Minecraft: Here’s How To Find Roofed Forest (Fast & Easy)

Heres How to Find Roofed Forest in Minecraft Fast Easy

When you start a new world in Minecraft, you never know which biomes you will get close to your spawn point 0,0. It’s no secret that some biomes are more impressive and have more resources than others, and one such biome would be the Roofed Forest. How would one pull it off if one wanted to find the Roofed Forest biome fast?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Roofed or Dark Forest biome generates in areas with very high humidity.
  • Although this doesn’t tell you much about how to find them, it helps to know this because you’ll usually find higher humidity values on the borders of Birch Forests, Jungles, or old-growth taigas.
  • If you find yourself in one such biome, there’s a high chance a Roofed Forest is nearby.

Roofed Forest history

Roofed Forests have been in Minecraft for a long time. They were introduced in the 1.7.2 update and many other biomes that we all know and love today. It was released in 2013, 2 years after Minecraft’s official release, so you’d think that people would have already figured out how to find the biome easily.

Truth be told, world generation in Minecraft is entirely random. With the knowledge that one Minecraft world spans 30 million blocks in each direction from your spawn point, it can be challenging to find your desired biome. Luckily, Roofed Forests are considered one of the most common biomes out there; their specific visuals are hard to miss.

How to Recognize a Roofed Forest?

Three types of wood define Dark Forests in Minecraft: Dark oak, oak, and birch wood. If you locate any of these three trees, chances are you’re in a Dark Forest. Dark Forests are specific. They have dense vegetation. It’s hard to walk in these forests, and because the trees found in these forests have thick leaves, Hostile mobs can spawn in these forests, even in broad daylight.

Even if they couldn’t spawn, the tree leaves will protect those that spawn during nighttime, so don’t expect to have a jolly old time in these forests during the day. For newer players, spawning in these forests is a nightmare because it’s easy to get lost in them since the dense trees block your view.

dakr roofed forest

Still, the greatest tell tail sign that you’re in a Roofed Forest is if you notice huge mushrooms growing in the forest. These mushrooms are easy to spot from a tall mountain and hill. Although they also spawn in the Mushroom Fields biome, this biome contains only mushrooms and is hard to find. In Bedrock Edition Minecraft, you might have a bit more trouble finding the biome by locating these mushrooms since they also generate in Swamps and Flower Forests.

Luckily, you can quickly tell the difference between a Flower Forest and a Roofed Forest since the vegetation in Flower Forests is visibly thinner and spread out more evenly.

Why Roofed Forest?

The biggest reason why you might want to look for this biome in Minecraft is that this is the only place where Woodland Mansions are generated. They are incredibly valuable structures that contain plenty of chests that you can loot and are also one of the few sources of the Totem of the Undying.

Keep in mind that Woodland Mansions usually generate far away from your spawn point, so even if you were to spawn in a Dark Forest biome, that doesn’t guarantee you a free ticket to the Woodland Mansion raid party. I used raid intentionally since Woodland Mansions are filled with Evokers and Vindicators. The lighting in these mansions is also low enough to allow other hostile mobs to spawn as well.

On the bright side, Woodland Mansions often contain Allays, a friendly companion you can free by defeating the gang of Vindicators, Evokers, and other hostile mobs. You can also find Allays in Pillager Outposts, but Woodland Mansions are far more worth the trouble because of their amount of loot.

How to find the Roofed Forest Fast?

There are multiple ways one can approach finding the Roofed Forest, but it all depends on at what stage of the game you are. If you’ve already defeated the Ender Dragon and equipped elytra, then you’ll use fireworks to keep flying. Remember, you’re looking for the huge mushrooms, which are the tell-tale signs of a Roofed Forest.

I also recommend making your rendering distance higher in that case, so you have a wider field of vision. If you still can’t find the Roofed Forest, you can also try searching for the previously mentioned biomes, Old Growth Taigas, Jungles, or Birch Forests. Once you see these, the Roofed Forest biome should be located on the edges of these biomes.

If you don’t have an Elytra, another way to approach it is by climbing a tall mountain or hill, increasing your rendering distance, and pressing C to zoom in if you have OptiFine installed. If you don’t have OptiFine, you can also craft a spyglass to zoom in. Then, look for the huge mushrooms as you would with elytra.

If there are no mountains nearby, you can also try and find a river and follow its stream. If you end up connecting to an ocean, go back and find another river path. Once you’re in a Roofed Forest, you’ll quickly realize you are by paying close attention to the type of trees you’re surrounded with and how dense the vegetation is.

By far, the easiest way, however, is to simply use the /locate biome command and then teleport to the coordinates you are given. The locate command will look like this: /locate biome minecraft:dark_forest.

Seeds that spawn you in Dark Forests

Another way to approach finding a Roofed or Dark Forest is to start up a new world with a set seed that spawns you in these forests. Go into Minecraft and create a new world. Then, go into more world options and type in the number 6025. Then, start up the world. Other seeds that’ll spawn you in a Dark Forest are seeds 12345, 8128914698709172964, 89276354, and seed 92182. The last one is guaranteed to spawn with a Woodland Mansion nearby, so make sure to equip well before raiding it.

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