Does Lord Beerus Like Cheelai? (& Do They Get Together)

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Romance is usually overlooked throughout the Dragon Ball saga, instead focusing on friendship and values or platonic yet caring relationships. But, it’s definitely interesting when a new crush is teased, especially when it’s from a powerful deity! Many Dragon Ball fans are now wondering if Lord Beerus like Cheelai, and if they could end up together later down the line.

Lord Beerus shows interest in Cheelai when they first meet, calling her “cute” and complimenting Lemo’s cooking. Cheelai is visibly nervous around Beerus when they meet, sweating and complimenting him, but it’s unknown if this was due to attraction or fear.

Although the relationship between Lord Beerus and Cheelai has a lot of room for interpretation, it’s made more complicated by the existing and questionable relationship between Cheelai and Broly. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Lord Beerus’ interest in Cheelai, what exactly is going on between Cheelai and Broly, as well as if there’s a chance Beerus and Cheelai could end up together.

Does Lord Beerus Like Cheelai?

Lord Beerus is an interesting feline character, over and above the fact that he is an all-powerful God of Destruction within the Dragon Ball protagonists’ universe. Along with Whis, Beerus typically spends his time lounging around his floating home or exploring the universe in search of delicious cuisine.


He doesn’t show much emotion at all, making it quite tricky for fans to interpret many of his stances. Beerus only usually displays anger, usually for added comedic value rather than real action, or fear for characters that are far more powerful than him.

But, this all comes into question when he first meets Cheelai, an almost human-like humanoid that flaunts short white hair, purple eyes, delicate white eyebrows, green skin, and a slender yet curvy build – all topped off with her classic purple and white outfit. According to the Dragon Ball Wiki:


“She is considered very attractive as seen from Daigen making a move on her, as well as Beerus becoming interested in her upon their first meeting…He takes a particular interest in Lemo’s cooking, finding it very tasty, as well as an interest in Cheelai, calling her “cute”. Beerus then allows the three to stay on his planet as long as they like.”

Beerus has shown the ability to care, in his own special way, but softer emotions are not usually shown at all. This includes instances with his own brother as well. Although, there may be underlying reasons as to why he doesn’t care too much about his brother – anyone who’s gotten further down the Dragon Ball Super storyline might understand that Beerus’ brother isn’t the most loveable character out there.


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Check out the video below showing the moment Cheelai and Beerus met, posted by Jerry Son:

With all that being said, Beerus is still a really witty and oddball character when he wants to be – although, he never really makes comments without meaning it (especially if it’s a compliment). Making a statement and showing that type of reaction towards Cheelai does mean something when it’s coming from Lord Beerus – everyone is visibly shocked by his statement.

Does Cheelai Like Lord Beerus?

Cheelai does become nervous when meeting Lord Beerus, peering him up and down while dropping visible beads of sweat. Although, it’s still unknown if she is attracted to his power and status or if this response was out of fear.

cheelai nervous

Are Cheelai and Broly Together?

The main point of conflict here is the current relationship between Cheelai and Broly since many fans got the idea they were a thing, or at least in the process of becoming an item. Cheelai made her debut in Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the storyline did feature quite a few important points that might suggest something more than friendship.

cheelai broly

Since Cheelai was introduced as a soldier and thief working for Frieza Force, she definitely has a lot going on, and her personality also has a lot in common with Broly. Much like Broly, she acts on her emotions before thinking – but, she typically does so out of care for the next person rather than selfish gains.

“She and Lemo form a friendship with Broly, taking a shine to him despite his lack of social skills. She takes a dislike to Paragus due to his harsh treatment of his son Broly. She theorizes that Broly doesn’t like to fight and that Paragus only regards him as a weapon of vengeance. She noted that Broly’s fighting prowess was greater than she imagined. She blamed Paragus for Broly’s berserker tendencies and said that she wished they could do something to help him.”

Towards the end of the Broly, Cheelai chooses to use her wish to help out Broly, rather than using it for her own personal gains. She asks Shenron to send Broly back to Vampa just in the nick of the time, after which she steals a spaceship and heads towards the planet to see Broly.


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While many fans have used this as the main point when saying that Cheelai has romantic feelings for Broly, this could also be due to her natural character since she was already established to be a really caring person as is. It’s clear that Broly cares for Cheelai far more than he might care about others, but there is no official confirmation of a romantic relationship between the two.

Check out the video below showing Cheelai and Broly’s best moments, posted by Aaron Sinson:

It is possible that Broly and Cheelai could develop a romantic relationship sometime in the future, but many fans feel that although Broly might have emotions, romantic relationships are an entirely different story. It will take time before Broly might even be able to develop such emotions, and most fans feel that Cheelai and Broly have more of a sibling-like relationship as a result.

Will Cheelai and Lord Beerus Get Together?

Considering that Lord Beerus is the type to get mad and threaten to destroy planets over pudding cups, there’s no telling how things could play out. Lord Beerus is generally a go-getter, stopping at nothing to get what he wants – and he is usually not shy to show off his power in the process.

If Cheelai was interested in Beerus in a romantic sense, there is a good chance they might end up developing something more in the future. Although, this might take some time, as Beerus and Cheelai haven’t really spent time together, and the attraction between them (assuming that it goes both ways) would only be physical at this point.

beerus angry

On the other hand, if Cheelai does truly have a romantic interest in Broly, the story may go in a completely different direction. Lord Beerus may not take rejection lightly while Broly may become enraged by the idea of someone taking his Cheelai from him, and it may even end up becoming a massive battle between Broly and Beerus.

Although Cheelai hasn’t made her romantic interests completely clear, many fans believe that she would be more likely to end up with Broly than with Lord Beerus primarily due to the fact that Cheelai and Broly already have a positive and strong relationship. However, she may have shown a slight physical attraction to Beerus upon their first meeting (up for interpretation), and Broly would have little to no chance against Lord Beerus if they ended up fighting over Cheelai.

It’s not the first time Dragon Ball characters have had a crush on Cheelai, as she is deemed one of the most attractive characters in the storyline. Only time will tell whether Cheelai has romantic interests in Lord Beerus, Broly, or maybe even someone else – either way, this would make for a really insane love triangle!

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