Frieren: Who Is Basalt the Throne & What Happened to Him? Does He Die?

Frieren: Who is Basalt the Throne & What Happened to Him? Does He Die?

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has perfectly combined Japanese fiction’s artistry with Western fiction’s tropes to create a wonderful fantasy work that is extremely popular worldwide, and for a good reason. While the protagonists are the story’s focus, in this article, we will discuss a villain who appeared relatively early into the story and whose story is connected to Frieren’s past. The character in question was Basalt the Throne, a powerful Demon King’s Army general. This article will tell you what happened to the vile demon and how his story in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End played out.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Basalt the Throne is a secondary antagonist in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. He was a powerful demon who was a high-ranking general in the Demon King’s army and was responsible for eliminating Elves upon his master’s orders.
  • Basalt the Throne was responsible for the attack on Frieren’s village, in which her family and friends were slaughtered, and her home ended up being destroyed.
  • Frieren was the only survivor of the attack, and she managed to use her enormous powers to defeat and kill Basalt the Throne, thus ending his story in the series.

Basalt the Throne was responsible for the massacre in Frieren’s village

Interestingly enough, the story of Basalt the Throne is directly and exclusively related to Frieren’s. This is why we will go back in time and start this article off with the story of Frieren’s past, as Basalt played a major role in that period of her life, but the young Frieren also played a major role in Basalt’s life. So, to understand how the two are connected, we will reveal what happened in the past.

We can confirm that Frieren is over a millennium old, even though the precise number has not been disclosed. She was born in an Elven village more than a millennium ago. When she was a child, the Demon King’s minions attacked her village and murdered her parents because he had given the command to kill all Elves. She managed to survive as a youngster and was eventually discovered by Flamme, who adopted her as her own and hired her as an apprentice.

Frieren became an exceptionally powerful and skilled mage, which is a fact, considering that she learned from Flamme, who is an exceptionally powerful mage and is credited as one of the most powerful mages in the history of the lore of Frieren. Were she not powerful, there is no way that Frieren would’ve become so skilled as her apprentice.


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So, how is all of this connected to Basalt the Throne? Well, initially, it was not revealed who attacked Frieren’s village. We knew it was a minion of the Demon King, but no details had been provided at the time. But, as the story progressed, we not only learned about the event, we also saw exactly who attacked Frieren’s village and who killed her friends and family. It was none other than – Basalt the Throne, a powerful general from the Demon King’s army. So, what do we know about Basalt?

Sadly, Basalt’s story is confined exclusively to the story we’ve seen in this flashback, and aside from that, we don’t really know much about Basalt. Still, even the scarce information we have from Frieren’s past is enough for us to actually compose a proper story for you and reveal more about this interesting and seemingly quite powerful demon, who was a major threat in the series.

So, Basalt is a powerful general from the Demon King’s army. He is a large demon wearing a knight’s armor. He had two trademark horns and long brown hair, but his face and other features were hidden behind his armor, so we don’t really know what he looked like; when we saw a closeup of his face, he had already been dead. He was very tall and seemingly quite powerful, and he also carried with him a very large sword with which he would attack his opponents. It is unknown whether he was able to use magic or whether he simply preferred not to use it and relied on his powerful sword.

At an unknown point in the past, the Demon King ordered his minions to kill all Elves, and as part of his mission, Basalt the Throne arrived in Frieren’s village. As we could see, Basalt slaughtered and destroyed the whole village, killing numerous Elves and destroying their homes. It was a true massacre that proved just how powerful and ruthless Basalt was. But, as Flamme arrived at the village, she observed that Basalt was dying and that there was one survivor from his attack.

The survivor was a young female elf whom we immediately recognized as Frieren. Although she was young and inexperienced at the time, her strength was such that she could defeat and kill such a powerful demon, which impressed even Flamme. She then decided to heal Frieren and take her with her to make her her apprentice. And that is how Basalt’s story ended.

We don’t know any additional details, as the character has a very secondary role in the series, but we do know that he is an important part of the role, and that is why we have presented his story to you here.


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If the authors decide to revisit Basalt’s story later, we are, of course, going to update this article with more information, but as far as the current state of things is concerned, this is all we have for you, and we hope that we’ve helped you understand Basalt’s role a bit better.

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