Goku vs. Goku Black: Who Is More Powerful & Who Wins the Fight?

goku black vs mui goku

The world of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is a truly majestic one. Based on the Journey to the West, a classic Chinese novel, the series has expanded and is now a completely standalone fictional universe in its own right. As the series is based on martial arts and fighting, it is understandable that we have had many comparisons involving Dragon Ball characters, and this article will be such an article. In this article, we will compare two iterations of the same character, the protagonist, as we will tell you who would win in a fight between Goku and Goku Black.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • With his enormous potential and skills, Goku is thought to be the strongest character in the series.
  • Goku Black is a villain from Dragon Ball who is actually Zamasu; he is not even Goku; he just stole Goku’s body from Future Trunks’ timeline and then introduced himself as Goku Black. He is an exceptionally powerful villain.
  • Although Goku Black was initially more powerful than Goku, Goku has since grown, and with Ultra Instinct, he is now significantly stronger than Goku Black.

Power level

While Goku has changed greatly throughout the course of the series, we now know that his present form (MUI) is equivalent to an angel in Dragon Ball; remember, angels are stronger than even the Gods of Destruction. He was able to compete with some of the most formidable beings in the multiverse while in this form, demonstrating the tremendous degree of strength he possesses. Actually, the amount of power shown in this version of Goku was sufficient to show that a Jiren with full power could not defeat him. He was strong enough to compete with extremely strong characters in the manga, such as Moro and Granolah.


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Upon his introduction, Goku Black displayed incredible strength. Zamasu possessed the capacity to match Goku’s strength and was currently the strongest Kai in history. However, after assuming control of Goku’s body, he gradually developed extraordinary strength to the point where his basic form outclassed Future Trunks’ Super Saiyan 2. According to Future Trunks, Base Goku Black is at least as powerful as Goku after transforming into Super Saiyan 3.

Before MUI Goku appeared, there was no doubt that Goku Black was more powerful than any of Goku’s old forms, but now that we have MUI Goku, Goku Black doesn’t stand much chance.

Points: Goku 1, Goku Black 0

Techniques and abilities

Goku is one of the best martial artists in the series, and we know that he has evolved as a character throughout the series and that he has mastered different styles and techniques. But his currently strongest form, MUI Goku, is simply something else. Any kind of martial artist cannot get a hit on Goku because MUI enables him to instinctively know when to dodge and counterattack.

We knew that Goku Black was powerful, but upon assuming his Super Saiyan Rosé form, Goku Black gained immense strength, which allowed him to effortlessly overcome Vegeta and Goku during their Super Saiyan Blue transformations. He used his own ki to summon an energy sword weapon, which he used to inflict a lethal wound on Vegeta.

Again, before MUI, this point would have gone to Goku Black, but with Goku knowing Ultra Instinct, even Super Saiyan Rosé wouldn’t greatly help Goku Black.

Points: Goku 2, Goku Black 0


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Son Goku’s legendary combat prowess has been emphasized several times throughout the series. When he arrived on his present home planet, he was just a young lad, but throughout time, he has shown that he has incredible potential. Since Goku grows stronger with every battle and it has been theorized that his potential is (almost) limitless, we assume that he will be able to surpass MUI and possibly even reach close to Zeno.

As for Goku Black, we knew that Zamasu was already the strongest Kai in his timeline, but upon absorbing Goku’s body, he became even stronger. This means that his potential has also increased, and while he cannot measure up to Goku’s potential, he is still an exceptionally powerful character.

Goku’s potential is the highest in the series, so there is no doubt that he also surpassed Goku Black in this category.

Points: Goku 3, Goku Black 0

Goku Black was initially more powerful than Goku, but that is now a thing of the past

As we have explained in our analysis above, Goku Black was initially much stronger than Goku, which is why he was able to beat both him and Vegeta when he first appeared. However, Goku did not have Ultra Instinct and was not as powerful as he is now. Based on the current level of their powers and abilities, Goku has surpassed Goku Black and is significantly stronger.

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