10 Greatest Green Dragon Ball Characters, Ranked

10 Greatest Green Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball is a series that has given us characters of all shapes, sizes, and colors. And while green characters aren’t all that common in anime, and Dragon Ball does not have many of them either, they are still notable and important despite a colorful plethora of various characters. Some green characters have made it into Toriyama’s amazing universe and in this article, we have decided to honor them by giving you a ranked list of the ten most important green characters from Dragon Ball.

10. Pikkon


Pikkon is very strong and is at least as strong as Goku in his full Full Power Super Saiyan form. He defeated Frieza, Cell, and King Cold with simple moves. In addition to his great strength, and most notable speed of his, he has powerful techniques, including the Fiery Strike, which is similar to Goku’s technique, the Kaio-ken, in that it provides a brief but incredible boost of energy, power, speed, and strength. However, Pikkon is extremely inferior to Little Boo and Super-Janemba. Although non-canon, we still honored his appearance with a place on our list.

9. Guldo


Guldo is the Ginyu Force’s smallest member and possesses telekinesis and chronokinesis abilities. He can temporarily stop time. Because of his small size and lack of power in comparison to the others, he is the weakest of the five. He compensates for this, however, with extraordinary psychic abilities. He can move objects (such as massive rocks) with his mind alone and stop time for a few seconds. Arriving on the planet Namek on Frieza’s orders to recover the Dragon Balls, he and the four other Ginyu Force members encounter Vegeta, Krillin, and Son Gohan.


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He appears to harbor a grudge against Vegeta, in particular, who constantly complains about his odor. Guldo decides to eliminate Krillin and Son Gohan before Recoome confronts Vegeta. The latter demonstrates great tenacity, destabilizing Guldo (whose energy is depleted by stopping time with each kick of his opponents), who eventually immobilizes them with one of his special techniques and prepares to finish by throwing a tree trunks transformed into stakes at them. Taking advantage of his inattention, Vegeta violently cuts off his head at the last moment.

8. Nail


Nail is a Namekian warrior who guards the Nameks’ great chief. Other than Piccolo and Slug, he is the only Namekian warrior. He fights Frieza to protect his master and to give Dende enough time to join Krillin and Son Gohan to summon the Sacred Dragon. He is, however, powerless against the tyrant, who abandons him in agony when he realizes he has been duped. Later, he is discovered by Piccolo (recently revived), and he offers him to permanently assimilate his body to increase his power and have a chance against Frieza. Piccolo agrees, and Nail vanishes in physical form but lives on in Piccolo’s mind.

7. Dende


Dende is a Namekian. He is saved from Zarbon and Dodoria in the Freeza saga on the planet Namek by Son Gohan. Dende has extraordinary healing powers that cost him his life prematurely. He is suggested as God’s successor by the Chief Elder after the latter had to unite God with Piccolo to overcome the battle against Cell. Like almost all Namekians, he has the innate ability to make Dragon Balls.

6. Lord Slug

Lord Slug Lord Slug 007

Slug is a Namekian who fled his planet before it was destroyed. Only Evil has grown within him due to a rare mutation among Namekians, making him even crueler than Piccolo. When he arrives on Earth, he seeks to reunite the Dragon Balls to request eternal youth from Shenron. Once his wish is granted, he will spread a cloud over Earth that completely covers the globe’s surface, shielding his soldiers from the Sun. It possesses the same abilities as every other Namekian and their flaws. Son Goku defeats him by transforming into a fake Super Saiyan before receiving a Genki Dama that he cannot stop.

5. Cheelai


Cheelai was a thief in the past. She joins Frieza’s army to avoid being apprehended by the galactic police. After meeting Broly on Vampa, she befriends him. Despite growing closer to Broly, she despises Paragus for mistreating his own son. She ends up doubling Frieza by summoning Shenron and requesting that the dragon teleport Broly to Vampa before he is eliminated by Gogeta during their battle on Earth. She leaves, accompanied by Lemo, to live by Broly’s side on Vampa. She doesn’t like Son Goku, but she thanks him for the capsules he gives her to help improve their living conditions on Vampa with Broly and Lemo.


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4. Zamasu


Zamasu is first introduced as Goku Black, but his true identity is revealed later. Zamasu begins the series as an apprentice to Universe 10’s Supreme Kaioshin. In the series’ original timeline, the one that was not altered, Zamasu kidnapped the mortal body of the series’ protagonist Son Goku with the help of the Super Dragon Balls, seeking ultimate power and annihilating all mortal beings. He goes to an alternative iteration of a future Earth and meets Trunks from that timeline before driving humanity to extinction. He teams up with Zamasu from that future timeline to carry out his plan and utilizes the Super Dragon Balls to render himself unkillable.

3. Cell

Dragon Ball Z Three Forms Of Cell Featured Image

Cell’s story begins after his maturation in the future when Trunks has defeated the two cyborgs, Cyborg 17 and Cyborg 18. Since he could only achieve perfection with these two models from Doctor Gero’s production, he faced a problem he could not solve. However, Trunks’ time travel pod allowed him to travel back in time where Android 17 and Android 18 still existed.

2. Kami-sama


The Kami of the Earth, or Supreme in the Mediaset version of the anime, is the Guardian of the Earth, the one who is in charge of watching over the world and its inhabitants and preventing the emergence of threats and evil. Despite being the protector of the Earthlings, God is a Namek, one of the last survivors of his lineage.

1. Piccolo

dragon ball super super hero piccolo anime movie

Piccolo is at one point forced to fight with his arch-rival, Goku, against an alien Saiyan, Raditz, who is trying to conquer the world. Together they defeated this Saiyan, but Goku had to offer his life for this. Just before Raditz dies, he announces that two even stronger Saiyans are coming and that they have heard from his scout about the Dragon Balls that Piccolo was talking about.

Piccolo then decides to train Goku’s son Son Gohan while waiting for the Saiyans. Slowly he becomes endeared to the education and training of Gohan, and during the battle with the two Saiyans, he sacrifices himself to save Gohan from death.

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