them a specific Japanese touch that makes Frieren truly beautiful. One of the most important elements of the series is magic, and this article will be dedicated to one aspect related to magic. Namely, before the First-Class Mage Exam started, Frieren showed off her old Holy Emblem and since then, fans have been discussing it. In order to provide you with more information about this specific artifact, we have decided to provide you with some facts about it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Holy Emblem is a special artifact from a long time ago that certified someone’s status as a Mage. It is a very old form of certification and only the most knowledgeable Mages know what it represents.
  • Frieren has had this Emblem since before she joined Himmel’s party and has been carrying it as proof of her skills and her status. This is why she did not bother to join any contemporary magic guild.
  • Although it holds no value under the current certification system, when Lernen recognized it, he nevertheless allowed Frieren to sign up for the First-Class Mage Exam, despite her not having a rank.

Fact #1: A Holy Emblem is worthless in the current Certification System

When Frieren and Fern came to sign up for the First-Class Mage Exam, Fern was persuaded by Frieren to sign up, while Frieren herself did not want to do it. After some negotiating, Frieren said that she wasn’t even certified under the current system and that she could not sign up. She then showed the Holy Emblem, which no one recognized save for Lernen, who allowed Frieren to enter because of it. So, despite having enormous historical value, the Holy Emblem is worthless under the current certification system. Had it not been for Lernen and his knowledge, she would not have been allowed to enter.


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Fact#2: It is considered to be an antique, but it evokes fear and respect

The Holy Emblem that Frieren had with her was old and rusty, but not just that – it was considered to be an antique. Fern said the exact same thing when she first saw it, and a flashback scene revealed that Himmel, Heiter (who was a Priest aligned with the Holy City of Strahl), and Eisen (a Dwarf who had lived for more than a century back then) also had no clue what it was and they also referred it to a “rusty old thing”. Lernen was the only one who recognized it, but that is because he was very knowledgeable about magic and its history, not because he was particularly old. Even Frieren herself said she was surprised that someone had recognized it.

Fact#3: It held enormous value in the old days and was quite impressive

We don’t actually know how important or valuable the Holy Emblem was, but we do know that it was very important when Frieren was younger, probably several centuries ago. Frieren herself spoke of having it as an impressive feat (despite no one realizing how impressive it was that she had it) and when Lernen looked at it and confirmed its authenticity, he not only allowed Frieren to enter the exam (proving that the Holy Emblem did, indeed, mean a lot), but he was also a bit afraid of it.

Fact#4: Frieren has had it since before teaming up with Himmel, Heiter, and Eisen (by the way, none of them knew what it was)

As for when Frieren actually received it, this is an unknown fact. We do know that she had it during her adventures with Himmel’s party roughly a century ago, but since no one of them – Eisen included – recognized it, we deduce that it was much older. The fact that it had rusted by the time also confirms this. We assume that Frieren has had it for several centuries at least and that it is a remnant of Flamme’s age.

Fact#5: Because of it, Frieren did not want to join any magic guild, but it proved she was a Mage

The Holy Emblem is, as Frieren confirmed it, proof of her status as a Mage. It was, obviously, the most important form of certification a long time ago, and from what we could gather, only the most skilled Mages could receive a Holy Emblem; it wasn’t just handed out to anyone and it could be compared to a First-Class Mage certification, although there is a chance that it was even more important than that. Because of it, Frieren did not bother joining any magic guild, as the Holy Emblem was proof enough of her skills and abilities.

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