Goku VS Goku Black: Who Would Win?

Goku VS Goku Black: Who Would Win?

Though Goku is considered the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball Universe, he sometimes gets overpowered and defeated by some major villains. There are also instances where some of the major villains in the story are defeated by one of Goku’s friends or family instead. One notable instance was when Vegeta defeated Goku Black to ultimately end their killing spree. This notable instance oftentimes leads to the question of whether Goku is capable of beating Goku Black one-on-one.

If power levels are being discussed, Goku has a high chance of actually defeating Goku Black all by himself, especially with his latest Ultra Instinct form. However, Goku Black is known to have received training from the Kais, which is why Goku might still need the help of others.

That’s why I am going to discuss all of the important features of Goku and his evil doppelganger’s powers. I will also show why Goku is capable of defeating Goku Black. After all, many fans believe that if Vegeta can defeat an enemy in the series, then why Goku can’t? They have almost the same levels of power, as well as the same level of determination that only seemed different due to their contrasting personalities.

Goku And His Powers

Goku VS Goku Black: Who Would Win?

Goku is a Saiyan, and thus has the strength that’s superior to any human. But due to his determination to train harder to protect his loved ones, Goku has attained a power that’s even more than Saiyans as of now. As of the latest events in both the anime and the manga, Goku might even rival most of the gods and angels in the series someday. 

This physical strength includes superhuman powers that made him unkillable against the most destructive attacks, such as attacks by his enemies that can destroy cities and even planets. His durability is at a universal level, as he can withstand the forces of the Universe without dying. 

But take note that Goku can still receive damage, as he is still a mortal that’s living below the realms of the gods and angels in the series. Thus, he can still get injured, or even get sick as shown in the Cell Saga. Bullets are an easy thing for Goku to catch and evade at the same time. But it is shown that he can still get hurt with it when he’s off-guard but not severely injure or kill him. 

Gladly, the fact about Goku vs ammunition is proven to be irrelevant in the series, since Goku has heightened senses. His superior senses came from the fact that he is a Saiyan, and due to his intense training throughout the series. Also, he has willpower strong enough for him to survive multiple times in battles and other situations. This was proven in his fight against Jiren when he was severely injured and is already getting tired from the intense battle.

As of now, Goku’s overall abilities were proven to be superior enough to match godlike powers, as seen in the Tournament of Power. His fight against Jiren was considered the most intense battle that he ever had, and also the one that showed his full potential as of the latest events.

Through the mastery of Ki and Kaio-ken, Goku learned how to use his energy as a means to attack his opponents. This granted him the ability to use his signature move: the Kamehameha. He also mastered Ki enough to the point of attaining Godly Ki when he trained with the gods. This granted him godlike powers that gave him the ability to turn into the Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue. 

As of now, Goku has attained the ability to use Ultra Instinct, an ability present in some angels and gods. This made him capable of fighting outside his mind and emotions, transcending his power even further, and gave him a new form as well. This implies that Goku has unlimited potential, and might even improve his Ultra Instinct further as the series progresses. 

As for his miscellaneous abilities, Goku is also known to use special abilities related to Ki such as the means to sense and transfer it. He also knows Energy Nullification, and the ability to use Instant Transmission through spirit control. He also has a good heart, making him capable of channeling the spirits of other mortals to use Spirit Bomb, one of his strongest and most destructive abilities that can cleanse evil.

Goku Black and His Powers

Goku VS Goku Black: Who Would Win?

Goku Black, originally known as Zamasu, is a Supreme Kai apprentice residing in Universe 10. He is a natural prodigy in fighting even before he took over the appearance of Goku. A prime example of his strength was his capability to move around the Super Dragon Balls, which have the same size as a planet.

Knowing that Zamasu is a Supreme Kai is already a testament that he is a powerful being. Some of Supreme Kai’s powers are truly mighty and godlike since they are Gods of creation in the series. But still, it does not mean that they are stronger than the Angels and Gods of Destruction. With this ability, along with taking over Goku’s actual body, and thus his abilities and strength, Zamasu has attained an exponential growth in power as Goku Black.

Goku Black has all of Goku’s abilities such as all the strength he accumulated during his multiple intense pieces of training. It also gave him the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan, which granted him access to a unique form that’s exclusive to him – dubbed Super Saiyan Rose. But in his base form, Goku Black is proven to be a formidable opponent for Goku and his friends, including Future Trunks.

Goku Black in his base form is capable of defeating Future Trunks in his Super Saiyan 2 form. Future Trunks further proved this fact by comparing the strength of base Goku Black to the original Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 form. Though it was shown that Goku Black got exhausted after fighting Goku in Super Saiyan 2 form, it was revealed that Goku Black was not using his full power at that time.

However, Goku Black’s fight with the real Goku improved his strength and even learned Goku’s fighting style, which also augmented his powers. As a result, he became fast enough to catch Vegeta off-guard during the first parts of their fight. What’s also amazing about this is that he still had the upper hand against Vegeta when the latter turned Super Saiyan Blue. 

Then upon transforming into the Super Saiyan Rose, he easily defeated Vegeta by catching him off-guard with a surprise attack that looks like a blade that pierced the Saiyan. When Goku Black used the Super Black Kamehameha, Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form and Trunks in Super Saiyan 2 got defeated easily due to the sheer power it contained. 

But that’s not all. Upon realizing that Saiyans can grow in power through anger, Goku Black did the same by using his anger against the whole Universe. This boosted his God Split Cut attack, where it even turned into a scythe-like attack that can create a rift through space in just one use. This just proved that Goku Black’s power is way stronger than Goku’s abilities, as it’s a combination of Kai’s natural ability and Goku’s well-trained, monstrous power.

Goku vs Goku Black: Who Would Win?

Goku might prove to be less to no match against Goku Black in base form, even if Goku uses his Super Saiyan Blue. It will require the intervention of literally all his friends to defeat Goku Black, though most (if not all) will get defeated or killed in the process. Take note that even Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue was proven to be no match against this hybrid of a Kai and Saiyan. Also, Goku Black only got defeated through a surprise attack made by Future Trunks and Vegeta when Goku Black was too busy trying to kill Goku.

If there is one thing that might gain an upper hand against Goku Black, it will be Goku’s new form: the Perfected Ultra Instinct form. After all, this form can move and fight in a manner that’s “independent” from a fighter’s mind and feelings. With Goku mastering this complicated ability, he can have an upper hand even against Goku Black’s Super Saiyan Rose form, or even against Goku Black and Zamasu’s Fused form. 

Notably, Ultra Instinct Goku might be on par with Goku Black when pitted in a one-on-one duel, and without any moral codes. Ultra Instinct Goku could be just the same as Goku Black as it gives the Saiyan hero a power akin to the gods, combined with Goku’s very strong physique and fighting skills. But other than that, I can conclude that Goku Black always has the upper hand against Goku, and will never be a match if they fight one-on-one without Ultra Instinct. 

Goku Black is considered as one of the enemies that Goku had the hardest time defeating, as he can be regarded as a Kai, and Goku cannot defeat a Kai during the timeline of the Future Trunks Saga. Thus, Goku needs the help of others to ultimately defeat this monster.

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