Does Golf with Your Friends Have Local Multiplayer Co-op or Split Screen?

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Video games inspired by sports have been classics for ages, and golf is no exception. Golf with Your Friends has become a fairly popular golfing/ mini-golf video game over the past couple of years, promising a great gameplay experience. But, many players have been wondering how local multiplayer works in the game, specifically concerning co-op and split screen.

Golf with Your Friends has a split screen ‘co-op’ function, but it is not available in local multiplayer. Local multiplayer is available, but players are required to make use of one controller, taking turns with a “hot-seat” type of setup.

While the entire situation surrounding local multiplayer in Golf with Your Friends can feel perplexing, there are still a few aspects within the game that can offer a pretty good experience. Stick around to find out how you can play Golf with Your Friends in multiplayer mode, as well as which multiplayer features are available in the game.

Golf with Your Friends

Golf with Your Friends is a classic golfing game, more similar to mini-golf, developed by Blacklight Interactive, published by Team17, and released back in 2020. It’s available for a range of platforms and includes several fun mini-golf courses for players to get through.

Does Golf with Your Friends Have Split Screen?

Golf with Your Friends is as straightforward as the title describes, with the purpose of allowing gamers and golf fanatics to play their favorite sport in the company of others whether in person or online.

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As per the Golf with Your Friends Steam description, the game does have a split screen function. But, its use is somewhat limited.

Does Golf with Your Friends Have Co-op?

Originally, the developers had only intended to create a sort of ‘hot seat’ scenario during gameplay with the use of one controller and taking turns hitting the golf ball. But, understandably, there were many players that were not quite up for this sort of setup.

The developers did, however, take all of the player requests into account to an extent, choosing to make some adaptations to the game. The split screen ‘co-op’ function was added not too long after, although playing Golf with Your Friends multiplayer online is still the most preferred option overall.


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With that being said, the ‘co-op’ aspect of Golf with Your Friends primarily stems from having to play together – not necessarily in the same light as most of the best co-op games out there. Classic co-op is not supported at all in Golf with Your Friends.

How Many Players Can Play Golf with Your Friends?

Golf with Your Friends offers numerous multiplayer courses that can be played by up to 12 players. This limit applies to both Golf with Your Friends online and Golf with Your Friends local play.

Does Golf with Your Friends Have Local Multiplayer?

While most players choose to stick with multiplayer online, there is definitely something truly special about playing video games with friends in person. Fortunately, Golf with Your Friends does have a local multiplayer mode, and many players have been eager to try out Golf with Your Friends using local multiplayer instead.

What Is The Golf with Your Friends Local Multiplayer?

While the split screen feature is available in Golf with Your Friends, it seems to be unavailable in local multiplayer – not everyone’s cup of tea. As mentioned earlier, the Golf with Your Friends local multiplayer revolves around players only being able to use one controller at a time – requiring friends to pass around the controller and take turns with some hot-seat action.


Many players feel like the entire structure of local multiplayer somewhat goes against the feel that the title and description give off, as it is kind of similar to a single-player mode game when playing it with others in person. Players would simply take turns and see who can get the best score while enjoying the game together – or enjoying watching others play.

Another issue that the Golf with Your Friends community has had is that while it can spice up the ‘hot seat’ feel during gameplay by putting more pressure on the person taking a turn, the waiting time for everyone else may not be as much fun. It can feel like a decade between each turn, especially when you only need to make a small tap to get your ball into the hole.


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It’s not a complete turn-off for every Golf with Your Friends player out there, but it definitely was a disappointment for many. The local multiplayer aspect of the game doesn’t quite meet the expected functionality in practice, and it feels really simplified – perhaps, a bit too simplified considering the game’s title.

Does Golf with Your Friends Have Local Multiplayer on PS4?

Local multiplayer is available on PlayStation 4, but the gameplay and multiplayer features work in the same way on all platforms. Golf with Your Friends players will need to take turns in the hot seat on PlayStation4 as well, which may bring the same gameplay issues.

Golf with Your Friends Without Using The Same Controller

Understandably, many players have been looking for ways to work around the one controller debacle. Enabling copilot via the Xbox Accessories app has provided a workaround for a handful of players, but most players have been stuck having to use one controller.


With all of that being said, it needs to be pointed out that Golf with Your Friends is still a pretty good game. Most of the reviews have been positive, and the game itself is quite enjoyable. The main issue seems to be the odd local multiplayer mode, and the fact that finding others to play with in multiplayer mode online isn’t always easy.

Although the local multiplayer feature in Golf with Your Friends is not up to par for many people, the game still has quite a lot going for it – especially if you enjoy golf or mini-golf. Local multiplayer issues aside, Golf with Your Friends can still be a really fun experience.

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