Minecraft: Here Is How To Hide Commands

Here Is How to Hide Commands in Minecraft

Although commands are readily available to us in Minecraft, it doesn’t mean we should always use them. If playing with friends on your server, they might feel like it takes the joy out of the game, whereas server owners might kick you out and ban you if they realize you’re using them. Another problem is that everyone can see when you’re using them, so would it be possible to hide commands in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can hide two types of commands in Minecraft: command block commands and chat commands.
  • To hide command block ones, you’ll need to type in the command '/gamerule commandBlockOutput false‘ whereas to hide chat commands, you’ll need to type in ‘/gamerule sendCommandFeedback false

Can other players see commands in Minecraft?

The two above commands only hide the commands from you and not from other players. Luckily, an average player won’t be able to see them on their screen, so you’ll have no problem hiding your use of commands from other players in your world. The above commands can become really useful if you’re running multiple command blocks and don’t want them to keep sending out commands in the chat box.

This especially holds if you have a repeating command block that constantly executes the command you gave it. Before long, you might end up with tons of repeating text in your chat window, which might distract you and can get annoying since chat takes up a lot of screen space in Minecraft as it is.

Can Realm owners see commands?

Realm owners and third-party server owners can all see the commands you’re using. The problem isn’t the people that own these servers but rather the server console that shows all messages that the server prints, so even if you managed to hide it from a server operator, you can’t hide it from a machine.

To better understand what a server console is, it’s simply a log constantly filling with new information and inputs as the players progress in the world. This also includes chat logs and, unfortunately, commands. You might not see them, but the server console does, and if someone were to check it, they could easily see that you’re a command fanatic.

gamerule commandBlockOutput false

Perhaps, on smaller servers, you might get away with using the commands but definitely not on big servers that the majority of Minecraft players played on at least once. An excellent example of such a big server would be Hypixel. Even if you were a server owner or a modder and could install a plugin to hide commands, they would still show up on the log.

Perhaps one or two commands would be fine, but a string of commands which is often the case with command blocks, will be easy to notice. So to conclude, it’s best not to use commands on servers that prevent you from using them.


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Banning players from servers

So what’s the worst thing that can happen to someone who uses commands on a server? It’s challenging and hard. If you’ve spent quite some time on a server and made significant progress, you wouldn’t want to tarnish it with the use of commands because you are likely to get banned if the server has a strict no-cheats policy.

The ban could be short-lasting or permanent, but worse, a ban from one server could result in a permanent ban from all servers in the future. These rules mainly involve people who use Realms and don’t have anything to do with using commands. I’ll list the rule violations that result in these types of bans:

  • Hate speech – this is pretty self-explanatory. Be kind to others and don’t offend anyone using slurs based on sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or anything falling under this term.
  • Sexual content and soliciting improper contact – Minecraft is a game full of children and it’s important to protect them from the dangers of the internet
  • Real-life threats – Joking about ending someone’s life is not a joke. Find a better sense of humor if you fall under this category.
  • Exposing personal information of others – you wouldn’t want to expose your personal information like where you live, what car you drive, or what your credit card number is? Don’t do it to others!
  • Posting links to malicious software
  • Impersonating staff
  • Cheating/exploits – this revolves around anything that would negatively impact a person’s gameplay experience.
  • Commercial spamming – don’t span chat with links to your great product or an excellent crypto trading deal. Play the game, have fun, and let others do so as well.

It’s also recommended that if you get banned and have a Realms subscription, you immediately cancel it because you will get charged even though you can’t use it anymore.

Other reasons for server bans

The list above was made for the worst offenders, but you can get banned from servers for smaller things. For example, using an infinity pool to prevent getting kicked out from a server will also get you banned if you get caught. This is mainly used by people who want to go AFK for a while to either not have to wait as long to get back on the server or to keep the automatic farms they made running.

How to get unbanned?

The easiest way to get unbanned from a server is to contact the owner directly and sweet talk your way out of it. If you’ve been banned by Minecraft and can’t access any features outside of single-player worlds, you can contact customer support and request a case review to get unbanned potentially.

Private servers, however, have their own rules, and Mojang doesn’t interfere with how they set the banning rules. Although most servers have regulations to keep a healthy and toxicity-free environment, some servers allow you to use commands and anything else in between. These are called anarchy servers, and there are literally no rules in them.

Anarchy servers

What’s likely the most popular anarchy server is 2b2t, one of the older anarchy servers in Minecraft. The server is a mess, the world is a mess, and you likely won’t have much fun in it if you even manage to get inside. The server’s waitlist is extremely long; it could be hours before you get a chance to play.

Once you get the chance to play, don’t be surprised if you die immediately when you spawn. The 0,0 coordinate is a hellscape, and getting out of it alive is the first step to trying to explore the world. This server specifically has a long history, and if you’re interested in learning more about it, you can check out the short video of the 2b2t timeline.

Which servers allow the unrestricted use of commands?

2b2t doesn’t just allow the free use of commands, but hacks, so what servers will enable you to use commands freely? Before I get into it, be aware that if you can use the commands, other players can as well, so you won’t get a massive edge over the others unless you’re some command god.


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Cheating is considered any act that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Unfortunately, anarchy servers are likely the only ones that allow you to use commands and so much more. If you decide to play on one of these servers, make sure you don’t click on any links and don’t chat too much, either.

  1. 2b2t
  2. MC Prison
  3. Purity Vanilla

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