Frieren: Flamme’s Mana Suppression Ability Explained!

Frieren: Flamme's Mana Suppression Ability Explained!

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has perfectly combined Japanese fiction’s artistry with Western fiction’s tropes to create a wonderful fantasy work that is extremely popular worldwide, and for a good reason. While the protagonists are the story’s focus, in this article, we will discuss another character who is closely related to Frieren’s story in the manga. The character we are talking about is the mage Flamme, and this article will focus on one of her trademark abilities, one which she also taught to Frieren while she was training her, and that is her ability to suppress her Mana and seem weaker than she actually is.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Flamme was an exceptionally powerful mage who, in the eyes of her opponents, seemed to be weak. This is because she was able to suppress her Mana and act weaker than she was.
  • Flamme did that because she realized that Demons were simply “monsters that could talk”, and that they were vile and deceitful creatures who would trick and kill their enemies in the blink of an eye. That is why she pretended to be weaker so they would underestimate her.
  • Despite that, she was exceptionally powerful and was able to defeat all of her opponents, surviving until she died of old age. The demons, ironically, detested this ability and found it disgusting.

Flamme was an exceptionally powerful mage

It was seen, in the series, that Flamme, who was one of the most powerful mages in the series, actually seemed to be quite weak in front of others. When she visited Frieren’s village after Frieren defeated Basalt, her Mana seemed to be much weaker than Frieren’s, but then Frieren remarked that she had a feeling that Flamme was actually quite strong.

And she was right. As it was soon revealed, Flamme actually used a very special ability to hide the true level of her Mana, thus hiding her true powers. This ability is called Mana Suppression, and it is the ability that Flamme taught to Frieren, who in turn, taught it to Fern.

Mana Suppression requires a lot of effort to maintain for a longer period. Frieren said that every Elf could do it, but not for a long period, as it required a lot of effort on their side. Flamme then told her that she wanted her to keep it suppressed all the time; this initially shocked Frieren, but she accepted, and Flamme taught her how to do so, which was exceptionally important in her later fights.

Now, why does someone as powerful as Flamme suppress her Mana? Well, Flamme fought Demons, and she realized Demons were vile creatures who did not care for fairness. So, to trick them, she decided to suppress her mana so that her opponents would underestimate her, giving her a serious tactical advantage in battle, an advantage she would often use in battle.


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Why do demons find Mana suppression disgusting?

Now, we have explained Flamme’s Mana suppression ability to you, and you now know just how and why she was doing it. It had a very important role in her fight against demons, and Flamme applied this method to make herself look weaker so she could trick her opponents into underestimating her. Frieren herself said it was an underhanded method, but Flamme immediately acknowledged it, saying that she knew her approach was not fair, but both of them agreed that demons were wicked and vile creatures that did not deserve fair treatment.

Flamme also remarked that Demons were very proud mages and that they were very proud of their magic. This is why they respected strong opponents despite the fact that they wanted to kill them. When Lugner fought Fern, he realized that Fern had used the same trick as Frieren and Flamme, and it was later revealed, during Frieren’s battle with Aura, that Flamme taught Frieren how to suppress her mana and for what purposes.

When Lugner deduced that, he called the trick disgusting as it was a clear deception. This was quite ironic since demons themselves based their approach on deceiving their opponents, but when it came to magic, as we’ve said, demons were exceptionally proud. Everyone who did not show the true power of magic was, to them, a disgusting fraud. And that is why they detested Flamme, Frieren, and Fern – out of a very misplaced sense of pride that was more ironic than anything else, but it shows just what kind of creatures they are.

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